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Hyogyeong (Ariaz) Profile, Biography, and Facts


Hyogyeong (효경), now known as HEYA, is a singer and a former member of the girl group “Ariaz” from South Korea under Rising Star Entertainment. She made her debut with the group on October 24, 2019 with the mini album “Grand Opera”.

Stage Name: Hyogyeong (효경)
Birth Name: Jang Hyogyeong (장효경)
Occupation: Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper
Birthday: November 15, 1999
Age 24 (in Jul 2024)
Active Years: 10
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 167 cm (5’6”)
Weight: 47 kg (105 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

Hyogyeong Facts:

Early Life

– Hyogyeong was born in Hoengseong, Gangwon-do, South Korea.
– She went to Jeonnong Middle School and Haeseong Girls’ High School.
– She later attended Kyunghee Cyber ​​University.
– She was a class president in the third year of middle school.
– She received the “Smile Angel Award” in middle school.
– Hyogyeong majored in vocal music during her school days.

Personal Life

– Hyogyeong has had aegyossal since birth, and she was the tallest member of the group.
– Her Chinese name is Zhang Xiaojing (張效經).
– Hyogyeong’s family consists of her parents, older sister, and younger brother.
– She can sing swag English rap well.
– She likes to appreciate the scenery while cycling.
– Her bucket list includes traveling to the moon.
– Hyogyeong’s role model is Ariana Grande, and her favorite artist is Taylor Swift.
– She likes cooking, swimming, fresh air, and mountains.
– She said she is good at winking, songwriting, and singing.
– She is also nicknamed “Free spirit” and “Macaron.”
– She dislikes hazy air.
– She once appeared on her sister’s channel “KAHEVA”.
– Hyogyeong can speak good English because she participated in the English News club during high school.
– She relieves her stress by looking at nature.
– She habitually says “yes” at the end of each sentence.
– Her favorite food is chicken, taiyaki, and cream puffs.
– She dislikes eating Sashimi.
– Hyogyeong was nicknamed “Hyogul” because she resembles a frog.
– She can speak Korean and English.
– She is skilled in playing the piano and guitar.
– Hyogyeong specialties include singing and composing.
– She is also skilled in swimming, golf, and skiing.
– Her MBTI is ENFP.
– Hyogyeong’s nicknames are “National Smile” (국민미소), “Frontal Breakthrough” (정면돌파), “Hyogul” (효굴이).
– She wears socks first while wearing clothes.
– She is also nicknamed Hahoetal (하회탈).


– Hyogyeong was the lead vocalist and rapper of her former group “Ariaz.”
– Hyogyeong debuted under the stage name HEYA and released her single “Looking At Love” on June 10, 2022.
– Before debuting in Ariaz, she released eight singles under the stage name 머가영 (Meogayeong) between 2014 and 2015.
– Hyogyeong released her first single, “Power,” on December 19, 2014, at the age of 15 years.
– She became a trainee at 16 years old and trained for five years before debuting with the group Ariaz.
– She was in charge of the English lyrics in the group’s songs.
– She was responsible for editing the songs to match the choreography used for the dance covers using a MIDI program.
– Hyogyeong placed 8th on the survival show Mixnine, making it to the finals, but unfortunately did not debut.
– Hyogyeong joined Star Empire in December 2016 as the fifth member.
– She terminated her contract and left Rising Star Entertainment on April 10, 2022.
– She is skilled in singing and has a stable voice while performing live.
– Her facial expressions are good, so she was usually the ending fairy in performances.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: zang_hyo
Youtube: heya8352
TikTok: @hyogyeong_ariaz

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