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LOONA Members Profile & Facts

LOONA Members
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LOONA (LOOΠΔ – 이달의 소녀) members are Haseul, JinSoul, Vivi, Hyunjin, Yves, Heejin, Kim Lip, Gowon, Choerry, Hyeju, and Yeojin. The group is from South Korea that debuted on August 19, 2018, with the title track “Hi High“ under Blockberry Creative.

LOONA Profile

DebutAugust 19, 2018
Active Years2016–2023
LOONA MembersHaseul, JinSoul, Vivi, Hyunjin, Yves, Heejin, Kim Lip, Gowon, Choerry, Hyeju, Yeojin
GenrePop/ Dance
LabelBlockberry Creative
Oldest MemberVivi
Youngest MemberYeojin
Former MemberChuu
Fandom NameOrbit
TypeKpop Girl Group


LOONA Facts:

– The group’s English name “LOONA” is derived from rearranging the Hangul letters ㅇㄷㅇㅅㄴ, the initial consonants in 이달의 소녀 (Idarui Sonyeo), to form ㄴㅇㅇㄷㅅ, which resembles “LOONA” in the Latin alphabet.
– All 12 LOONA members were revealed in a span of two years from 2016-2018 with a solo single album and a music video, along with sub-units as new members were revealed and the group officially debuted in August 2018.
– LOONA members joined the company in the following order: Hyunjin – Heejin – Kim Lip – Jinsol – Vivi – Yeojin ​= Haseul = Choerry – Eve – Chuu – Gowon – Hyeju.
– The group has three official subunits: LOONA 1/3, LOONA ODD EYE CIRCLE, and LOONA yxyy.
– Their official Japanese name is 今月の少女 (Kongetsu no Shoujo)’ and it translates to ‘girl of the month’.
– The group name also incorporates elements from the English words ‘luna’ and ‘lunar,’ which refer to ‘moon goddess’ or ‘moon.’
– All LOONA members are right-handed.
– Each member of LOONA was chosen based on a group performance test, with Heejin achieving the highest score and becoming the first member to debut.
– The group does not have official positions like main vocalist, main dancer, or center.
– The members morale-boosting slogan is “Dalso, Dalso, let’s go!”
– LOONA members official heights from shortest to tallest are: Yeojin < Haseul < Vivi < Gowon < Heejin < Kim Lip < Chuu < Choerry < Hyunjin < Jinsol < Olivia Hye < Eve.
– On December 7, 2022, BlockBerry Creative announced that the group was preparing for a comeback, but the date was not confirmed and later a teaser was released revealing their comeback in January 2023 but it was later announced on December 2022 that their comeback has postponed indefinitely. Additionally, LOONA members were not notified about the planned comeback.
– The group is currently inactive with no members under the company.

LOONA Members Current Status & Activity

– Five LOONA members, Jinsoul, Haseul, Kim Lip, Heejin, and Choerry formed the project group ARTMS under MODHAUS.
– Another five LOONA members, Vivi, Hyunjin, Gowon, Hyeju, and Yeojin joined CTDENM and formed the project group LOOSSEMBLE.
– Yves revealed her decision to go solo.
– Former member Chuu joined ATRP.


– The [XX] album ranked first on iTunes’ All Genre, K-Pop Genre, and Pop Genre charts in the US, making LOONA the third Korean girl group to achieve this, following Red Velvet and TWICE.
– The albums before their official debut entered the top 5 of the Billboard World Albums chart, and their official debut album achieved unusual success for a rookie at the time of its release.

Appearances & Participations

– LOONA participated in the survival shows “MIXNINE” and “Queendom 2”.
– They have appeared on many programs including “Idol Radio”, “Weekly Idol”, “Idol Room”, and Naver NOW’s “Aven Girls”.

Magazines & Endorsements

– They have appeared in several notable magazines including HIGH CUT, DAZED, Marie Claire, and Big Issue Korea.
– LOONA has appeared in many endorsements including “Lotte Department Store APP”, “School Uniform Model” and ABC Mart (Japan)’s collaboration “Nike store”.


– In May 2021, LOONA was appointed as an ambassador of Korean culture abroad by South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports, and Tourism.
– The appointment was made to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Korean Culture And Information Service and their role as ambassadors were aimed to promote Hallyu (Korean Wave) and Korean culture internationally.

