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NOWADAYS Members Profile & Facts

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NOWADAYS (나우어데이즈) is a five-member Kpop boy group under CUBE Entertainment. The group members consist of Hyeonbin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk, and Siyun. They debuted on April 2, 2024 with the single ‘Nowadays’.


DebutApril 2, 2024
Active Years2023–present
NOWADAYS MembersHyeonbin, Yoon, Yeonwoo, Jinhyuk, Siyun
LabelCUBE Entertainment
Oldest MemberHyeonbin
Youngest MemberSiyun
Former MemberN/A
Fandom NameN/A

Nowadays Facts:

– The company debuted ‘NOWADAYS’ eight years after the boy group Pentagon.
– The group members filmed their content in various parts of the UK in 2023.
– NOWADAYS is labelmates with groups like BTOB, CLC, (G)-IDLE and Beast.
– The members joined the company in the following order: Yeonwoo – Siyun – Jinhyuk – Yoon – Hyeonbin.

TikTok: @cube_NOWADAYS
Bilibili: NOWADAYS

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Melon | Bugs

NOWADAYS Members Profiles

1. Hyeonbin

Hyeonbin (NOWADAYS Members)
Stage NameHyeonbin (현빈)
Birth NameKim Hyeon Bin (김현빈)
BirthdayAugust 31, 2002
Active Years2023–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height176 cm (5’9”)
Weight66 kg (145 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Hyeonbin Facts:

– Hyeonbin has a habit of cleaning messy spaces around him.
– He thinks he would survive the best among members in a zombie apocalypse.
– His appearance completely changes when he wears glasses and once a friend once failed to recognize him.
– He often wins in arm wrestling matches among the members.
– He is skilled in rapping and composing music using a piano.
– He frequently ends his sentences with the phrase “You know what I’m saying, huh?”.
– If he could go to a ghost house with any member, he would pick Yoon because of Yoon’s expressive personality.
– He introduces himself as ‘Steel Mentality & Leader & Vocal & Monkey’.
– In the group, he takes charge of cleanliness and managing the dorms.
– His charming features include his eyes and strength.
– He wears glasses due to poor eyesight.
– His dislikes include a messy dormitory, a phone with a dead battery, and encountering a camel cricket.
– His motto is “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” (Write about me NOW!)
– His interests include working out and reading.
– He likes to drink strawberry latte.
– He often uses the 😎 emoji.
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Social Media Handles

2. Yoon

Yoon (NOWADAYS Members)
Stage NameYoon (이윤)
Birth NameLee Yoon (윤)
BirthdayAugust 27, 2003
Active Years2024–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Blood TypeB

Yoon Facts:

– Yoon is considered the “fake maknae” of the group.
– He has habits of pouting his lips, touching his hair, and fiddling with his ring.
– His hobbies include playing the piano.
– He is the clumiest member in NOWADAYS and is nicknamed ‘Saewookkang’.
– Siyun said he may look cute and naive but in reality he is very smart. (NOW, Question!)
– He loves to take selfies.
– He stares the most in the mirror according to Siyun.
– His common phrases include: “Oh, really? Did you~?”, “What if…”, and “Well, the thing is..”.
– His charming points include being cute, humorous, and witty.
– He hates scary things.
– He is considered as an unruly child by the members.
– He loved playing at the playground when he was little and once rubbed his face with dirt on his hands. (NOW, Question!)
– He enjoys watching movies and dramas during his breaks.
– He thought Siyun was older than him when he first met him.
– If he could go to a ghost house with any member, he would pick Yoon.
– His motto is “I’m the best!”
– He dislikes horror movies and anything that scares him, such as ghosts, mosquitoes, blood in horror movies, and bugs.
– Jinhyuk thinks Yoon would be the last survivor in a zombine apocalypse because of his smartness.
– He introduces himself as ‘The mood maker, vocal and cutie.
– His favorite movie genre is romantic comedy. (Write about me NOW!)
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3. Yeonwoo

Yeonwoo (NOWADAYS Members)
Stage NameYeonwoo (연우)
Birth NameJeong Yeonwoo (정연우)
BirthdaySeptember 23, 2003
Active Years2024–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra 
Blood TypeO

Yeonwoo Facts:

– Yeonwoo is known as the ‘nagger’ in the group.
– He brings a pillowcase with him when travelling abroad because his skin is sensitive. (Daily NOW EP. 2)
– He likes to keep things organized.
– He talks the most in group chat.
– He has a habit of pressing his lips down. (Write about me NOW!)
– Yeonwoo is nicknamed Yoshi by the members, after the Super Mario character, because of his round and soft cheeks resembling mochi.
– His favorite things are sleeping and staying at home.
– His frequently used emojis include 😊 and 🫠.
– Phrases he often says include “First is” (a way for him to gain time) and “Oh? Really~”?
– His motto is “Time is gold.”
– He gets sad and sulky when the members don’t react to his message in the group.
– He thinks he was very unruly as a child. (NOW, Question!)
– Yeonwoo’s first impression of Jinhyuk was that he might be a tough guy to befriend.
– He introduces himself as ‘Choreographer & Only ‘I’ & Vocal & Dancer’.
– If he could go to a ghost house with any member, he would pick Jinhyuk.
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4. Jinhyuk

Jinhyuk (NOWADAYS Members)
Stage NameJinhyuk (진혁)
Birth NameJang Jinhyuk (장진혁)
BirthdayMay 21, 2004
Active Years2024–present
Age20 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini 
Blood TypeAB

Jinhyuk Facts:

– Jinhyuk looks the most in the mirror, according to Yoon. (NOW, Question!)
– He enjoys listening to music at dawn.
– He hates summer due to mosquitoes and the sweaty feeling.
– His dislikes include boredom, nightmares, and quarrels with the members.
– His motto is “It’s not over until it’s over”.
– He is scared of bees.
– He often repeats words or sentences.
– If he could go to a ghost house with any member, he would pick Yoon.
– His nicknames include Bear and Rock.
– He introduces himself as ‘Bamboo forest stone & Rapper.’
– His favorite things include food, traveling, gazing at the sea, the sound of rain, decorating, horror movies, and Siyun.
– His charming point is his eyes.
– Yoon thinks Jinhyuk would be the last survivor in a zombine apocalypse.
– His sleeping habit is to pat the person next to him.
– He is nicknamed ‘Bear’ because of his sluggish personality. (Write about me NOW!)
– He likes decorating things.
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5. Siyun

Siyun (NOWADAYS Members)
Stage NameSiyun (시윤)
Birth NameKim Siyun (김시윤)
BirthdayAugust 24, 2004
Active Years2024–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo 
Blood TypeO

Siyun Facts:

– Siyun dislikes mosquitoes and bees.
– His motto is “My mindset determines my future.”
– He maintains his body fat at 6%, similar to that of an athlete. (Write about me NOW!)
– His favorite emoticon is 😆.
– He loves to eat BHC bburinkle chicken.
– He is cute and silly despite his initial intimidating impression.
– Members envy that he has a fast metabolism and eats more without gaining weight. (NOW, Question!)
– His sleeping habit is lying on his stomach and partially extending his body outside the bed.
– He loves browsing for delicious restaurants.
– In NOWADAYS, he is responsible for leading the group’s exercises and is considered the youngest member with MacGyver’s golden touch.
– His charming point is his appealing physique and lizard-like personality.
– A common phrase he uses is “Even better!”
– He introduces himself as ‘Golden Hands & Youngest & Rapper.’
– He spends the longest time in the mirror according to Yeonwoo and keeps staring in the mirror while practicing. (NOW, Question!)
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Nowadays Photos

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