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Yeum (PRIMROSE) Profile, Bio, and Facts 


Yeum (예음) is a South Korean singer and a former member of the K-pop girl group PRIMROSE under AO Entertainment. She is also a former member of Azer-Blossom.

Yeum (PRIMROSE) Profile

Stage NameYeum (예음)
Birth NameJeong Myongwoo (정명우)
BirthdayNovember 19, 2001
Active Years2021–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height159 cm (5’2″)
Blood TypeB

Yeum (PRIMROSE) Facts:

– She was introduced as the 2nd member of the duo PRIMROSE on November 11, 2022.
– Her stage name, she signifies talent in sound and reflects her desire to be recognized as a vocalist.
– She is known for her strength in the R&B genre, with husky low notes and “light and refreshing” high notes.
– In the future, she aspires to collaborate with Paul Kim and explore acting opportunities.
– She debuted on September 1st, 2021, as a member of Azer-Blossom.
– She has a deep love for songwriting, to the extent that she has a whole book filled with lyrics.
– Her role model is MAMAMOO’s Hwasa, as she wishes to become an all-rounder like her. Another one of her role models is Red Velvet’s Wendy.
– She is currently enrolled at Howon University in the Department of K-pop.
– Her favorite song is “Reforget” by Lauv.
– She attended Fuze Practical Music Academy Daehangno Branch.
– Some of her nicknames include Pingu, Yem, and Maemwoo.
– She underwent training for a period of 3 years.
– She has a tattoo on her arm that says “지금부터 환상의 쇼가 펼쳐집니다,” which translates to “From now, a fantastic show will be held.”
– She possesses the ability to imitate Doraemon’s voice.
– One of her hobbies includes watching YouTube.
– Yeum’s MBTI type is ENFP.
– She left PRIMROSE on March 23, 2023, due to health concerns.

Instagram: _thingvv0.0

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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