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Chaerin (ICHILLIN’) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Chaerin (채린) is a singer and a member of the group ICHILLIN’ from South Korea under KM Entertainment. She debuted with the group on September 8th, 2021 with the single “GOT’YA”.

Stage Name: Chaerin (채린)
Birth Name: Park Chaerin (박채린)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: March 31, 2003
Age: 20 (in 2023)
Active Years: 3
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 160 cm (5’3″)
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: A

Chaerin FACTS:

Early Life

– Chaerin was born in Gimhae, Gyeongsangnam-do, South Korea, at 11:55 PM.
– She graduated from Icheon Wondang High School.
– She participated in orchestra activities in elementary school.

Personal Life

– She has a pet dog named Hoi.
– Her nicknames are “Channi” and “Baby Tiger” (아기 호랑이).
– Her MBTI changed from ISFJ to ISFP.
– She and Chaerin (Cherry Bullet) share the same birth name.
– She likes to keep her hair black as pink-colored hairs are difficult to manage.
– Chaerin used to watch Girls Generation since she was young.
– Her role model is EXO’s Baekhyun.
– She took the College Scholastic Ability Test in 2022.
– She often shares her childhood pictures with her fans through the official cafe.
– Chaerin picked Chowon as her roommate because she is good at organizing things.
– Her bucket list includes getting a driver’s license.
– She wants to try blue and light green hair colors.
– She and Jackie sleep the most in the morning.
– Chaerin was allergic to beef and milk, but over time the allergy disappeared.
– She is allergic to dog hair.
– She wants to learn how to play the horn and trumpet.
– Chaerin couldn’t pronounce her name when she was young and called herself “Channi”; soon, her family started calling her by that name.
– She is considered the mood maker of the group.
– When Chaerin and Joonie shared the room, it was the quietest room in the dorm.


– Chaerin is the main vocalist in the group “ICHILLIN”.
– She was revealed as the fourth member of the group.
– She only trained for six months and had the shortest training period among her members.

Likes & Dislikes

– Chaerin said her favorite food is yogurt which she can eat three times per day.
– She also enjoys eating Budaejjigae.
– She enjoys shooting games as a way to relieve stress.
– She chose flying or teleporting as her preferred superpower.
– Her favorite characters are “Tweety Bird” and “Pooh” in Winnie the Pooh.
– She likes to stay at home.
– She hates mint chocolate.
– Her favorite flavor in Baskin Robbins is green tea.
– She enjoys watching Korean dramas.
– Chaerin said she is not very fond of the autumn season as she feels very depressed and lonely.
– Her favorite songs include “Physical” by Dua Lipa, “The Boys” by SNSD, “After School” by Weeekly and “PTT” by Loona.
– She said she doesn’t like taking pictures.
– She likes eating coconut chips.

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon 

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