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Coogie (쿠기) is a South Korean rapper under AOMG. He debuted under ATMseoul with his single “HBK” on March 17, 2018.

Coogie Profile

Stage NameCoogie (쿠기)
Birth NameKim Jeong-hun (김정훈)
BirthdayJanuary 23, 1994
Active Years2018–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height171 cm (5’6”)
Blood TypeA

Coogie Facts:

Early Life:

– Coogie was born in Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, South Korea.
– He graduated from Daedeok High School.
– He dropped out of Ajou University College of Software Convergence.

Personal Life:

– Coogie’s MBTI type is ESFJ.
– His family includes his parents, a sister who is older, and Cream the dog.
– He began performing music in 2017.
– He believes that while he is a fantastic studio artist, his live performance is far superior.
– He expresses gratitude to GIRIBOY for caring for him, especially when he was just getting started.
– Earlier, he was a part of the military before he got into the music industry.
– He struggles with alcohol consumption.
– He has had three or four relationships.
– He would choose Oh Dam Ryul’s (Chinchilla) vacation over Penomeco’s.
– He finds it difficult to quit laughing once he starts.
– His rhyming style was influenced by the music of Bill Stax, The Quiett, Lil Uzi Vert, and XXXtentacion.
– The Quiett and CHANGMO’s team on SMTM included Coogie.
– He chooses Trap instead of Boom bap.
– He is good at speaking the English language.
– He was nearly a professional office assistant.
– He underwent training at Jinju, Korea.
– Despite singing the OST for the drama “Abyss,” he didn’t watch it.
– Due to their comparable tones and styles, he is frequently compared to the American rapper Lil Pump.
– Of all his tracks, ‘Bouncing’ is his favorite.
– He’d like to work with Beenzino and Swae Lee.
– People with Black Hair are Coogie’s Ideal Type.
– He had his first kiss when he was 21.
– He sent his mixtape to Bill Stax, C-Jamm, and The Quiett.
– Bill Stax is the one who contacted him back and assisted him in gaining self-assurance as a songwriter.
– His popularity originated when he appeared on SMTM 777 in 2018.
– He feels relaxed with Loco and thinks of him as his brother.
– He is a member of the YELOWS MOB crew alongside Boycold.
– He mispronounced the brand COOGI as “coogie” in middle school, which led to his buddies making fun of him.
– His childhood role model is General Si-min Gim.
– He can mimic the voice of Lee Sun-kyun.
– His close friends gave him the nickname “Giecoo”.
– Before he became well-known, he contacted Kid Milli to work on the song Suzuran since he was a fan.


– In January 2022, Coogie joined AOMG.
– He is also a part of the crew HIVE along with Dive in Purple and Bla$e Kid.
– Later in the year 2018, he released his EP “Wifey”.
– He wrote “Regular” for NCT 127.
– In addition to GIRIBOY, he has collaborated with Way Ched and Jvcki Wai.
– In the song “Think About You,” he worked with Raider and Hyoyeon.
– He collaborated with Suran on an OST for the drama “Abyss”.
– He won “Collaboration of the Year” in 2021 at Korean Hip hop Awards.
– In April 2022, he appeared on Lil Moshpit’s “ON THE BLOCK”.
– He appeared in “Turkey on the Block” as well.
– He appeared on YUGYEOM’s ‘Take You Down’ in March.

Likes & Dislikes

– He enjoys playing soccer.
– He likes DJ Spray and DJ Coker.
Red Velvet is his preferred girl group.

Food Preferences:

– His favorite food is a bacon pepperoni pizza.
– He likes Americano but has low caffeine tolerance.
– His favorite brand of burger is ‘Shake Shack’.

Health and Injuries:

– In 2017, he got into an accident and broke his collarbone for which he underwent a surgery. After the incident, he became very aware of his health, and he now always takes vitamins and creams in his luggage.


Instagram: coogie
YouTube: Coogie
Twitter: coogie
Threads: coogie

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Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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