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Chanty (LAPILLUS) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Chanty (샨티)  is a South Korean Kpop singer and a member of the girl group LAPILLUS which debuted on June 20, 2022, with the digital single “힛야! (HIT YA!)” under MLD Entertainment.

Chanty Profile

Stage Name: Chanty (샨티)
Birth Name: Maria Chantal Videla (마리아 샹탈 비델라)
Occupation: Singer, Actress, Model
Birthday: Decembe 15, 2002
Active Years: 2018-present
Age 54 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 169cm (5’6ft)
Weight: 47 kg (103lbs)
Nationality: Filipino-Argentinian
Blood Type: N/A

Chanty Facts:

Early Life:

– Chanty was born in Manila, Philippines.
– She grew up in Mendoza, Argentina.

Personal Life:

– Chanty’s MBTI type also oscillates between ENFP and ENFJ.
– She can speak Filipino, Japanese, Korean and Spanish.
– She took cooking classes.
– Chinese zodiac sign: Horse.
– Her role model is IU.
– Her religion is Christianity.
– She wears glasses.
– She compliments members a lot,
– She looks very similar to MOMOLAND’s Nancy and Olivia Rodrigo.
– She has a lot of siblings including four brothers (from 1994 – 2000) and three sisters (from 2004 to 2011).
– She’s the oldest of sisters.
– One of her sister’s names is Candice and she works as a child model in the Philippines.
– She is the first Filipino and Argentinian KPOP idol.
– She learned Korean 8 months ago.
– Her schedule is sleeping late at night.
– Her ideal type is BTS’s Seokjin.
– Chanty is Filipino from her mom’s side and Argentinian from her dad’s side.
– Her motto is, “Nothing can dim the light that shines from within”.
– Chanty was the second trainee to be announced after SHANA.
– She can play instruments like piano and ukulele.
– Her hobbies are, watching dramas and finding new quotes.
– She used to have a poodle dog.
– She performed at Daegu Jeil High School.
– She currently has a pug.
– She likes to play soccer.
– Her manners are very well.
– She likes watching Netflix.


– Chanty debuted as an actress under Star Magic Entertainment on Mar 23. 2028.
– On November 26, 2021, she was the second trainee to be announced under MLD Entertainment.
– She is the FOTG (Face Of The Group) and Lead Vocalist in LAPILLUS.
– She worked in many dramas before her debut as a KPOP idol.
– She has been cast in many dramas including Spirits: Reawaken (iWant, 2018) as Gabbie (Eps. 1-14), Familia Blondina (ABS-CBN, 2019) as Cameron, Hiwaga ng Kambat (ABS-CBN, 20r19) as Loraine Maniquis (Eps. 1-19),and Starla (ABS-CBN, 2019-2020) as Lena Batumbakal (Ep. 1-70).
– Appearances in videos include JT&MARCUS – “Dear You” (2021), JT&MARCUS – “First” (feat. YUNHWAY) (2021) and Lylian – “Every Moment” (2022).

Social Media Handles

Instagram: itsmaria.chantal
TikTok: chantyfs
Facebook: chantal.rastelli

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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