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Inseong (SF9) Profile, Bio, & Facts 


Inseong (인성) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group “SF9” under FNC Entertainment.

Inseong (SF9) Profile

Stage Name Inseong (인성)
Birth Name Kim In Seong (김인성)
Occupation Singer
Birthday July 12, 1993
Active Years 2016–present
Age 30  (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Height 184 cm (6’0″)
Weight 70 kg (154 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type A

Inseong (SF9) Facts:

Early Life

– He hails from Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Hwarang Elementary School and Hagye Middle School.
– He earned his bachelor’s from Kyung Hee University College of Political Science and Economics.
– He did his Masters from Kyung Hee Cyber ​​University from the Hotel and Tourism Graduate School.

Personal Life

– Inseong holds the position of the oldest member in SF9.
– He grew up as an only child.
– He is ambidextrous.
– He spent a year studying in London, which has left him with a strong command of English, making him the group’s designated English speaker.
– He is not good at cooking.
– He’s exceptionally well-educated and hails from an affluent family background.
– He has a history as a former trainee with SM Entertainment.
– If he had 10 million won, he would plant an acre of trees, and buy clothes and Maison Margela brand items. (with online)
– He showcases his artistic talent with strong drawing skills.
– He revealed his name as James Kim.
– He’s known for his proficiency in crafting three-line poems.
– If he were to choose a Spanish name without knowing the meaning, he would choose “Delicioso” which means delicious. (Hola School)
– Within the group, he’s recognized as the most intelligent member.
– His leisure activities include playing chess, Gomokgu (an abstract strategy board game), drawing manga, and solving puzzles.
– He likes mushrooms, specifically mushroom bulgogi and fried enoki mushrooms. (K-Homefeast)
– Despite his slim physique, he possesses a hearty appetite and enjoys indulging in food.
– He believes his vocal abilities are well-suited for the soundtrack of a melodramatic movie.
– He likes performing in Brazil because it is such a passionate country. (KoreaIN)
– Pink is his favorite color.
– His unique charm lies in the corners of his lips and his eyes.
– He would recommend salmon sushi as night food. (Music Bank)
– He’s often referred to as the “desert fox” or “Fennec fox” of the group.
– He would choose a dandelion as the flower that resembles himself. (Fact iN Star)
– He is left-handed.
– He, along with Dawon and Youngbin, possesses a driving license.
– He used to share a room with Rowoon in the dorm.
– His representative emoji is the chestnut 🌰. (Fact iN Star)
– On March 21, 2022, He commenced his military service.
– Inseong’s ideal type is described as “My ideal type is Fantasy” (SF9’s fandom name), and someone who is tall.


– He has the position of Main Vocalist in SF9.
– In terms of acting, Inseong has graced the screen with roles in dramas such as “Click Your Heart” (2016), “20th Century Boys and Girls” (2017), “Was It Love?” (2020), “Dokgobin is Updating” (2020), and “Two Universes” (2022).
– He has also showcased his talents in musicals, including “The Days” (2020-2021), “Red Book” (2021), and “Jack The Ripper” (2021-2022).
– He appeared as an intern on “The Brainiacs,” also known as “Problematic Men.”

Instagram: pum.castle

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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