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Kim Seon Ho Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Kim Seon Ho
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Kim Seon-ho (김선호) is a South Korean actor under Salt Entertainment. He made his debut in the drama “Good Manager” in 2017.

Kim Seon Ho Profile

Stage NameKim Seon-ho (김선호) 
Birth NameKim Seon-ho (김선호) 
BirthdayMay 8, 1986
Active Years2009–present
Age38 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height183 cm (6’0″)
Blood TypeA

Kim Seon Ho Facts:

Early Life

– Kim Seon Ho was born in Seoul, Korea.
– He went to Inheon Middle School and Samsung High School.
– He graduated from the Seoul Institute of Arts (Department of Broadcasting).
– He joined a theater group in college as his first acting experience was in college, where he played the role of a part-time coffee shop worker.
– In his childhood, his home was burglarized, and his mother was stabbed by the intruder while he hid under the bed. This traumatic event left him feeling uneasy when someone stood behind him and caused him to have difficulty breathing in crowded places.

Personal Life

– Kim Seon Ho is a fan of Iron Man.
– His name was Ho-Seon at the naming office but his parents changed it to Seon-Ho to make it more manly.
– He served as an assistant instructor at the Nonsan Army Training Center.
– He has no siblings. (2D1N)
– He thinks actress You-Young Lee is cute and charming.
– He was 32 years old when he first flew on an airplane.
– The 3 things that he must have in his bag are his iPad, wired earphones, and a small bottle of perfume. (ELLE Singapore)
– Lie detectors make him nervous.
– He enjoys making edgy jokes.
– His character in the drama Start Up is most similar to him.
– He’d pick reading comics over drawing.
– Since 2018, he has been taking lessons in oil painting.
– He set one alarm and snooze it again and again. (Esquire Korea)
– He believes men and women can be just friends. Although he used to think otherwise, his experiences and friendships as he aged changed his mind.
– If he had to choose one thing he excels at compared to others, it would be making jokes.
– If he hadn’t pursued an acting career, he would have been a painter since he enjoys drawing.
– His go-to karaoke song is “Everybody Really Hates” by Yim Jae-bum.
– The biggest lie he ever told was “I like you.”
– His preferred acts of affection are kissing and holding hands.
– He also enjoys spending time at the internet café, reading comic books, and watching movies.
– He likes his eyes the most because they resemble his mother’s.
– He’d rather look cool than good.
– He believed in Santa Claus until he caught his dad dressing up as Santa when he was in the second grade.
– His company manages an Instagram fan page dedicated to his fans, offering behind-the-scenes glimpses @kimseonho_staff.diary.
– He prefers puppies over cats.
– He invited his middle and high school friends to his first-ever college play.
– He chose fantasy romance over passionate romance.
– He feels star-struck when he encounters other actors but gets goosebumps all over his body when someone refers to him as a celebrity.
– Kim Seon Ho takes walks for around 3 hours. (Bench)
– His Canon camera pick is an EOS M50 Mark II.
– He began attending acting school and auditions simply because his friends were doing it, which sparked his interest in acting.
– He wants to appear somewhat cold-hearted.
– He once collapsed during a shoot, leading him to begin morning workouts and take supplements afterwards.
– His left eye vision is 1.0 and his right eye is 1.2.
– When filming a drama, he only gets about 2-3 hours of sleep each night.
– He talks in his sleep.
– He’d name his child Kim Ruki because it means luck.
– He’d want his children to inherit his voice.
– When he was young, his idol was Admiral Yi Sun-sin.
– He feels old when he dances.
– He doesn’t want his children to inherit his dance skills.
– The saddest movie he has watched is “You Are My Destiny” (너는 내 운명).
– He makes typing errors in text messages because, according to him, his thumbs are huge.


– Kim Seon Ho became part of Salt Entertainment in September 2018.
– He has been involved in theater since 2009 before his first drama role.
– He has appeared in dramas Hometown Cha Cha Cha, Start Up, 100 Days My Prince, Welcome to Waikiki 2, and Strongest Deliveryman.
– He is a main cast member of reality shows 2 Days & 1 Night.
– He was a Host on MBC Gayo Daejejeon in 2020.
– He starred in the movie “The Childe”.
– He has endorsed Ballop, Kombucha, and Bench.

Likes & Dislikes

– Blue is his favorite color.
– He’d like to be called sexy instead of cute.
– He likes Hydrangeas.
– He loves Samsung.
– He doesn’t have a favorite movie genre or director, but he likes watching movies at a local cinema where he can sit by himself.
– His favorite activity is walking.
– His all-time favorite movie is “If Only”.
– He enjoys traveling and hiking up and down Mount Bukhan.
– His favorite month is December. 

Food Preferences

– Kim Seon Ho’s favorite Korean foods include Tteokbokki and Jajangmyeon.
– The most essential topiing for tteokbeokki is ramyeon. (Cosmopolitan Korea)
– He prefers tteok made of flour and puts more tteok in tteokbeokki than fish cakes.
– The spiciest food he ever had was chicken skewer.
– He prefers not to drink alcohol.
– He likes steamed buns with red beans.
– He is a fan of iced americano. (Null)
– His favorite is lunch as compared to breakfast and dinner.
– He doesn’t like fresh kimchi.
– He hates Hawaiian pizza.
– He likes mint chocolate.

Personality & Habits

– He was extremely shy and timid before he started acting.
– He goes for a walk while listening to music when he is in a bad mood.
– He tends not to laugh or cry much in the presence of others.
– He describes himself as someone who prefers to take things slow yet can adapt quickly to any situation.
– He is not good at contacting or texting people he loves. (Netflix Asia)
– He is quite reluctant to show his emotions immediately as he prefers to process his feelings over time.
– He is a homebody and prefers staying home on his day off.


– On October 17, 2021, a woman claiming to be the ex-girlfriend of “Actor K,” later identified as Kim Seon Ho, accused him on a Korean internet forum of coercing her into an abortion during their relationship. Following these allegations, he publicly apologized through his agency on October 20, 2021.
– On the same day, his ex-girlfriend issued a statement saying he had apologized personally, acknowledging some misunderstandings and expressing regret for any unintentional harm caused. On October 26, 2021, new evidence from a South Korean media outlet suggested that the abortion decision was mutual and he had been supportive. 


– He has won many awards including the ‘Asia Celebrity Award’, ‘Best Artist Award’, ‘Most Popular Actor’, ‘Best Choice Award’, and ‘Idol Plus Popularity Award’.

Instagram: @seonho__kim
Fancafe: Kim Seon-ho
V Live: Kim Seon Ho

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