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Heize Profile, Bio, and Facts


Heize (헤이즈) is a South Korean Kpop singer and rapper under P NATION. She made her debut on March 21, 2014, with the single “After I’ve Wandered A Bit”.

Heize Profile

Stage Name: Heize (헤이즈)
Birth Name: Jang Da-hye (장다혜)
Occupation: Rapper, Singer
Birthday: August 9, 1991
Active Years: 2014–present
Age 32 (in May 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Height: 166.7 cm (5’5″)
Weight: NA
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

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Heize Facts:

Early Life

– Heize was born in Daegu, South Korea.
– She grew up in Masan, South Korea.
– She went to Changwon Muhak Elementary School and Masan Jeil Girls’ Middle School.
– Heize attended Happo High School.
– She graduated from Pukyong National University.

Early Struggles After Relocating to Seoul

– In order for her father to support her singing career and relocation to Seoul, Heize had to excel academically, and she succeeded in becoming a top student.
– When she first arrived in Seoul in 2013, she and her friend had no money for food, so they survived on lemon-flavored vitamins, which eventually led to a hospitalization. As a result, she has avoided vitamins ever since.
– When her mother inquired about her well-being in Seoul, she sent her pictures of food she found online because she couldn’t afford to buy food at that time.
– Heize worked three part-time jobs to support herself and cover expenses such as rent and album production, rather than relying on her parents’ assistance.
– In Seoul, she used to work at a bakery and remains friends with the owner, whom she fondly refers to as her “Mom in Seoul.”

Personal Life

– Heize currently resides in Yeoksamdong, Seoul.
– Her religion is paganism.
– She has an older brother born in 1986.
– She likes to call her fans “rice cakes”.
– She said she writes and bases all of her songs on her own life experiences.
– Due to her love for rainy weather, She named her dog Bambee and released an album titled “/// (너 먹구름 비)” related to rain. She often finds inspiration for her music on rainy days.
– The name “Heize” was derived from the American rapper Angel Haze and she changed the English spelling to “Heize” and adopted it as her stage name.
– She considers herself more of a performer than a celebrity.
– Since childhood, she liked kissing her friends.
– Her stage name “Heize” translates to “making something hot or turning something red hot” in German.
– She had a childhood experience of being trapped in water and developed a fear of swimming without a tube.
– Her ideal type is a man with long legs.
– She tries to hold back tears while performing on stage because she is aware that some people may feel uncomfortable witnessing her cry. (Look Me Up)
– She revealed that she still does not possess a driver’s license but is determined to obtain one within the year. (Good Morning FM)
– She is a devoted fan of Taeyeon, who is also known to be a fan of Heize.
– She experienced health issues towards the end of 2021 but received treatment and as of June 2022, she admitted feeling healthier. (Look Me Up)
– She has a friend named Donutman (도넛맨).
– Previously, she dated rapper Crucial Star for a period of two years.
– Heize bears a strong resemblance to her mother, leading people to call them twins or even clones.
– In high school, she became a fan of Xia Junsu after he appeared in a dream and saved her.
– She owns a pomeranian dog named Bambee (밤비) who has an Instagram account @rainynightbambee.
– She speaks a regional dialect.
– Sometimes, she tends to get emotional and cry while recording music.
– The lyrics of her song “Jenga” are said to have been inspired by her experiences working at a board game cafe, where she witnessed Jenga towers collapsing.
– When traveling abroad, she purchases souvenirs that are related to the country she visits.
– She has been contemplating getting LASEK Laser Eye Surgery due to her deteriorating eyesight.
– Heize has the ability to imitate rapper Simon Dominic due to their similar speaking styles.


– Heize participated in the rap survival show “Unpretty Rapstar” in 2015 but was eliminated in the semifinals.
– On September 16, 2020, she signed with P NATION.
– She has previously worked under many labels including FISB (2014), CJ E&M Music (2016–2018), Stone Music Entertainment (2017–2020), and Studio Blu (2018–2020).
– She has released several South Korean drama OSTs including Goblin, Jealousy Incarnate, and Prison Playbook, among others.
– She is one of the producers for Wanna One GO: X-CON, where she collaborates with Ong Seongwoo and Lee Daehwi.
– She has collaborated with many notable artists Jay Park, EXO’s Chen and Dean.
– Although she received offers to appear on Show Me The Money, she declined as she believes she is not qualified to judge others and their music since she creates her own. (Look Me Up)
– Her album “HEIZE” was inspired by Drake’s song “Shot For Me.” (Look Me Up)
– In 2016, she made a guest appearance on the TV series “I Live Alone” in episode 170, where a segment was dedicated to her.
– Among her albums, “Wish & Wind” has been highly regarded as a masterpiece on Melon music.
– She has appeared in many advertisements including Samsung, Nike, Mac, and Ragnarok.

