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Hyungseo (CLASS:y) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Hyungseo (Class:y)

Hyungseo (형서) is a South Korean singer, actress and a member of the girl group CLASS:y under M25. She is a former member of Busters.

Hyungseo (CLASS:y) Profile

Stage NameHyungseo (형서)
Birth NameMyung Hyung Seo (명형서)
BirthdayJune 25, 2001
Active Years2022–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height163 cm (5’4″)
Weight43 kg (95 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Hyungseo (CLASS:y) Facts:

Early Life

– She was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– She went to Jungang Christian Elementary School and Yeonmu Middle School.
– She lived in Houston, Texas, USA for 6 years.

Personal Life

– Her family consists of her parents and older sister.
– She transferred from Lee Eui High School and graduated from Hanlim Entertainment Arts High School (Department of Entertainment Arts) in February, 2020.
– She is enrolled at Dongduk Women’s University in the Department of Broadcasting Entertainment.
– She likes to eat chicken. (클리키 시선)
– Her nicknames include ‘Hyeongmyeongseo’, ‘Mom’, and ‘Tteo’.
– Hyungseo always smells like perfume, according to Boeun. (K-POP Fangirling Reporter)

– She wants to be as confident as BLACKPINK.
– Her favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla.
–  Hyeju, Chaewon and Riwon picked her as the member with the most difference in appearance and personality.
– She loves spicy food, especially Spicy-Enoki Mushroom with Baldak Sauce.
– She likes Riwon because she finds her cute.
– She wants to be a partner with Chaewon among all the members. 
– She loves to eat cheddar cheese as a dessert. (늎:New Face)
– She doesn’t like cats and neon colors.
– She is fluent in English and Korean.
– Chaewon takes care of her and is incharge of waking her up from sleep. (팬바타 FANVATAR)

– She likes to eat bulbaek and tofu stew.
– Hyeju said that Hyungseo always tries her best to make up for her lack which inspires her to work harder. (ELLEgirl)
– She has a pet dog named ‘Ribbon.’
– She likes black color.
– Her special skill is mimicking a dog’s whimper. (Weekly Idol EP562)


– She is the lead vocalist in CLASS:y.
– She used to be in Busters as the Main Vocalist. She joined on November 27, 2017, and left on March 29, 2020, to focus on studies.
– She appeared in Bai Qinggang’s solo concert ‘Great Christmas’ in December, 2018.
– She ranked 3rd in the show My Teenage Girl and was included in the final lineup of CLASS:y.
– She provided vocals for Marvel and Luna Snow, the first K-Pop idol Marvel hero.
– She sang the OST Part. 4 for the drama Love Alert (설렘주의보).
– She appeared in the dramas ‘A-TEEN’, ‘X-Garion’ and ‘Growing Season’.

Hyungseo Photos

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