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pH-1 Profile, Bio, & Facts 

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pH-1 (피에이치원) is a South Korean-American rapper under H1GHR MUSIC. He made his debut on October 21, 2016, with the digital single “Wavy”.

pH-1 Profile

Stage NamepH-1 (피에이치원)
Birth Name Park Junwon (박준원)
English NameHarry Park  (해리 박)
BirthdayJuly 23rd, 1989
Active Years2016–present
Age34 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height180 cm (5’11”)
Weight69 kg (152 lb)
Blood TypeO

pH-1 Facts:

Early Life

–  Park Junwon was born in Seoul, South Korea and settled in America at the age of 12.
– He went to Seoul Wolcheon Elementary School.
– He lived in New York for 15 years.
– He was brought up in Long Island and his parents still live there.
– During his freshman year of college, he realized that rapping was most significant to him and started to take it seriously.
– He graduated from Boston College. Thereafter, he studied to get into dental school but later switched his mind and became a web developer.

Personal Life

– He chose his English name ‘Harry’ due to ‘Harry Potter‘ as well as the actor, Daniel Radcliffe who has the same birthday as him.
– He grew up mainly listening to Hip-hop, R&B, Pop, and Alternative Rock and said his time in NY greatly shaped his taste in music.
– His stage name stands for Park Harry and 1. The 1 represents Won because they have a similar sound.
– He’s been playing the piano since he was a kid.
– He was born at 4 AM.
– He wanted to be a football player when he was young.
– He considers himself more American than Korean.
– In his childhood, he used to swirl his hand inside of a toilet and drink the toilet water
– He went to college with Eric Nam.
– According to him, people see him as a very positive and bright person, which is just not true.
– pH-1was peers with HIGHLIGHT‘s Yang Yoseop. They were in the same Samulnori group together.
– His parents had always been against the idea of pursuing any art-related field. (Lifted Asia)
– His hobbies are listening to music, watching TV (Netflix), spending time with his dog, and playing basketball.
– One song that makes him feel understood is John Mayer’s “My Stupid Mouth” and John Mayer is the reason why he started singing.
– A movie he watches when he wants to self-soothe is Home Alone.
– He decided to settle in Korea due to not being able to live without the music industry.
– His greatest challenge in the industry was that he didn’t know anyone in Korea so creating connections was hard for him as well as the cultural disparities.
– He is fast when writing a song.
– A line from a TV show that plays on a loop in his head is “K.I.S.S. Or, ‘Keep it simple. Stupid.’ Great advice. Hurts my feelings every time.” Said by Dwight Schrute from The Office.
– Heaven for him is staying home.
– His mom was 20 when she had him and she is known to be very good at cooking.
– He would want to die of a heart attack caused by excitement.
– He takes laser treatments and visits his dermatologist every week.
– He is a Christian and his belief is very important to him.
– pH-1 has a tiny poodle named Holly. He called her after watching ‘Breaking Bad‘.
– His dog makes him laugh the most and the song “Listen” by Beyonce makes him very emotional.
– If he has to delete an app forever, it’d be YouTube. (DIVE)
– The first artist he ever stanned was Eminem.
– He believes in spiritual beings.
– For him, autotune doesn’t cover up the talents of an artist, it’s simply a style.
– He attempts not to put any swearing, sexual stuff, drugs or money in his songs. He hopes his lifestyle and his views are clear through his music.
– He can also play the guitar, drums, saxophone, and other musical instruments.
– He has about 10 perfumes and his favorite perfumes to use are Salvatore Ferragamo, Arancia di Capri, and 1 Million by Paco Rabanne.
– Hwimin and Gyujeong love to tease him and he often gets teased on by his younger label friends.
– His style is inspired by jazz, neo-soul, funk, gospel etc and he always wears silver necklaces and has around 20-30 bucket hats..
– He has a heart-shaped tattoo on his right forearm which his friend drew. (Esquire)
– He has a ‘Love’ tattoo on his neck.
– He wants to be described as “LEGENO”.
– The most unforgettable thing to occur to him was when he was signed to H1IGHR MUSIC after moving to Korea.
– He uses the Coupang Eats food delivery app the most.
– pH-1’s ideal type is an individual who is goal-oriented, self-reliant, well-mannered, and mannerly. He likes girls that cook well (as it reminds him of his mom). He states that he doesn’t have high ideals.
– If he can go back to Long Island, he would go fishing with his best friend. (Marie Claire)
– He doesn’t care how people write his rap name.
– As he doesn’t want to appear desperate, he doesn’t text the individual he really likes right back on purpose.
– Besides music, Jay Park influenced him the most. (Hoody’s Home Dining)


– pH-1 was previously a contestant on SMTM777.
– He made a special appearance on SMTM8 and also appeared in Mirani‘s ‘Achoo‘ during SMTM9.
– He was previously a producer on HSR4 with Jay Park and Woogie.
– He has been rapping since 2015.
– He made his Korean debut with the song ‘Perfect‘.
– He and Owen Ovadoz have a duo together, Sous Chefs.
– In 2017 he released his EP, ‘The Island Kid‘.
– He was previously a Co-Host on ‘GET REAL‘ on DIVE Studios with BTOB‘s Peniel and Ashely Choi.
– He appeared in King of Mask Singer in 2021.
– He was a mentor on High School Rapper 4.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite house is Gryffindor in ‘Harry Potter‘ and his most hated is Slytherin.
– He enjoys shopping and learning about fashion trends.
– He likes anime and technology.
– He is a huge fan of Kirk Franklin.
– He is an Apple fan.
– His favorite artists are Biggie, J. Cole, Big Sean, Drake, Chance The Rapper, Saba, Vic Mensa, Kendrick, Biggie, and many more.
– pH-1 likes it when girls enjoy eating. (CLICK 360)
– His favorite fashion brand is juicy and he likes to collect bucket hats.
– His favorite orange-coloured item is the soft orange cushion that his dog sleeps on.
– He hates the rain.
– He loves playing basketball, soccer, and PlayStation.
– His favorite color is Orange.

Food Preferences

– His most important item is his iced coffee. (GQ Korea)
– He gets headaches if he doesn’t drink iced americano and drinks about 3-4 cups a day.
– He loves Haribo classic jellies.
– He usually orders braised spicy chicken.


– Park Junwon has a very geeky and addictive personality and is a people pleaser. (Allure)
– He is a homebody and values his personal life.
– He often forgets or ignores things around him  and spends time exploring unrealistic thoughts.
– He doesn’t like to over-exaggerate things, even in his music.
– He gets worried if someone doesn’t reply to him quickly.
– He doesn’t like waiting and hates people who are rude to waiters or flight attendents.

Major Works

– His most popular songs include “Nerdy Love”, “The Purge”, and “iffy”.


– Park Junwon has won the Music Video of the Year Award at Korean Hip-hop Awards in 2021.

Instagram: ph1boyyy
YouTube: pH-1
Twitter: ph1boyyy
SoundCloud: ph1boyyy

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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