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J-hope (BTS) Profile, Bio, and Facts

J-hope BTS

J-Hope(제이홉) is a South Korean singer and a member of the boy group BTS under Hybe Labels. J-Hope debuted solo with his first mixtape “Hope World”, on March 2, 2018, he then made his official solo debut with his first studio album “Jack In The Box” on July 15, 2022.

J-hope (BTS) Profile

Stage NameJ-Hope(제이홉)
Birth NameJung Ho-Seok (정호석)
OccupationRapper, dancer, singer, songwriter, producer
BirthdayFebruary 18, 1994
Active Years2013–present
Age29 years old (in 2023)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height177 cm (5’10”)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood TypeA

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J-hope (BTS) Facts:

Early Life

– J-hope was born in the South Korean city of Seosan-dong, Buk-gu, Gwangju.
– He was a tennis player in his elementary school and participated in competitions.
– He went to Gwangju Seoil Elementary School (graduated).
– He attended Ilgok Middle School (graduated).
– He graduated from International High School.
– He attended Global Cyber ​​University in the Department of Broadcasting Entertainment.
– He also went to Hanyang Cyber ​​University Graduate School but later left.

Personal Life

– J-hope’s shoe size is 265mm.
– His family includes his mother, father, and an older sister Jung Jiwoo.
– He owns a dog named Mickey.
– Military Service: First Class, Until discharge D-441.
– J Hope’s MBTI type is INFJ.
– His representative emoji is squirrel and sun.
– His introduction line is, “I’m your HOPE, You’re my HOPE I’m J-HOPE!
– He has his driving license.
– His father teaches literature in high school.
– Namjoon once said about J-hope, “I feel very comfortable when I have Hobie”.
– He selected the stage name “J-Hope” to give his fans inspiration and confidence.
– Hobbies: window shopping, listening to music, Street dancing, freestyle dancing, beatboxing, tidying up, and tennis.
– J-hope is quite tidy.
– Role models: G-dragon of BIGBANG, A$AP Rocky, J.Cole, and Beenzino
– He is particularly good at the dancing street genre.
– He has co-produced over 110 songs with BTS members.
– He occasionally visits FanCafe to see what his fans are talking about.
– He feels embarrassed when he’s praised by BTS.
– Together, J-Hope, B.A.P. and Youngjae appeared at their JYP audition.
– He believes that red hair best suits him.
– He is one of the members with double eyelids, other BTS members are Jungkook, V and Suga.
– “A girl who loves him is good at cooking and thinks a lot” is his ideal type.
– He hated aegyo before BTS debut.
– J-hope is a fan of the KIA Tigers.
– J-hope once won a dance battle underground.
– He performed an underground event as well.
– He has quite unusual sleeping habits.
– He’s not very good at drawing along with Suga.
– His motto is “If you don’t work hard, there won’t be good results”.
– He puts a lot of effort into fan service aegyo on stage or in front of fans, but there is a considerable gap between him and when he works off stage.
– J-hope often shares his problems and stress with mostly Suga and Namjoon.
– He went to Seungri’s dance academy.
– The first album he bought with his own money was the god album.


– J-hope is BTS’s Main Dancer, Sub Rapper, Sub Vocalist.
– The title track “Daydream” from J-Hope’s debut mixtape “Hope World” was released on March 2 2018.
– J-hope has been selected as a global ambassador for Louis Vuitton in February 2023.
– He was a part of the street dancing team NEURON pre-debut.
– He enlisted in the military on April 18, 2023.
– He was invited to the Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Hermes fashion shows one after another and attended the official event.


– He appeared as the rapper on 2 AM’s JoKwon’s “Animal”.
– He’s also appeared in TV shows and broadcasts like 100 Choice Best Ramen, My Pet Counseling Center along with Jimin and V, Surprising Competition Star King, god’s Workplace and Baek Jong-won’s 3rd Emperor.
– He participated in an audition and took home the popularity prize from the JYP Entertainment event.
– He also appeared as SBS Inkigayo’s special MC.
– J-hope has been invited to radio shows like Park So-Hyun’s love game and On Kim Eana’s starry night.

Injury & Health:

– On March 24, 2022, he was diagnosed with COVID-19, and as of March 30, he was fully recovered and released from quarantine.

Likes And Dislikes

– 7 is his favourite number.
– The cartoonist he liked as a child is called Attamamma
– Season of spring is his favourite season.
– He enjoys listening to various genres and artists and finds inspiration in different styles of music.
– He loves the colour green because he thinks that it is the colour of hope.
– He dislikes feeling sad or seeing others in distress.
– He dislikes working out and exercising.
– He has revealed that he doesn’t particularly enjoy watching horror movies.
– He enjoys watching melodramatic movies.
– J-Hope is known to be an animal lover. He has expressed affection for dogs.
– He enjoys it when someone runs their hand through his hair.
– He has a keen interest in fashion and has been praised for his unique sense of style.

Food Preferences

– He enjoys kimchi.
– He likes the fruit melon.
– He loves Strawberries.
– His favourite bread is garlic bread.
– He can’t eat sour food.
– He doesn’t like cilantro.
– He particularly enjoys Dakgalbi.
– He loves eating the Korean dish, Sundae.
– His favourite food is meat like barbecue and grilled meat.
– He has mentioned liking sushi.


– J-hope has a ton of nicknames including, Hobie, choreography team leader, team leader Jeong, Jeung Je-hop, J Lee-hope, J-Hope above the Clouds, squirrel, deer, Hoplammjwi, Angel, Sunshine, hop film, hop overdrink, hopderella, light 2 hops, new 2 hops, Jesus (!), Hoseok Vitamin, and Captain Makra.

Personality & Habits

– J-hope has a cheerful personality.
– He is in charge of the team’s mood maker.
– He has a personality that suits his stage name, and members testify that he gets along well with people because of his good persona.
– His lips that change like a heart when he smiles with his mouth open are his charming characteristics.
– Contrary to his lively and cheerful appearance, he is soft on the inside. When he gets hurt, he tends to keep it contained.
– When it comes to dancing, singing, rapping, and whatever else J-hope does, he does it professionally, and constantly strives and practices to show a perfect appearance in his job.
– He is the BTS member who leads the atmosphere in front of the camera, but in reality, he has a quiet personality.
– He has a habit of covering his mouth with his hand when laughing.

Major Works

– His major works include, “Chicken Noodle Soup”, “MORE”, “Daydream”, “Arson” and “On the Street with J. Cole”.


– On February 15, 2023, they donated 100 million won by participating in the emergency relief for children affected by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria.


– J-hope has received many awards including, Planeta Awards 2019’s “best dance song”, Global Nubia Award’s “World’s Best Dancer Men’s ‘King of Dance’”, MAMA AWARDS “The Most Popular Male Artist” and “bibigo Culture & Style”.
– Hi song, “On The Street” received first position twice on music shows of MNET broadcaster.
– He’s had four songs of his own to be ranked on Billboard Hot 100 which are, “Chicken Noodle Soup”, “MORE”, “Arson”, and “On The Street”.
– His albums, “Hope World” and “Jack In The Box” have also ranked on Top Billboard 200 as well.
– He also won the ‘ Best Star Award ‘ at the ‘ 3rd Korea Children’s Awards’ on June 30, 2023.


Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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