Chuu’s Expulsion from LOONA

– In November 2022, BlockBerryCreative expelled Chuu from LOONA, citing allegations of abuse of power and verbal abuse towards staff members. They took responsibility for the situation by removing her from the group. However, some individuals in the industry defended Chuu, disagreeing with the company’s portrayal of her.
– In December 2022, Dispatch released a dossier containing alleged text messages between Chuu and BlockBerryCreative staff, along with the contract details, further fueling media attention and controversy surrounding her departure from the group.

LOONA Members Contract Termination Lawsuit Against BlockBerry Creative

– LOONA members filed a lawsuit with BlockBerry Creative due to trust issues with the agency.
– On January 13, the Seoul Northern District Court ruled in favor of Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry, granting them a suspension of their contracts with the agency but the case was dismissed for Haseul, Yeojin, Yves, Gowon, and Hyeju.
– Subsequently, on February 1, BlockBerry Creative sought a ban on Chuu, Heejin, Kim Lip, Jinsoul, and Choerry from the Korean entertainment industry. This move added further tension to the situation.
– Vivi and Hyunjin decided to file a lawsuit to suspend their contracts on February 3 and won the lawsuit on May 9 and left the company.
– Eventually, on June 16, the court granted an injunction in favor of the remaining five LOONA members allowing all 12 members to leave the agency.

Major Works

– Their popular songs include “Heart Attack”, “PTT (Paint The Town)”, “Butterfly” and “Why Not”.


– They have won several awards including “Focus Award (Singer)”, ”STAR NEWS Popularity Award (Girl group)”, “Next Generation Award”, “Performance Award” and “Female Idol Rising Star Award”.


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LOONA Members Profile

1. Haseul

Haseul LOONA
Stage NameHaseul (하슬)
Birth NameCho Haseul (조하슬)
PositionLeader, Vocalist, Rapper
BirthdayAugust 18, 1997
Active Years2016–present
Age26 years old (in Aug 2023)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height159 cm (5’2″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Haseul Facts:

– Chuu revealed that both Kim Lip and Haseul take charge of military discipline within LOONA.
– When she was chosen as a member of LOONA, she started crying.
– She possesses a makeup license.
– Haseul was the first to acquire a driver’s license among all LOONA members.
– During a fan meet, when asked which member she enjoys teasing the most, she mentioned Jinsoul because they are like Tom & Jerry.
– She is a fan of Taylor Swift and particularly likes her song “I knew you were trouble.”
– Her ideal type of person is someone who resembles her father.
– Among LOONA members, Haseul’s MBTI was the last one to be revealed.
– She favors winter over summer because facial swelling goes away. (Warner Music Interview)
– She doesn’t enjoy horror movies.
– When she was chosen as a member of LOONA, she couldn’t hold back her tears.
– Among LOONA members, Haseul is the fourth oldest, and in “LOONA 1/3,” she is the second oldest.
– She enjoys eating sweet potato pizza but dislikes sushi. (Vlive)
– She is obsessed with ice cream and once consumed 10 in a single day.
– A unique feature about her body is that her ears have different shapes from each other.
– Haseul hates pigeons and aegyo (acting cute).
– Her favorite colors are mustard color and burgundy color.
– She likes the movie Shrek.
– Her Subway Pick is Eggma, a selection featuring flatbread, ranch sauce, and no olives.
– She is fast talker.
– She can play the guitar and piano.
– Her charming points, according to Haseul, are her eyes and voice.
– She loves eating avocados.
– In Baskin Robbins, her favorite ice cream flavor is “Pistachio Almond.”
– Haseul has a gentle and kind nature.
– She often spills things on herself out of clumsiness.
– Haseul’s father has been a strong supporter of her dream to become a singer. (Star In eDaily Interview)
– Haseul’s representative color is green in LOONA.
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Instagram: withaseul

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2. Vivi

Stage NameVivi (비비)
Birth NameWong Kahei (黃嘉熙)
PositionVocalist, Rapper
BirthdayDecember 9, 1996
Active Years2016–present
Age27 years old (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height160 cm (5’2″)
Weight42 kg (92 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Vivi Facts:

– Vivi was born in Tuen Mun District, New Territories, Hong Kong.
– She attended Hong Kong Catholic Mingyuan Secondary School.
– She enjoys cooking a lot.
– She is open to both long and short hairstyles.
– Her training period was around one year before her debut.
– Her single album was released in April, earning her the title of the “April Girl.”
– She is the eldest in LOONA.
– Traveling is one of her favorite activities.
– Among the LOONA members, Hyunjin has described her as one of the funniest.
– Vivi is not afraid of experiencing sleep paralysis, unlike other LOONA members.
– She named her airpods “Virpod.”
– During her free time, she likes going for walks and visiting the sea.
– She recommends Tsim Sha Tsui in Hong Kong for visitors.
– Initially, her dad was against her decision to go to Korea and pursue a singing career.
– “Being happy is everything” is her motto.
– Vivi is known for frequently changing her hair color within LOONA.
– She considers sharing food as one of her charm points.
– Her representative color is pastel rose in LOONA.
– Her favorite activities are traveling, hiking, and rock climbing.
– She is a big fan of scary and horror movies.
– One Piece is her beloved anime, and Nami is her favorite character from the series.
– She is a cat person.
– She loves cakes, especially chocolate cakes.
– She isn’t fond of beer, as it makes her face turn red.
– She doesn’t like mint chocolate.
– She is a fan of Korean food.
– Haseul is the member who has been most helpful in assisting her with learning Korean among all the LOONA members.
– She has a gentle and kind personality.
– Vivi is described as an introverted person who is also carefree, teasing, and sweet.
– Despite being the eldest, she holds the position of Matnae within LOONA, which means she acts like the youngest (maknae).
– She can fall asleep quickly and is considered her special talent.
– She believes that she is skilled at drawing.
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Instagram: vivikhvv

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3. Yves

Stage NameYves (이브)
Birth NameHa SooYoung (하수영)
PositionDancer, Vocalist, Rapper
BirthdayMay 24, 1997
Active Years2017–present
Age26 years old (in May 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height166 cm (5’5”)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Yves Facts:

– Korean, English, and Economics were her favorite subjects in school.
– She prefers to be called Sooyoung.
– Yves is known for her ambitious nature.
– She doesn’t like horror movies.
– She likes to wear crop tees and hip-hop-style clothes.
– She always chooses the spiciest option when ordering tteokbokki.
– After her reveal, an acquaintance mistook her fan account for an impersonation.
– She likes half-boiled eggs.
– She kept her LOONA debut a secret from acquaintances.
– Yves had the third shortest training period among all LOONA members, after Gowon and Hyeju.
– Her least favorite subjects were Earth Science, Ethics, and Ideology.
– Sunscreen, books, a pencil case, sheet music, a transit card, and contacts were the essential items she always carried in her school backpack.
– She is considered the best cook in LOONA.
– Yves has the ability to learn complex dances in just one day.
– She is good at writing.
– Playing home-shopping games during class without the teacher knowing with friends, drawing eyebrows for a friend who doesn’t have them, and a “chase of horror” against the homeroom teacher during a retreat were her most memorable school memories.
– During her school days, she often used to listen to Crush’s medley song.
– Yves considers herself ‘LOONA’s Baby Apple’ (VLIVE)
– She loves the summer season.
– Her favorite flower is the lotus.
– She hates cold weather.
– On the punch machine, she scored 765 points.
– Her MBTI is INFJ.
– According to Yeojin, Yves’ personality is warmhearted, kind, very delicate, and innocent.
– She considers herself the funniest member of LOONA.
– She hates cold hair, fallen hair, and knocking in the morning.
– She was roommates with Hyeju, Gowon, and Chuu.
– In LOONA, her representative animal is Swan.
– She has a weak stomach.
– She often winks out of habit now and she first started winking to look pretty.
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Instagram: yvesntual

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4. Jinsoul

Jinsoul LOONA
Stage NameJinsoul (진솔)
Birth NameJeong Jinsol (정진솔)
PositionRapper, Vocalist, Visual
BirthdayJune 13, 1997
Active Years2017–present
Age26 years old (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height165 cm (5’4″)
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Jinsoul Facts:

– Jinsoul graduated from the International University of the Arts, specializing in Practical Music.
– Yubin & Nakyoung are her favorite tripleS members.
– She enjoys teasing Haseul because they’re like Tom & Jerry.
– She has a slight allergy to grass (Vlive).
– Among all LOONA members, Jinsoul is the only member to have graduated from university.
– Jinsoul likes quiet things.
– Her MBTI type is INFP.
– She ranked herself No.1 in coolness among all the LOONA members.
– She is a fan of Moonbyul (Mamamoo).
– “You did well” is the phrase she wants to hear the most from Orbits.
– She admires Kim Lip’s ability in growth and her hair.
– She loves action figures, dolls, bears, Legos, and Gundam.
– R&B is her preferred music genre.
– She hates gaining weight, hot weather, and causing worry to others.
– During the release of a song, Jinsoul was entrusted with the rap part, but she felt embarrassed because she majored in vocals and even cried. – However, it turned out to be a joke.
– Among all Harry Potter houses, she wants to be in Slytherin.
– She likes matcha.
– Tteokbokki is the first thing that comes to her mind when thinking for red food.
– Her favorite Gongcha menu item is the Mint Cookie Smoothie.
– She enjoys eating ramen, spicy rice cakes, and watermelon.
– Se loves carbonated drinks.
– She is called “Human Space Bar” because she pauses a lot between her words.
– Her representative animal is a blue betta fish in LOONA.
– She has an older brother named Jeong Jin-woo.
– As an older member, she likes giving pats on the heads of Kim Lip or Choerry and sending sweet loving messages through text when they are sad.
– She thinks her silliness is her charm.
– Jinsoul likes 🥴 emoji the most among all emojis.
– She considers cute boys as her ideal type.
– She would love to be in Red Velvet if given the choice.
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Instagram: zindoriyam

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5. Kim Lip

Kim Lip 
Stage NameKim Lip (김립)
Birth NameKim Jungeun (김정은)
PositionVocalist, Dancer
BirthdayFebruary 10, 1999
Active Years2017–present
Age24 years old (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height163 cm (5’3″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Kim Lip Facts:

– Kim Lip attended Sanseong Elementary School and Yongseong Middle School.
– She went to Hanlim Multi Art School.
– She admires BoA, Park Hyo-shin, and Tori Kelly.
– Kim Lip has a liking for boomerangs.
– During her school days, her most listened-to song was “Never Gonna Let You Go” by Faith Evans.
– Her religion is Paganism.
– She has an older sister named Kim Jung-yoon.
– She successfully managed to lose 10kg (22 lbs) after becoming a trainee.
– Chuu mentioned that she and Haseul take on the responsibility of military discipline within LOONA.
– One of her most memorable memories from her school days was when she was a trainee and went shopping at Lotte Tower, pretending that school was not off yet, to avoid going to the practice room early.
– She was shy in her younger years.
– She and Chuu are close friends, having graduated from high school together and moved from their hometown to Seoul to start high school.
– Kim Lip is the only member of LOONA who can play the violin.
– In 2020, she participated in the music mystery show “King of Masked Singer.”
– In 2017, she was featured on the cover of the magazine “CECI CHINA”.
– Her favorite subjects in school were maths and science.
– She likes buying lip makeup products.
– She enjoys wearing bright clothing.
– On her finger, Kim Lip has a moon tattoo, and on her arm, she has a butterfly tattoo.
– Since her debut, she has been the only LOONA member who has never worn her bangs down.
– She has one of the best dance skills among LOONA members.
– When ordering from the Subway menu, Kim Lip enjoys adding an omelet to steak & cheese.
– Her favorite snacks from school days were rice cake skewers, colpop, and anchovy noodles.
– Heejin nicknamed her “Halmi” because her dressing style and sleeping patterns resemble those of a grandmother.
– She can easily split an apple with her bare hands.
– Her MBTI type is ISTJ.
– Kim Lip has the earliest bedtime of 10:00 pm among all LOONA members.
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Instagram: kimxxlip

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6. Heejin

Heejin LOONA
Stage NameHeejin (희진)
Birth NameJeon Heejin (전희진)
PositionDancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Center
BirthdayOctober 19, 2000
Active Years2017–present
Age23 years old (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height161.2 cm (5’2″)
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Heejin Facts:

– Heejin picked up the Japanese language by watching the Naruto series.
– Despite being allergic to dogs, she adores her dogs and takes allergy medication (Vlive).
– She has held up planks for up to 9 minutes and can easily hold a plank for 5 minutes.
– She feels her charismatic gaze is better than her smiling eyes. (the COLOR)
– Since her high school freshman year, she has liked Americano and has memories of going to school with Hyunjin while having it.
– She had a punch machine score of 736 points.
– Her go-to method for healing is lying on the bed and playing games with the AC on.
– She prefers making calls rather than sending texts.
– She likes eating malatang and can handle the spiciest tastes.
– She prefers soft peaches over hard ones.
– Heejin revealed that she finds people scarier than ghosts (Vlive).
– Between the two choices, rather than wearing new shoes, she’d opt to wear wet socks when it’s raining.
– During a late birthday celebration in 2021, she expressed interest in playing a villain if she were to act on V App, but fans thought that she is too cute to be intimidating.
– She shares a close friendship with Yena Choi from IZ*ONE, Jooeun from DIA, and ITZY’s Jin Ryu, all of whom were trainees at the same agency.
– If given a choice, she would prefer a lifelong summer over a lifelong winter.
– She emphasizes the importance of living authentically and avoiding negative thoughts when starting something new.
– She has an ambitious nature out of all LOONA members.
– Given the choice, she would rather be hungry all day long than feel sleepy.
– She loves Choerry and likes to tease and kiss her because she is cute.
– Heejin enjoys dancing to choreographies of boy groups.
– Her favorite season is summer.
– She loves bread and particularly enjoys eating “MANGNUT” bread.
– Among the Gong Cha menu options, her favorite is Winter Melon Milk Tea with lots of pearls added.
– She enjoys eating Greek yogurt.
– She is bad at cooking.
– She is described as serious and passionate.
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Instagram: 0ct0ber19

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7. Hyunjin

Hyunjin LOONA
Stage NameHyunjin (현진)
Birth NameKim Hyunjin (김현진)
PositionDancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual
BirthdayNovember 15, 2000
Active Years2016–present
Age23 years old (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height163 cm (5’3″)
Weight47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood TypeAB

Hyunjin Facts:

– Hyunjin enjoys solo travel and wandering without a specific destination.
– she was the one who secretly ate late-night snacks the most among the Mix Nine participants according to Yang Hyun-suk.
– Her role model is Gong Hyo-jin.
– She had a chance to appear in the South Korean drama “Seonam Girls’ High School Detectives,” but her original role was dropped, and another role was offered by the director, which her agency rejected, leading to the cancellation of her appearance.
– Hyunjin’s favorite facial feature is her lips.
– She has the ability to break an apple with her hands.
– She achieved a score of 761 points on the punch machine.
– Kim Hyun-soo, her first older brother, is a singer and composer who goes by the name BI-O-NE and was born in 1989.
– As a habit, she often covers her mouth with her hand.
– Hyunjin calls herself a “breadholic” because she loves bread.
– She follows paganism.
– ViVi mentioned that among all LOONA members, Hyunjin listens to her instructions the most.
– She likes to use perfume a lot.
– Due to her long arms, she often acts as a selfie stick when doing V LIVE broadcasts.
– She likes mobile games like PUBG, Candy Crush, and Homescapes.
– When it comes to footwear, she prefers sneakers over heels.
– She likes ballad music.
– She is capable of lifting Yeojin and carrying her like a baby.
– She can write with both hands.
– According to Heejin, she has a strong sense of duty.
– Hyunjin is part of the group LOOSSEMBLE, along with Yeojin, Vivi, Gowon, and Hyeju.
– Her second older brother, Kim Jin-soo, is aspiring to become an actor and was born in 1990.
– She turned down expensive sushi from the CEO in favor of bread.
– Hyunjin is a fan of coffee and prefers it hot over cold coffee.
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Instagram: hyunjinab

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8. Gowon

Stage NameGo Won (고원)
Birth NamePark Chaewon (박채원)
PositionRapper, Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayNovember 19, 2000
Active Years2017–present
Age23 years old (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height160 cm (5’2″)
Weight44 kg (97 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Gowon Facts:

– Gowon was born in Deokyang-gu, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– Whenever she gets in a car, she falls asleep immediately.
– Due to her slow movements, LOONA members tease that she takes 3 hours to finish a meal. (59Manual)
– Gowon is close to Hyeju and has a small circle of friends.
– She is nicknamed “Tweety” due to her resemblance to the bird.
– She has a shy and introverted personality.
– Her friends had no idea that she was aspiring to become a celebrity because she belonged to a normal aviation club.
– Like Haseul, she is a big fan of the KIA Tigers.
– She and Heejin are close because they share the same age.
– Choerry and Gowon enjoy late-night snacks together.
– She revealed during a fan meeting in 2019 that she once watched a drama for 8 hours and drank a lot of water.
– Oh My Girl is her favorite K-pop group.
– Gowon enjoys Hawaiian pizza but doesn’t actively seek it out.
– She likes MBTI and often talks about it.
– In the past, she was so shy that she couldn’t eat with her the other LOONA members.
– If given the chance to try acting, she expressed an interest in playing a villain who cannot be hated.
– Gowon likes watching a lot of TV at the dorm and likes to keep the remote.
– Before joining LOONA, she trained for one month.
– For her Subway order, she likes the Italian BMT with olives and chili onion sauce.
– She likes the movie “The Hunger Games”.
– She considers Sejeong from Gugudan as her role model.
– Her favorite colors are red, pink, and lavender.
– She is considered the godmother of X Æ A-12 according to Canadian singer Grimes.
– She tends to remain in one position while sleeping.
– She enjoys eating sun chips.
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Instagram: novvog

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9. Choerry

Choerry LOONA
Stage NameChoerry (최리)
Birth NameChoi Yerim (최예림)
PositionRapper, Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayJune 4, 2001
Active Years2017–present
Age22 years old (in June 2023)
Zodiac SignGemini
Height163 cm (5’3″)
Weight47 kg (103 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Choerry Facts:

– Choerry has been a part of the dance club since her middle school days.
– During middle school, she held the position of class president.
– She gets stress-related gastritis.
– She underwent Lasik surgery to correct her eyesight.
– She named her AirPods ‘Oribit,’ combining the words Orbit and Choerry.
– Among the all LOONA members, she is the third youngest.
– Her eyesight is excellent in sunlight.
– She follows paganism.
– She looks up to Taeyeon, Sunmi, and Yoo Jaesuk as her role models.
– Her favorite phrase is “I love you, Choi,” which fans often use to show their affection for her.
– She can also speak basic Japanese.
– Her punch machine score reached 750 points.
– According to Jinsoul, she is good at speaking honestly.
– Her MBTI type is ENFJ.
– Purple and white are her representative colors in LOONA.
– Her trainee period was 10 months.
– She prefers indie songs.
– In LOONA’s choreography, she often stands in the center.
– She likes being called Choerry.
– She is a fan of the Harry Potter series, and likes Gryffindor House.
– She loves her family, Orbits (fans), and food.
– She loves rosé pasta the most.
– “Zzon Tteok” is her favorite Baskin Robbins flavor.
– Fans call her “Hoppang” due to her round face.
– She is talented in creating choreographies.
– She enjoys playing games with Gowon and Hyeju but often ends up losing and receiving penalties.
– She prefers to address unresolved arguments immediately.
– She can be described as optimistic, straightforward, and positive. (Weekly Idol)
– She doesn’t like the taste of cherries.
– Choerry was introduced as the eighth member of LOONA.
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Instagram: cher_ryppo

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10. Hyeju

Stage NameOlivia Hye (올리비아 혜) / Hyeju (혜주)
Birth NameSon Hyeju (손혜주)
PositionRapper, Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayNovember 13, 2001
Active Years2017–present
Age22 years old (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height165 cm (5’4″)
Weight46 kg (101 lbs)
Blood TypeB

Hyeju Facts:

– After transferring from Uijeongbu Girls’ High School to Sungshin Girls’ High School, she eventually dropped out and obtained her GED.
– During her school days, she frequently listened to Loco and Yuju’s “Spring is Gone By Chance.”
– She expressed a desire to trade songs with Jinsoul’s “Singing in the Rain.”
– Within LOONA, she holds the position of the second youngest member and is the maknae of yyxy.
– On the day of the first snow, she makes a wish for wealth and prosperity.
– Hyeju loves watching Netflix.
– In her school backpack, she always carried snacks and crumpled take-home reports.
– During her school days, she was very introverted and shy.
– If she were to be a season, she would choose summer.
– She has an older sister named Son Min-joo (born in 1997).
– Hyeju’s representative color is silver, and her representative animal is a wolf in LOONA.
– One of her most memorable school day experiences was walking home and getting drenched on a rainy day after school. (Q&A)
– She favors summer over winter.
– She doesn’t enjoy exercising.
– Hyeju finds delight in watching horror and thriller movies.
– She loves kimchi and meringue cookies.
– Her favorite snacks during school days were Mastar and rice cake skewers.
– She is flexible and is also not scared of heights.
– According to her, she is the best among LOONA members at dealing with bugs. (MBC Radio)
– Despite being introverted and shy, she becomes very friendly once she gets to know someone.
– Hyeju describes herself as somewhat blunt and chic and finds it hard to show aegyo.
– She has low stamina.
– Her MBTI type is ISTP.
– Her weakness is getting easily annoyed and being sensitive.
– Although she enjoys hugging other LOONA members, she dislikes receiving hugs and kisses.
– Hyeju identifies as an atheist.
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Instagram: lnxexu

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11. Yeojin

Yeojin LOONA
Stage NameYeojin (여진)
Birth NameIm Yeojin (임여진)
PositionVocalist, Rapper, Maknae
BirthdayNovember 11, 2002
Active Years2017–present
Age21 years old (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height149 cm (4’9”)
Weight40 kg (88 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Yeojin Facts:

– Yeojin was Protestant in the past but is now Pagan.
– Her role models include her parents and the K-pop group Shinhwa.
– She likes Gowon and described her as someone she cannot live without.
– She enjoys hugging Haseul because of her pleasant scent.
– She loves clovers.
– Her favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate.
– During her school days, her most listened-to songs were “Goodbye” by f(x) and D.O (EXO) and “Mansae” by Seventeen.
– One of her most memorable school day experiences was falling into the school pool during winter.
– The members call her Bean.
– She is skilled at cooking.
– On the punch machine, she scored 676 points.
– Yeojin finds enjoyment in playing pranks on Choerry.
– She habitually write her diary at dawn.
– Within LOONA, she gets along best with Haseul.
– She said that an essential item that was always in her school backpack was a pencil box.
– Her favorite snacks during school days were chicken and dumplings.
– On the first day of snow, she wishes for happiness and laughter.
– She has a tendency to lose things, and at one point, she lost her transportation card twice in a day.
– Yeojin likes soybean paste stew.
– She has a quick learning ability for dance and can remember movements once she learns them.
– Yeojin enjoys doing nail art for herself and the other LOONA members.
– Her training period lasted approximately 4 months.
– Gowon relies on Yeojin as her personal photographer.
– She is not a fan of cheese due to the smell and avoids greasy food.
– Her preferred menu item at Gong Cha is Milk Cocoa’s Smoothie with added pearls.
– During her time at Seoul Performing Arts High School, she was in the same class as Weki Meki’s Lucy.
– She loves fantasy and sci-fi movies.
– Other LOONA members consider her the vitamin of the group.
– Her MBTI type is ESTP.
– She playfully considers herself the group’s troublemaker.
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Instagram: yeojin._.o_x

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Former Members

12. Chuu

Stage NameChuu (츄)
Birth NameKim Jiwoo (김지우)
PositionVocalist, Rapper, Face Of The Group
BirthdayOctober 20, 1999
Active Years2017–present
Age24 years old (in Oct 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height161.4 cm (5’3″)
Weight43.8 kg (96 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Chuu Facts:

– Chuu completed her education at Hanlim Multi Arts High School.
– She has acrophobia and is also scared of ghosts.
– She auditioned for BlockBerry Creative and was accepted on the same day. Her training period lasted for 1 year and 2 months.
– During a fan meeting in Budapest, a funny incident occurred where the other members left Chuu in the toilet, and she chased after them while they were in their van.
– She knows how to play the piano and guitar.
– She is a 3rd-degree black belt holder in Taekwondo, which she practiced for 7-8 years.
– Chuu looks up to Yves as her idol.
– When speaking, she often uses third-person expressions.
– She is said to bear a resemblance to her mother.
– She revealed that “fraud” is something that makes her angry. (HeyNews)
– In her third year of middle school, Chuu performed Beyoncé’s “Halo” at a school festival.
– Among the LOONA members, she is known for her loving nature, receptiveness to affection, and occasional jealousy.
– She hates summer and rainy weather.
– Chuu enjoys engaging in sports such as dodgeball, volleyball, badminton, and track and field.
– She made a cameo appearance as an extra in the Netflix original drama “Temporary Idol.”
– She has been featured in magazines like “Marie Claire,” “MAPS,” and “COSMOPOLITAN”.
– She likes rose perfumes.
– Like Heejin and Hyunjin, Chuu loves eating bread.
– Foods with a soft texture, such as seafood, eggplant, and mushrooms, are not to her liking.
– Chuu is recognized for her aegyo (cute behavior) among the LOONA members.
– Macaroons and mint chocolate are her favorite treats.
– Fans call her “Human Emoticon” due to her skill at making facial expressions.
– She achieved a score of 751 points on a punch machine.
– Her tendency to be a bit clumsy often leads to her losing or dropping things easily.
Read more facts about Chuu