Likes & Dislikes

– When she discovers a drama that piques her interest, she prefers to wait before binge-watching the entire series.
– Her favorite dramas are “When the Camellia Blooms” (2019) and “Itaewon Class” (2020).
– She enjoys spending time at home.
– She loves her album “And July.”
– Her favorite animated character is Olaf, from Frozen, and collects merchandise related to him, including a plush toy.
– She used to like soft hip-hop music. (Look Me Up)
– Instead of purchasing conventional bags, Heize carries shopping bags, as she has never been inclined to buy them.

Food Preferences

– Heize doesn’t like to snack often.
– She enjoys eating spicy food.
– She likes donuts as a dessert. She enjoys sticky rice doughnuts and combining them with tteokbokki.
– Her favorite types of donuts include Krispy Donuts, glazed donuts, and caramel donuts.
– She loves to eat fried chicken.
– She abstains from consuming alcohol.
– Her favorite foods are tteokbokki, Taiyaki, and coffee.


– During her school days, she was nicknamed “Goo Jaeyee of Daegu” and “Oven-baked Goo Jaeyee” due to her resemblance to actress Goo Jae Yee.
– Fans nicknamed her “Huge Tteok” (대왕떡) due to her immense love for tteokbokki.

Personality & Habits

– Heize requires multiple alarms to wake up in the morning.
– Upon waking up, Heize applies double eyelid tape to one eye because only one eye naturally has a double eyelid.
– She has difficulty making friends because of her shy nature.
– Before going to bed, she likes to watch mukbangs.
– During her time on Unpretty Rapstar 2, she struggled with critiquing her partner, which ultimately led to her elimination. (Look Me Up)
– She has never visited a club purely for enjoyment. (Look Me Up)
– She tends to misplace things, so she opts for wired earphones instead of wireless ones.
– She frequently visits the Han River in Seoul.
– Typically, she prefers not to wear makeup.
– Her MBTI personality type is ISFJ.


– Heize has two tattoos: one on her right-hand wrist that says “patience” and another on the left side of her hand that reads “Heize.”

Plastic Surgery Suggestions

– During her time on Unpretty Rapstar 2, she faced strong suggestions to undergo plastic surgery, with puppy-like features being particularly popular at the time. They recommended altering her slanted eyes and cheekbones. (Look Me Up)

Major Works

– Her popular songs include “We don’t talk together (Prod. by SUGA)”, “You, Clouds, Rain”, “VingleVingle (Prod. R.Tee), and “And July”.


– She has won several awards including “Female Vocalist”, “Digital Song Division Bonsang”, “K Global Bonsang” and “K Global OST Award”.

Social Media Handles

Instagram: heizeheize
Youtube: Heizeofficial
Twitter: Heize_Official
Facebook: HeizeOfficial
Fan Cafe: HEIZE

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

Heize FAQs

1. When did Heize debut?

Heize debuted on March 21, 2014, with the single “After I’ve Wandered A Bit”.

2. What is the religion of Heize?

Heize is of pagan religion.

3. Why is Heize called Heize?

Heize chose her stage name “Heize” after being inspired by the American rapper Angel Haze. She changed how it is spelled in English and decided to use it as her stage name.

4. Is Heize married?

No, Heize is not married yet.

5. How old was Heize when she debuted?

Heize debuted in 2014 when she was 22 years old.

6. How old is Heize?

Heize was born on August 9, 1991, and is currently 31 years old.

7. What is the ethnicity/nationality of Heize?

Heize is South Korean by nationality.

8. What type/genre of music does Heize make?

Heize makes music in the hip-hop, R&B, Pop, and Neo-soul genres.

9 Does Heize write her own music?

Heize is a composer and lyricist and has composed and written many of her songs.

10. How do you pronounce “Heize”?

Heize’s name is pronounced as “Haze” and not “Highs”.

11. How did Heize become famous?

Heize became famous after appearing in the second season of the survival show “Unpretty Rapstar”

12. What label is Heize under?

Heize is under P NATION.

13. How many tattoos does Heize have?

Heize has two tattoos; one on her wrist that says “patience” and another on her left hand that says “Heize”.

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