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Gong Yoo Profile, Bio, & Facts

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Gong Yoo (공유) is a South Korean actor under SOOP Entertainment. He made his debut starring in the KBS drama “School 4” in 2001.

Gong Yoo Profile

Stage NameGong Yoo (공유)
Birth NameGong Ji Chul (공지철)
BirthdayJuly 10, 1979
Active Years2001–present
Age44 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height185 cm (6’0″)
Weight74 kg (163 lbs)
NationalitySouth Korean
Blood TypeA

Gong Yoo Facts:

Early Life

– Gong Yoo was born in Busan, South Korea.
– He went to Nakmin Elementary School.
– He was in Busan Naeseong Middle School.
– His high school was Dongin High School.
– He attended Kyung Hee University College of Art and Design in Theatrical and Film Studies.
– He studied at Kyung Hee University Graduate School of Art Fusion Design in Performing Art.

Personal Life

– Gong Yoo’s Chinese zodiac sign alternates between Sheep and Goat.
– Some of his nicknames are Angler, Goblin, and Descendants of Confucius.
– His hobby is fishing.
– He has the ability to sing.
– He has a lot of fishing types of equipment.
– He won’t disclose his MBTI ever.
– He enlisted in the military on January 14, 2008, and was discharged on December 8, 2009.
– He has an older sibling born in 1976.
– He wants his admirers to avoid buying him expensive birthday presents.
– He has the skill to hold his breath for a minute.
– Because of his strong barriers, he is afraid of being hurt when dating.
– His stage name is made up of his father’s family name “Gong” and his mother’s family name “Yoo”.
– His ideal type is “I like people whose personalities don’t match their appearances.”
– He tells people that his MBTI is FISH whenever they ask him about it.
– He is an introvert according to his close friends.
– He chose Black as his color because it gives out sophisticated and mysterious vibes.
– He has two pet cats named Kongkong and Mawoo.
– He doesn’t mind dating quiet people as long as they aren’t overly reserved.
– He gained humility and learned never to be conceited through fishing.
– A 75 cm-long red snapper is his biggest catch.
– When he’s fishing in the open ocean, he occasionally thinks back on the past.
– He fishes with Lee Dongwook sometimes.
– He prefers someone who leans more toward independence.
– He shared a stylist, with Sonny (Son Heungmin).
– He chose to model himself on his fictional character, Choi Han Kyul, often known as the “Coffee Prince,” in terms of finding true love.
– He can speak basic English and takes lessons whenever he can.
– His staff colleagues say that he has excellent hearing.
Lee Dongwook calls him Goblin and barely calls him by his real name.
– He owns the Kia K7 Hybrid model.
– He seems to really dislike invasion of privacy.
– He resembles classic American actor Clark Gable.
– He has sent a text to his ex in the middle of the night before. (KOCOWA TV)


– Gong Yoo has modeled for Andre Kim’s Fashion Show Fantasia.
– He sang Finding Mr. Destiny’s theme song “Second First Love”.
– As of 2023, he has modeled for the coffee company KANU for 13 years.
– He modeled for LA MER in 2021.
– In 2020, he was announced as one of the MCs of Produce 5201314.

Appearances & Participations

– Gong Yoo appeared in radio shows like Kangin, Jo Jung-rin’s Best Friend, Kim Taehyung’s Story about our Unit, Yuri’s Happy Hour, Tony Ahn’s Desire to Give, talk to Hear, 20 O’clock Waiting for Sharing, Blue Night, Lee Joo-Yeon’s film music, and I’m Jeongyeop.
– He appeared on TV Shows like Good Friends, Choi Sujong Show, Ambitious Season 1, Happy Together, Sangsang Plus, Happy Sunday – Heroine Five, Hallyu, Romantic Festival, Yoo Heeyeol’s Sketchbook, Running Man, You Quiz on the Block, etc.

Magazines & Ambassador

– Gong Yoo has been an ambassador for Public Relations Ambassador for the National Tax Service.
– He is also an ambassador for the UNICEF Korean Committee Special Representative.
– In 2021, he was an ambassador for Chanel J12 watches.


– Gong Yoo has advertised for Storm, Daehyeon Apparel, ONG, 700-5425, Lamy ZIO, Saemaul Geumgo, Cass, SK Telecom, Jolly Pong, and Tipicosi from 1999 to 2002.
– From 2003 to 2006, he advertised for Shin Ramyun Big Bowl, Rogadis, Koolhaas, Hanaforce, Demisoda, and Vidal Sassoon.
– The rest of the advertisements include Hangten, IBK Alpha Card, Optimus Q & Z, Mango Six, OB Golden Lager, SM3, Domino’s Pizza, Maxim: Travel with Maxim, ZenFone 4 & 5, and many more.


– Gong Yoo donated 100 million won in relation to COVID-19 in early 2020.
– He also donated 100 million won under his real name to help flood victims affected by torrential rain.


– Gong Yoo starred in dramas like Goblin, The Silent Sea, Squid Game 1 & 2, Dating Agency: Cyrano, Coffee Prince, One Fine Day, Screen, Biscuit Teacher and Star Candy, Hard Love, and many more.


– Gong Yoo has acted in famous movies like Wonderland, Seo Bok, The Age of Shadows, Train To Busan, A Man, and a Woman, The Suspect, Silenced, Finding Mr. Destiny, Spy Girl, My Tutor Friend, etc.

Likes & Dislikes

– Black is his preferred color.
– He enjoys playing basketball.
– He loves cooking for his friends and staff.
– Cats are his all-time favorite animal.
– He likes playing table tennis.
– He loves playing video games with his friends and staff members.
– He loves exercising.
– He likes baseball.
– He is a big fan of the Lotte Giants.
– He is a fan of Stephen Curry.

Celebrity Friends

– Gong Yoo is close friends with Lee Dongwook.
– He is also close with Sonny.


– Gong Yoo has won many awards including Best TV Actor, Popular Star Award, Excellence Award, Actor, Special Award, Actor in a Miniseries, New Star Award, Best Style Award, Male Excellence Award, Best Male Actor in a Motion Picture, model of the year, Best Couple Award with Kim Go Eun, and advertising model men.

GongYoo (Kr) | gong-yoo  (Jp) 

Instagram: gongyoo_official
Cafe Daum: cafe.daum.net/gongyoo
Twitter: twitter.com/Gong_Yoo_JP 

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