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Hangzoo (Rhythm Power) Profile and Facts


Hangzoo (행주) is a rapper and a member of the hip-hop group “Rhythm Power” from South Korea under TEAMPLAY MUSIC. He made his official debut with the group on August 26, 2010, with the album “Rhythm Power” under Amoeba Culture. He made his solo debut on August 25, 2015 with the album “Best Driver”.

Hangzoo (Rhythm Power) Profile

Stage Name: Hangzoo (행주)
Birth Name: Yoon Hyung Joon (윤형준)
Occupation: Rapper
Birthday: December 10, 1986
Age 37 (in May 2024)
Active Years: 14
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 171 cm (5’6”)
Weight: 70kg (156 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

Hangzoo (Rhythm Power) Facts:

Early Life

– Hangzoo was born and raised Nam-gu, Incheon, South Korea.
– He studied at Incheon Jooannam Elementary School.
– Hangzoo attended Dongincheon Middle School and High School, affiliated with the Educational College of Inha University.
– He graduated from Yong In University (Judo Program).
– He was classmates with Boi B in high school.
Geegooin and Hangzoo went to the same middle school.
– He and the other Rhythm power members, along with C Jamm and BewhY, graduated from the same high school.
– Since middle school, Hangzoo aspired to become a bodyguard, and his friends thought he would pursue a career in sports.
– He was popular as a skilled fighter in his neighborhood.

Personal Life

– Hangzoo has several nicknames, including Red Sun, Hangjun, Yunyeongjun, Hangju, Pippen hyung, and Kundipanda hyung.
– His chinese name is Yin Heng Zhun (尹亨準).
– His stage name, Hangzoo, translates to “Dishcloth.”
– When he was young, his cousin sang “Haengju ya” to him, and he naturally adopted it as his stage name.
– In an article, his name was mistakenly written as “Kitchen”, and he made an Instagram post saying that he felt good because he got promoted from “dishcloth” to “kitchen”.
– He has a pet dog named Pippen.
– He made an Instagram account for his dog “@yoonpippen”.
– He has a tattoo of his pet dog Pippen on his arm.
– He doesn’t drink alcohol or smoke.
– He likes to drink coffee.
– He likes rappers who groove slowly, which he thinks is rare.
– He likes to doodle and write his lyrics in the same sketchbook.
– He is close friends with GRAY and Dean and refers to them by their names.
– He is good at playing the piano.
– He enjoys watching soccer games and is a fan of Manchester United FC.
– His favorite food is Tteokbokki, a spicy Korean rice cake dish.
– His phone wallpaper is of Tteokbokki, and he often uploads photos of the food on his Instagram.
– GRAY has saved him in his contacts as “Dsun,” referring to “Red Sun” (드썬이형).
– Before going on stage, Hangzoo tells himself that he is the coolest, the best rapper, the sexiest person, and the most handsome.
– Hangzoo is known to go to the salon to get his hair and makeup done when he feels his popularity is declining.
– He said that all his resentment disappeared after falling in love with animals.
– Hangzoo and Kang Daniel have an age difference of 10 years and have the same birthdays.
– Hangzoo said his saddest moment was when he was on Rhythm Power‘s debut date on “Show Champion”, and his girlfriend of 8 years broke up with him without any explanation.
– Due to his busy schedule, he moved to Seoul after Boi B and Geegooin.
– Hangzoo is not easily nervous.
– He wrote “I love you and I respect you” on a sesame oil set he gifted to GRAY.
– There were rumors in June 2018 that Hangzoo was dating a flight attendant, but his agency did not comment on his personal life.
– He said his throat is deteriorating, so he has trouble pronouncing the letter R.
– In the old days, he used the wrestling technique “spinning heel kick” when fighting.
–  His band members think that he is the most popular member.
– His group member Geegooin said that he takes a long time to get ready.
– He loves to drive while listening to music as a hobby and gets inspiration for his songs.
– He enlisted in the military around the same time as Geegooin.
– He and his mother share similar features, especially while laughing.
– He likes to wear leopard-patterned clothes.
– He is also known as 윤형준 (Yoon Hyeong Jun), Yun Hyeong Jun, and Haeng Ju.
– He practices boxing daily as a hobby.
– Hangzoo had an illness that caused him to be blind in his left eye.
– Hangzoo is popular among rappers as the scary older brother that is good at fighting.
– He never committed any school violence despite being popular for his strength.
– After appearing on the survival show, he lost 8 kg of weight.
– Hangzoo revealed that his ideal type is a sexy woman.
– Among his work, he likes his song “Bestdriver”.
– He is also a fan of the Incheon Sports team.
– He often visits Samsan to watch Incheon E-Land ‘s matches.
– He has a lot of female fans.
– He revealed that he got depressed after he gained 14 kgs in a week after receiving Steroid treatments in the hospital.
– Hangzoo’s appearance is similar to South Korean Pitcher Jeong Chan-heon.
– He got involved in a controversy when he along with Zico, Young B, and Dean reacted with a laugh in a group chat over a screenshot shared by Olltii that suggested Nicki Minaj had butt implants.


