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Beomhan Profile, Bio, and Facts


Beomhan (범한) is a Chinese-American rapper, dancer, trainee and member of the pre-debut Kpop boy group M.O.N.T Arena under FM Entertainment.

Stage Name: Beomhan (범한)
Birth Name: Harald Wu
Occupation: Trainee, Rapper, Dancer
Birthday: January 31, 2001
Age 23 (in May 2024)
Active Years: 2020–present
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 174 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight: na
Nationality: Chinese-American
Blood Type: B

Beomhan Facts:

Early Life

– Beomhan was born in New York, USA.
– He grew up in Brooklyn for a short period of time for a passport and was sent back to China, where he lived with his grandmother for four years in a small village.
– He graduated from Brooklyn Technical High School.
– He grew up seeing his father work in construction for long hours to provide for the family.
– He said he used to get bullied in school for not knowing English when he moved to the US and had to learn it quickly because he wanted to befriend people instead of fighting them.
– His family lives in New York, and he left them to become a trainee in South Korea.

Personal Life

– He revealed that he flipped the coin about whether he wanted to move to Korea as a trainee. He said the moment he flipped, he knew he wanted to become a trainee and didn’t bother looking at the result.
– He assists the M.O.N.T. members in learning English while they teach him Korean in return.
– He has a cheerful and happy nature.
– He used to create dance covers of BTS songs.
– He wanted to become a dancer and idol after he was approached by six boys from school who invited him to do a dance cover for the school’s talent show. He rehearsed for seven months and fell in love with dancing.He won the school’s talent show the next three years in a row.
– He shared that when he was upset with his friends, he used to rub his hand on nearby surfaces and then wipe it on their foreheads to cause acne.
– His parents immigrated to the US after China regulated a one-child policy, and they had two daughters before Beomhan and thus couldn’t stay.
– He once claimed that he scored 130 on an IQ test when he was around 10 or 11 years old.
– He is friends with Toshi and Lim (World Klass).
– He frequently visits K-Pop events and festivals with Jay Chang and works as baristas and servers.
– He said he has an impulsive personality.
– Jay Chang said Beomhan is very proactive and assertive.
– Beomhan and his mother are unaware of his blood type, but in a BuzzFeed quiz, he received type B as the result.
– Once,he unknowingly declined an opportunity to be a backup dancer for BTS because he was focusing on preparing for his SATs.
– He said that his father never learned English and has a strong Chinese dialect only a few thousand people have.
– His staff members say he has the memory of a goldfish because he keeps forgetting things.
– He is close to Narachan.
– His nicknames include “Beehan”, “Wighan”, “Goldfish” and “Beom”.
– He wants to be the biggest idol in the world.
– Beomhan jokingly calls Bitsaeon “Lobster Boy” because when they first met and couldn’t communicate well due to the language barrier, Bitsaeon kept offering him lobster during their meal.
– He revealed he had to be quick-witted and observant to avoid getting bullied.
– He said his ideal type is someone with two arms, a pulse, and hair.
– Beomhan is the youngest in the family and has two older sisters.
– He shares a close friendship with soloist Jay Chang, often going live together and embarking on tours.
– His daily routine includes going to the gym at 6:40, doing a live broadcast, studying Korean, doing dance practice and editing his videos.
– He purchased a share of McDonald’s stock and wanted to be named as the CEO of McDonalds in his profile.
– He has a determined personality and says if he wants something, he will move the earth to get it.
– He has a nephew named Ethan (4 years old).
– He often steals and wears Narachan’s clothes.
– He said that his father never learned English and has a strong Chinese dialect only a few thousand people have.
– He is multilingual and can speak Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. He is currently learning Korean.
– Every Saturday at 10 pm KST (9 am EST), Beomhan goes live on his Instagram account.
– On Wednesdays at 10 pm EST, he goes live on TikTok.
– Beomhan frequently goes live on Twitch, usually on Mondays and Fridays at 10 pm EST.


– Beomhan was revealed as a member of the pre-debut group M.O.N.T Arena on January 31, 2020.
– He independently choreographed the song “Ashes”.
– In 2021, he released the pre-debut songs “Sun’s Up” and “Ashes” with Roda.
– He wrote the lyrics of two of his pre-debut singles, “Sun’s Up” and “Ashes”.
– He released his latest pre-debut single, “The Awakening”, with Jay Chang in 2022.
– He also participated in the “Kpop Rookie Trainee Show” in 2021 held in the US.

Likes & Dislikes

– He has lactose intolerance.
– His favorite foods include pizza and hot dogs.
– He loves BTS, and his favorite member is Jungkook.
– He hates Hawaiian pizza.
– He loves to eat pizza and hotdogs.
– His favorite colors are red and beige.
– He loves to eat Vanilla ice cream even if he is lactose intolerant.
– He is a fan of Stray Kids, and his favorite member is Changbin.
– He enjoys salty food, oolong tea and coffee.
– His favorite character in Pokemon is Abra.
– He likes the Disney movie ‘Soul’.
– He is a fan of BIGBANG, and his bias is G-Dragon.
– He enjoys running and playing basketball as hobbies.
– His favorite manga is One Piece.
– He likes to drink iced vanilla latte.

Victim of Hate Crime

– He canceled his scheduled live broadcast after he was jumped and assaulted by a man while riding a train in New York during M.O.N.T Arena’s US tour.
– He said the homeless man got on the train and started talking to the people around him, calling Beomhan slurs and racist comments, thinking he couldn’t hear him.
– The man pretended to punch him before choking him in public after Beomhan told him to refrain from using racist remarks against him.
– He shared his close-up pictures of bruises on Instagram and said this isn’t the first time he was assaulted in his hometown.
– The fans got upset that Beomhan had no staff protection, and FM Entertainment released a statement clarifying that there was no staff because the artist was on a break after the end of the US tour.
– The company also said they would take extra precautions for the safety and protection of the members.

Suicide Attempt & Mental Health Awareness

– Beomhan is open about his mental health and has frequently shared his struggle with depression.
– He shared his experiences about working with his therapist and finally switching over to the psychiatrist as the therapist was not doing him any good.
– He revealed that he tried to take his own life in July or August of 2022 due to depression and anxiety and shared that when he told his therapist about his attempt, she said: “It feels like you couldn’t do it back then, but even though you couldn’t, you still feel dead”. The answer surprised him, and he thought about switching to a psychiatrist.
– He said that working with the psychiatrist helped him greatly, and he is working on improving his mental health.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: mont_arena
Youtube: beomhanfm
TikTok: beomhanfm?
Twitch: beomhanfm

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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