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Asa (BABYMONSTER) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Asa (아사) is a Japanese and a member of the girl group BABYMONSTER under YG Entertainment.


Stage NameAsa (아사)
Birth NameEnami Asa (榎並杏紗)
OccupationSinger, Rapper
BirthdayApril 17, 2006
Active Years2023–present
Age18 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAries
Blood TypeN/A


Early Life

– She was born in Japan.
– She first auditioned for YG at the age of 12 with the song “Weekend Warrior.”
– Her mother is a fan of Block B’s music, and Asa performed their song “Very Very Good” at a dance school when she was seven.

Personal Life

– Her family consists of her parents and an older sister named Enami Lisa.
– She is a perfectionist.
– She is fluent in Japanese and Korean and has some proficiency in English. She speaks and writes Korean so well that she jokingly refers to herself as a “native speaker.”
– She is left-handed.
– Fans thought she resembled a bunny in her younger years.
– She wanted to join YG Entertainment after she came across BLACKPINK’s MV and fell in love with the label’s distinctive hip-hop style.
– She likes to dance, cook and skip rope in her free time.
– Her specialties include hip-hop dance.
– She wanted to be a singer when she was in year 2, and she started to learn dancing.
– She became motivated to become an idol when she performed for the first time in her dance school in Japan and realized she liked being on stage.
– Her dream is to become a singer that sings and dances on stage.
– Her nickname is “Kim Asa (김아사).”
– Her trainers often praise her for her on-point rhythm.
– The first song she wrote was (Diary)
– She likes to write lyrics and produce music in her spare time.
– She is a dedicated dancer who always seeks clarification when learning new choreography, and her trainer often praises her for her quick learning.
– She used to attend dance school.
– She is close with Ruka.
– Her laugh is very high-pitched.


– She was officially introduced as the fourth member on January 26, 2023.
– She is also a singer-songwriter and has composed her own song.
– She is one of the few Japanese female artists to debut under YG Entertainment, along with Ruka.
– Before joining YG, Enami had experience in musical theater and participated in the LADYBIRD Green Musical in 2017.
– She is considered the group’s “ace”.
– She is the rapper and dancer of the group “BABYMONSTER”.


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  1. “Asa always is the one that brings out the highest efficiency.” – Lee Jung.
    “I felt like you were the most attractive one in real life.” -Jennie Blackpink

  2. “Asa always is the one that brings out the highest efficiency.” – Lee Jung.
    “I felt like you were the most attractive one in real life.” -Jennie Blackpink

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