Instagram: chuu_atrp | chuuo3o | chuucandoit
Youtube: ChuuCanDoIt | CHUUOfficial
Twitter: chuu_atrp

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1. How old are the LOONA members? (oldest to youngest)

LOONA members’ ages and birthdays are as follows:

– Vivi was born on December 9, 1996, and is 27 years old.
– Yves was born on May 24, 1997, and is 27 years old.
– Jinsoul was born on June 13, 1997, and is 27 years old.
– Haseul was born on August 18, 1997, and is 26 years old.
– Kim Lip was born on February 10, 1999, and is 25 years old.
– Heejin was born on October 19, 2000, and is 23 years old.
– Hyunjin was born on November 15, 2000, and is 23 years old.
– Gowon was born on November 19, 2000, and is 23 years old.
– Choerry was born on June 4, 2001, and is 23 years old.
– Hyeju was born on November 13, 2001, and is 22 years old.
– Yeojin was born on November 11, 2002, and is 21 years old.

Former LOONA member, Chuu was born on October 20, 1999, and is 23 years old.

LOONA members were of the following ages when they officially debuted as a group in 2018: Vivi was 21, Yves was 21, Jinsoul was 21, Haseul was newly 21, Chuu was 18, Kim Lip was 19, Heejin was 17, Hyunjin was 17, Gowon was 17, Choerry was 17, Hyeju was 16, and Yeojin was 15 years old.

2. How tall are the LOONA members? (tallest to shortest)

LOONA members heights are the following from tallest to shortest:

– Yves’s height is 166 cm (5’5”).
– Jinsoul’s height is 165 cm (5’4″).
– Hyeju’s height is 165 cm (5’4″).
– Choerry’s height is 163 cm (5’3″).
– Kim Lip’s height is 163 cm (5’3″).
– Hyunjin’s height is 163 cm (5’3″).
– Heejin’s height is 161.2 cm (5’2″).
– Vivi’s height is 160 cm (5’2″).
– Gowon’s height is 160 cm (5’2″).
– Haseul’s height is 159 cm (5’2″).
– Yeojin’s height is 149 cm (4’9”).

Yves is the tallest member in LOONA and Yeojin is the shortest in height.

3. Where are the LOONA members from? (ethnicity & nationality)

LOONA members’ nationality & ethnicity are as follows:

– Vivi is Chinese by ethnicity and nationality.
– Yves is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Hyeju is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Jinsoul is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Hyunjin is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Kim Lip is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Choerry is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Heejin is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Haseul is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Gowon is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Yeojin is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.

All LOONA members are from South Korea except for Vivi.

14. What are the official positions of LOONA members?

LOONA has no official positions for any members.

But based on their performances and roles within the group, here are the unofficial LOONA members’ positions:

– Haseul is the leader, rapper, and vocalist.
– Vivi is the vocalist and rapper.
– Yves is the dancer, vocalist, and rapper.
– Jinsoul is the rapper, vocalist, and visual.
– Kim Lip is the vocalist and dancer.
– Heejin is the dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual, and center.
– Hyunjin is the dancer, vocalist, rapper, and visual.
– Gowon is the rapper, dancer, and vocalist.
– Choerry is the rapper, dancer, and vocalist.
– Hyeju is the rapper, dancer, and vocalist.
– Yeojin is the vocalist, rapper, and maknae.

NOTE: If you know more facts about LOONA members, feel free to submit them in the comments section! All submissions will be greatly appreciated!

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