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DeVita (드비타), previously known as Chloe DeVita (클로이 드비타) is a Hip-Hop Kpop soloist from South Korea under the label AOMG. DeVita made her debut on 9th of April in the year 2020 with the single album CRÈME.

DeVita Profile

Stage Name: DeVita (드비타)
Birth Name: Cho Yoon Kyoung (조윤경)
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Birthday: April 20th, 1998
Active Years: 2012–present
Age 25 (in Apr 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Height: 165 cm (5.5’’)
Weight: 46 Kg (101.4 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: na

DeVita Facts:

– DeVita was born and raised in South Korea until the age of eleven.
– She moved to Chicago, USA in 2009.
– She thinks of herself as unique considering her Korean and American sides.
– She has an older brother and a younger brother.
– She is afraid of the dark and is unable to sleep in the nightlight.
– She first appeared in 2012 in the reality show named K-POP STAR, at the age of 16.
– She was also a runner-up in the show Kollaboration Chicago in 2014.
– She was previously associated with 8BallTown.
– Her favorite genres to listen to is R&B and Hip Hop.
– She tends to mix several genres of music including R&B, hip-hop, Jazz, and Synth-pop (W Korea)
– She is supportive of LGBTQ+.
– She hates cultural appropriation, racism, homophobes, and transphobes.
– DeVita has a pet French bulldog named Coco.
– She really likes Harry Potter.
– Her net worth is calculated to be approximately 2 million dollars.
– Her favorite kpop group is BlackPink.
– She recommends the book ‘No Death, No Fear’ to get motivation.
– She loves to watch Anime.
– She loves to dress up and cosplay as anime characters.
– Her dream collaborators include Jan Švankmajer and Cirque du Soleil.
– DeVita considers Lady Gaga as her fashion icon.
– She collaborated with Ugly Duck in 2018.
– She has collaborated with other kpop artists including Yugyeom, DAWN, and B.I
– Her most popular song is Ride For Me (feat DAWN), according to Spotify.
– She worked at a restaurant before joining AOMG.
– Her role model is Jay Park.
– She was engaged to her boyfriend till 2022, which later broke off.
– She is rumored to be in a relationship with model Han Hyun Min.
– She loves to receive poems and songs as gifts.
– DeVita’s favorite place for vacation is Chicago.
– She loves Fruity Pebbles cereals because it reminds her of confetti.
– DeVita loved Baskin Robbins BTS ice cream.
– Her favorite food is pasta and fried rice made by her brother.
– She also loves to eat Korean soy sauce marinated crabs.
– She had been homeless before Jay Park gave her a place to stay.
– She loves to get recognized on the streets.
– She has mentioned Kanye West, Damon Albarn, and Frank Ocean as her influencers (W Korea).

Social Media Handles

Instagram: lilchoster
TikTok: lilchoster

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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