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Hwichan (OMEGA X) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Hwichan (OMEGA X)

Hwichan (휘찬) is a South Korean singer, lyricist and a member of the Kpop boy group OMEGA X under IPQ Entertainment. He is a former member of the boy group LIMITLESS.

Hwichan (OMEGA X) Profile

Stage NameHwichan (휘찬)
Birth NameLee Hwi Chan (이휘찬)
OccupationSinger, Lyricist
BirthdayApril 18, 1996
Active Years2017–present
Age28 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Height172 cm (5’7″)
Blood TypeB

Hwichan (OMEGA X) Facts:

Early Life

– Hwichan was born in Gimje, Jeollabukdo, South Korea.

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents and older brothers.
– He usually sleeps on his off days to catch up on his sleep. (Kpopmap)
– Among the members, he, Sebin, and Hyuk are the ones who sleep the most.
– He used to play the drums when he was a trainee and can play basic beats.
– Hwichan often asks for fashion advice from Taedong.  (Seventeen)
– He would date Jaehan out of all the members if he becomes a girl.
– He said he is not greedy about things and it always ends up to his advantage. (Celeb Confirmed EP.1)
– Fans gave him the nickname ‘ ‘Great-singer Rabbit (myeongchangtokki)’.
– His biggest interest is workouts and going to the gym.  
– When he was kid he saw SHINee’s song “Love like Oxygen” and “Replay” on a music show and got inspired to become a trainee. (Kstyle)
– He gets songwriting inspiration from remembering melodies. 
– He is nicknamed “Handsome Man.”
– His favorite time of the day is when he is watching his favorite gaming videos on Youtube before going to sleep.  (ITTABOOK)
– Jaehan said he would survive in a horror movie purely based on luck. 
– The greatest life lesson he has learned is ‘No one knows what fate brings with it.’ (Naluda Magazine)


– Hwichan was revealed as the eighth member of OMEGA X.
– He is also a member of the boy group Limitless under the stage name Raychan.
– He was intended to debut in a band called 꼬꼬마밴드 (Kokoma Band) at FNC Entertainment alongside KNK‘s Heejun, N.Flying‘s Dongsung, and actor Kwak Dongyeon, where he was supposed to be the drummer.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite color is purple.
– He loves to eat samgyeopsal.
– He likes to listen to the R&B artist, Pink Sweat$. (btsceleb)
– He loves to eat Lays potato chips.
– His all-time favorite movie is ‘A Star is Born’. (Celeb Confirmed EP.3)


– Hwichan was accused of sexually assualting ex. CEO Kang by his former agency SPIRE in a released CCTV footage.
– He and his current agency IPQ denied the accusations, and revealed that it was Kang that harassed and verbally and sexually assulted him. The agency released texts and disturbing details revealing the full incident.
– The public fully supported him and OMEGA X and all Kang’s claims turned out to be false.


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