– On July 14, 2022, he released his latest single, “ZZANG.”
– Hangzoo participated in Show Me The Money 4 in 2015 as a contestant but was eliminated.
– In episode 4 of Show Me The Money Season 8, he appeared as a special judge.
– His dog Pippen was featured on the “Drive Thru” album cover.
– In 2019, he was featured in a YouTube video titled “제 점수는요..! 아이들 앞에서 랩 평가받는 행주” where he was evaluated by children while rapping.
– He and his band Rhythm Power appeared on Video Star on February 28, 2017.
– Hangzoo won first place after appearing in the first episode of Kill Bill.
– He has also appeared on Unexpected Q, Hello and Radio Star.
– He won the championship at “Show Me The Money 6” and received a cash prize of about 20 to 30 million won.
– Hangzoo’s first album, “Best Driver”, was released on August 25, 2015.
– He and Boi B were mentors in School Rapper 3.
– He and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon collaborated and released a single called “Cart.”
– Hangzoo became the first hip-hop artist to make it into the third round as a contestant on the show King of Mask Singer.
– He is skilled in using extreme beats and has a unique rapping style.
– In Show Me The Money 4, he was criticized for having no personality and gave up in the first round. Two years later, he won the championship on the show.
– He was under so much stress while competing in the survival rap show “Show Me The Money” that his left eye was on the verge of blindness.
– He saw his family and dog one last time before competing in the finals so that he could remember them in case he got blind.
– Hangzoo is also a lyricist.
– He stated that without the song “Red Sun,” he would have lost to his opponent Nucksal in the final round of SMTM6, as Nucksal was incredibly popular.
– Hangzoo was the third winner in the history of the survival show “Show Me The Money”.
– He is the CEO of the music label TEAMPLAY MUSIC, which he established in 2020 with Geegooin and Boi B after leaving Amoeba Culture.
– Hangzoo said he attached the meaning to his stage name as “a man who brings happiness”.
– He has collaborated with many artists, including Don Mills, Gaeko, BewhY, and Stella Jung.
– Hangzoo appeared as a still in Avatar Singer and easily advanced to the semifinals.
– He appeared in “1000 Challenges Together” along with Simon Dominic and won the championship.
– In 2020, he appeared in the Korean drama “Twenty-Twenty” as a guest in episode 8.
– Hangzoo pledged that if he won the championship at the survival rap show, he would pay for BewhY and C Jamm in Incheon and also hold a free performance.

Major Works

– His popular songs include “bestdriverZ”, “Red Sun”, “Yozm Gang”, “Cart”, and “SEARCH”.


– His nephew’s name is Kim Daon.

Social Media Handles
Instagram: hangzoo
Youtube: Hangzoo
Twitter: HANGZOO032
Agency Profile: Hangzoo

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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