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Baek Jiheon (fromis_9) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Baek Jiheon fromis_9

Baek Jiheon (지헌) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop girl group fromis_9 under Pledis Entertainment.

Baek Jiheon (fromis_9) Profile

Stage NameJiheon (지헌)
Birth NameBaek Ji Heon (백지헌)
BirthdayApril 17, 2003
Active Years2017–present
Age20 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac SignAries
Height166 cm (5’5″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Baek Jiheon (fromis_9) Facts

Early Life:

– Baek Jiheon is from Chudong-ri, Beolgyo-up, Boseong-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea.
– She was in Maean Elementary School.
– She went to Suncheon Seungpyeong Middle School but later dropped out.
– She passed her Middle School Graduation Academic Qualification Test.
– She attended Seoul Performing Arts High School in the Department of Theater and Film.
– She goes to Seoul Women’s University in Children’s Department.

Personal Life:

– Baek Jiheon is an ISFJ MBTI type.
– Seal is her representative emoji.
– She has a younger sibling.
– Hobbies: Watching plays and musicals.
– Joheon’s motto is, “I will walk without stopping”.
– Her father is a firefighter.
– She’s friends with Ahn Yujin from IVE.
– She has 92 points for her worst test score.
– She has a lot of moles on her face like ears and nose.
– She prefers being alone.
– Baek Jiheon actually has a very easygoing personality.
– Special skills: dancing, playing the guitar, acting, and Hapkido (Korean martial arts).
– She suffers from acrophobia.
– According to Baek Jiheon, she is the most ambitious in fromis_9.
– Charm point: teeth.
– She is afraid of injections.
– Baek Jiheon is a master of cover dance.
– Some of the members are scared that Jiheon can read their minds.
– She is known as the smarter member of fromis_9.
– She used to be a model for an internet shopping mall before fromis_9.
– She complains that Saerom and Nagyung hurt her ears because they talk loudly.
– She is fine with Jiwon being loud because Jiwon has a low-toned voice.
– She wears 240mm shoe sizes.
– She is the representative picky eater of fromis_9.
– Baek Jiheon is a member whose image changes a lot depending on how she styles herself.
– Despite having a fear of heights, she likes to ride rides.
– Although she is the youngest among the members, she is the most active member before her debut.
– Like Song Hayoung, she uses the Southwest dialect unconsciously.
– Baek Jiheon’s role models are her parents.
– She was an honour student in elementary school.
– She was ranked first in his class and second in the entire school.
– She showed sincerity by giving reverse tribute to Flover several times on her birthday.


– Baek Jiheon is the Vocalist, Maknae of fromis_9.
– She used to train at IFI Training Center and Ti Agency.
– Her training period is 2 years.
– She passed Woolim Entertainment’s audition but she didn’t train there.
– On February 24, 2022, Pledis Entertainment issued a statement that She went to the hospital due to feeling unwell and was told by doctors that she was experiencing anxiety symptoms.
– On April 18, 2022, Pledis Entertainment stated that Baek Jiheon’s health and condition, in general, have improved recently.


– Baek Jiheon has made her appearance in “1 vs 100”, and “Boni and Hani”.
– She has done commercials for Nongshim Curry Rice, National Pension Campaign, KT TV, Mimi Make-Up Box and Dongsung Pharmaceutical Company.
– She also appeared on Sunjae Bae’s TEN, Idol Radio, and Naughty Quest Life.

Likes & Dislikes:

– She dislikes exercising.
– She enjoys staying home in bed.
– The movie she enjoyed watching is called Frozen.
– Her least favourite colours are yellow and green.
– She loves reading books.
– She likes the black, blue and white colours.
– History is her favourite subject.
– Comics, mystery novels, and thriller novels are her favourite genre of books.
– She enjoys animation more than movies.
– She doesn’t like going outside either.

Food Preferences:

– She dislikes egg soup.
– She doesn’t eat gimbap.
– The food she doesn’t eat is North Korean soup, ketchup, curry, Ice americano, mint chocolate, rice cake soup, and sundae.
– The food she likes to eat is; Cereal, Steamed egg, Bone soup, Gamjatang, Budae stew, Mozzarella cheese, Castella, Meat, pork skin, Yukhoe, duck meat, fruit and many more.
– Her favourite food is butter waffles, white Heim, cookie dough, bibimbap, ice cream, kimchi etc.
– She likes Korean food more than Western food.
– She doesn’t like vegetables.
– Her favourite Baskin Robbins ice cream flavours are yoghurt, green tea, and red raspberry sorbet.


– Baek Jiheon has many nicknames including Kkulging, Honey Maknae, Sun-Eolhaeja, Our Honey, Smile Angel, Baek, Baekji, Honey Sister, Makdingi, Makgingi, maknae on Top, baekgo, Idiot, and Hun.


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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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