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Jiyoon (ICHILLIN’) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Jiyoon (지윤) is a singer and member of the group ICHILLIN’ from South Korea under KM Entertainment. She debuted with the group on November 10, 2022 with the single “My Time”.

Stage Name:
Jiyoon (지윤)
Birth Name: Jeong Jiyoon (정지윤)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: September 15, 2000
Age: 23 (in 2023)
Active Years: 3
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

Jiyoon FACTS:

Early Life

– Jiyoon graduated from Jamsil Girls High School.

Personal Life

– Jiyoon’s MBTI Personality type is INFP or ISFJ.
– Her MBTI changes the most in the group.
– Her sisters are eight years older than her.
– Her family consists of her parents and two older sisters.
– Her Chinese zodiac is the dragon.
– Her specialties include composing melodies, vocals and empathy.
– Jiyoon has a nickname, “Lovely Rabbit”.
– She thinks she resembles a dolphin.
– She is left-handed.
– She has a dog named Tofu.
– Her nicknames are “Jungderella” and “Luffy”.
– She chose the full moon emoji as her symbolic emoji because she feels that the nighttime is an honest time for her.
– Her motto is “I haven’t failed unless I give up!”
– Her mother was against her dream of pursuing music and instead wanted her to live an ordinary life like her sisters.
– Her grandfather called her a blessing child when she was young, and she was given the nickname “Lump of Luck”.


– Jiyoon is the main vocalist of the group “ICHILLIN”.
– She was a trainee at Polaris Entertainment in the group “Polaris Junior” in 2018.
– She trained at “Power Vocal Academy” and “Def Dance Skool”.
– Her representative color is white in the group.
– She sang the OST “I’ll Wait” for “Summer Strike OST Part.5”, released in 2022.
– She participated in Girls Planet 999: Girls Daejeon and was eliminated in the second round.
– Jiyoon joined the group a year later after the group’s debut on October 25, 2022.

Likes & Dislikes

– Jiyoon likes to dance, listen to music and walk in her spare time.
– Her favorite word is “Sincere”.
– Her favorite flower is the dahlia.
– She loves to play Badminton.
– Her favorite two-digit number is 71.
– Jiyoon’s favorite perfume is “Lanvin Modern Princess Eau de Parfum”.
– Her favorite movie is “All About Love” released in 2014.
– She likes to listen to Kim Feel’s song “Someday” while walking.
– She loves her lips and always carries chapstick with her.
– Her favorite flavor in Baskin Robbins is New York Cheesecake.
– She loves photography, touring restaurants, reading, journaling and watching dramas.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: jiyo0n

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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