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Juri (ROCKET PUNCH) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Juri(じゅり) (쥬리) is a South Korean Kpop singer and a member of the girl group ROCKET PUNCH that debuted on August 7, 2019, with the Title Track “BIM BAM BUM” under WOOLLIM Entertainment.

Juri (ROCKET PUNCH) Profile

Stage Name: Juri (じゅり) (쥬리)
Birth Name: Takahashi Juri (高橋朱里) (たかはし じゅり) (타카하시 쥬리)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: October 3, 1997
Active Years: 2011–present
Age 26 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 160 cm (5’3ft)
Weight: 44 kg (97 lbs)
Nationality: Japanese
Blood Type: A

Juri (ROCKET PUNCH) Facts:

Early Life:

– She was born in Ibaraki Prefecture, Kashima City, Japan.

Personal Life

– Her MBTI type is ENTJ-T.
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is OX.
– Juri likes wearing one-pieces in the summer and spring seasons.
– Her flower language is Purple which translates to “royalty”.
– Her role model is G(IDLE).
– Her fans say she looks like Lovelyz’s KEI.
– Juri often sings “UR” by TAEYEON.
– Watching movies, shopping, and listening to music are some of her hobbies.
– She misses her mom’s hand-made food as for her it is the most delicious food ever she’s eaten.
– Juri admires the members Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko, and Shinoda Mariko.
– She has been in Woollim since December 2016.
– Her motto is. “Don’t be afraid to go slow, be afraid to stop going”.
– She admitted in PRODUCE 48 that she enjoys K-pop and that BLACKPINK is her favourite artist. – BLACKPINK’s “Playing With Fire” was the song she sang during her first act.
– Her best event for her was their group’s second fan meet.
– She always wanted to become an actress.
– Her family includes; two brothers: an older brother (1995 age 28) and a younger brother (2001 age 22), mother and father.
– She has two cats and one dog.
– Juri was the last member to be revealed.
– She revealed in an interview that she can’t eat spicy food anymore.
– She can speak English (basic) and Chinese (basic).
– Her specialities include swimming, winking effortlessly, and making cute-sexy faces.
– The rainy winter season is on top of her favourite seasons.
– Her hashtag is #zootopia.
– Juri can play musical instruments like drums.
– Her shoe size is 240mm.

Joining WOOLLIM Entertainment:

– Juri first caught the attention of Woollim Entertainment through her participation in the Japanese survival show “Produce 48” in 2018.
– Woollim Entertainment, as one of the participating agencies, noticed Juri’s talent and potential during her time on the show.
– She participated in Woollim Entertainment’s debut preparation process after Woollim Entertainment personally emailed JURI to join them.


– She is the vocalist and dancer in the group “Rocket Punch”.
– She made her debut in the drama industry in 2012 and 2015 acting in a supporting role “Majisuka Gakuen 3,4 and 5”
– She has appeared in many Japanese dramas including “Sailor Zombie (TV Tokyo, 2014)”, “AKB Horror Night”, “So long! (TV Tokyo, 2013)”, and “AKB Love Night Koi Koujou (TV Asashi, 2016)”.
– She also participated in the musicals “Zero Project Produce Musical “Yuki no Princess” and “Majisuka Gakuen ~Lost In The SuperMarket~. (2016)”.

AKB48 & Produce 48:

– She was formerly a member of the J-pop group AKB48 (2011-2019).
– She was a member of TEAM B in AKB48 and held the title of Captain.
– Juri ranked 16th in PRODUCE 48 and was then eliminated in the final round.
– She represented AKB48 in the survival reality show “Produce 48,” which aired in 2018.
– On March 4, 2019, she received her diploma from AKB48, and on the same day, she officially signed an exclusive contract with WoollimEntertainment.


– Her nicknames are; Messi, Gyelan, Dakjyu, Dakjuri, Egg, and Yudetamago.
– Out of all nicknames, Juriju is her favourite.
– “Juri seo” was given to her after winning the Korean ending match against Yoon Kyung.
– Jurinling is a combination of her name and first single “ring ring”

Likes And Dislikes:

– Her favourite delivery food is Bubble Tea.
– Her favourite superpower is to go through a door that can lead you anywhere you desire.
– Her favourite Korean food is Spicy Fried Chicken.
– Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Devil Wears Prada are her favourite films.
– Her favourite food is coconut cream and sweet and sour chicken.
– Her favourite animals include panda and raccoon.
– Orange and pink are her favourite colours.

Personality And Habits:

– She is often described as a bright and energetic member of Rocket Punch.
– She is known for her strong work ethic and dedication to her craft.
– She often brings a sense of humour to the group and enjoys making others laugh.
– She pays attention to details, especially when it comes to her performances.

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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