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Choerry (ARTMS, LOONA) Profile, Bio, and Facts

Choerry LOONA

Choerry (최리) is a South Korean singer under MODHAUS. She is a member of the project group ARTMS. She is also a member of the girl group LOONA and its subunit ODD EYE CIRCLE.

Choerry (LOONA) Profile

Stage NameChoerry (최리)
Birth NameChoi Yerim (최예림)
OccupationSinger, Rapper
BirthdayJune 4, 2001
Active Years2017–present
Age22 years old (in June 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height163 cm (5’3″)
Weight47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Choerry (LOONA) Facts

Early Life

– Choerry was born in Bucheon, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
– She attended Yeoweol Elementary School.
– She went to Bucheon Yeowol Middle School.
– She graduated from Sungshin Girls’ High School.
– Choerry was a member of the dance club since middle school.
– She was a class president in her middle school.

Personal Life

– Choerry’s stage name is derived from a blend of her last name Choe/Choi and the second syllable of her first name (최예림 to 최O리) with “y” and “m” removed.
– She tends to get stress-related gastritis.
– Before going on stage, she motivates herself with positive thoughts.
– In 2023, she underwent Lasik surgery to correct her eyesight.
– She named her AirPods ‘Oribit’, and it is a combination of the words Orbit and Choerry.
– She is the third youngest member of LOONA.
– She thought Yeojin was in elementary school when she first met her as trainees due to her height but she was actually in middle school.
– Her first performance was in the first grade when she sang in front of an audience during a school festival.
– She’d love to have Go Won‘s (butterfly) representative animal if given the choice.
– She would love to collaborate with Ariana Grande.
– She can see well in sunlight.
– Her religion is paganism.
– She often stands in the center during Loona’s choreography.
– She would rather people call her by her real name rather than Choerry.
– Choerry became a trainee at BlockBerry Creative on the same day as Haseul and auditioned on the same day as Yeojin.
– Her father runs a machine repair business.
– She two younger sisters, Choi Ye-jin (born in 2003) and Choi Ye-won (born in 2008).
– She likes collecting pens.
– Choerry and Hyeju attended the same school.
– Her positivity is considered her charming point.
– Watching eating broadcasts, watching movies, and decorating her diary are some of her hobbies.
– Her motto is “Positivity always finds a way.”
– Choerry’s role models are Taeyeon, Sunmi, and Yoo Jaesuk.
– Her favorite phrase is “I love you, Choi” and fans often say this to her.
– Her representative colors in LOONA are purple and white.
– Choerry’s representative animal is a fruit bat, and her representative fruit is a cherry in LOONA.


– Choerry is the rapper, dancer, and vocalist in the group “LOONA”.
– She was revealed as the eighth member of LOONA.
– Her trainee period lasted about 10 months.
– She debuted on July 27, 2017, under LOONA with the song “Love Cherry Motion.”
– On January 13, 2023, it was revealed that after filing a lawsuit to terminate her contract with BlockBerry Creative, Choerry won the case, leading to her departure from the company.
– On March 17, 2023, it was announced that she signed with MODHAUS along with Jinsoul, Kim Lip, and Heejin.
– She participated in creating the choreography of the song “Butterfly”.

Likes & Dislikes

– Choerry prefers songs with an indie sensibility,
– She loves the Harry Potter series, particularly Gryffindor House.
– Choerry likes her family, Orbits (fans), and eating.
– Her favorite color is pink.
– She likes sweet scents.
– She likes casual clothes with a unique or lovely style.
– Physical Education was her favorite subject in school.
– She dislikes bugs, thunders, and getting shot.

Food Preferences

– Choerry hates mint chocolate (flavor) and broccoli, bell peppers, eggplants, and pineapple pizza.
– Her favorite type of pasta is rosé pasta.
– She also likes green tea and has a big sweet tooth.
– “Zzon Tteok” is her favorite Baskin Robbins flavor.
– She enjoys Gong Cha’s Milk Oreo Smoothie with taro milk tea and pearls.
– Choerry typically orders a chocolate latte at cafes.
– She enjoys peppermint tea and lemon tea.
– She likes braised chicken. (Vlive)
– Surprisingly, she doesn’t like the taste of cherries.
– Her favorite foods include bread, Spaghetti, tteokbokki, and dakbal.


– Her nicknames include “Jjerri”, “Cherry”, “Choerangdongi” (name + love), “Vitamin D”, “Yerimi”, and “Smile Potato”.
– Fans nicknamed her “Hoppang” because of her round face.
– She likes the nicknames “Choi-positivity”, and “The Sun”-y.


– She is skilled in creating choreographies.
– She enjoys playing games with Gowon and Hyeju, but she often loses and gets penalized for it.
– Among the members of ODD EYE CIRCLE, she has the best English.
– She can speak basic Japanese.
– Her points were 750 when she used a punch machine.
– She said that her weakness is talking without fear and her strengths are that she has no concerns and she doesn’t get stressed easily.

Personality & Habits

– According to Jinsoul, she is good at speaking frankly and honestly.
– Her MBTI type is ENFJ.
– Choerry likes to say “mmm” when she’s thinking before responding to anything, according to ViVi.
– Yeojin considers Choerry as the most cheerful LOONA member, and they know everything about each other.
– She often touches her hair out of habit. (Weekly Idol)
– She prefers to handle unresolved arguments immediately.
– She describes herself as optimistic, straightforward, and positive. (Weekly Idol)


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(LOONA/Choerry) “Love Cherry Motion”

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