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Jaemin (NCT) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Jaemin NCT

Jaemin (재민) is a South Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, actor, and a member of the boy group NCT under SM Entertainment. He is a member of the subunits, NCT DREAM and NCT U.

 Jaemin (NCT) Profile

Stage NameJaemin (재민)
Birth NameNa Jae Min (나재민)
OccupationSinger-songwriter, Rapper, Actor
BirthdayAugust 13, 2000
Active Years 2016–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height177 cm (5’10″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeAB

 Jaemin (NCT/NCT Dream) Facts:

Early Life

– He was born in Jeonju, South Korea.
– His family moved to Seoul, where he grew up.
– He went to Cheongil Elementary School.
– He dropped out of the School of Performing Arts Seoul.

Personal Life

– Jaemin said that the NCT member he meets a lot outside (of work) is Jeno and so he has the best chemistry with him out of all the members. (NCT HOME interview)
– He would like to spend time riding a Jet ski or yacht and enjoy water sports during Summer.
– He has lingual braces, which are discreetly placed at the back of the teeth.
– He is known as the “Fansign Boyfriend” due to his sweet interactions with fans during fan signs/meetings.
– His representative emoji is 🐰.
– During his school days, he and Jeno were schoolmates and used to sit together during class.
– He looks up to artists like Lee Young Dae, EXO’s Kai, and Tight Eyez.
– In elementary school, he aspired to become a doctor.
– He likes to engage in volunteer work.
– He said the artists that have influenced his sound would be his NCT group members. (Glass Magazine Interview)
– He describes the album “Glitch Mode” in 3 words: Glitch, Love, Game. (Inquirer interview)
– The song “Never Goodbye” is his favorite song in the album “Glitch Mode”. He also likes the song “Rainbow” because he participated in writing the lyrics.
– He has never celebrated special days like Christmas or New Year’s Day. (Marie Claire Korea Interview)
– He likes sports like speed skating, snowboarding, and swimming that doesn’t require a lot of group players. (Marie Claire Korea Interview)
– He is passionate about working out.
– The top two songs he could perform for the rest of his life are “Never Goodbye” and “Dear DREAM”. (INQUIRER Interview)
– He initially shared a room with Jisung, and now he shares a room with Jeno.
– He tends to plan a lot of small things and he wants to get better at snowboarding.
– He wants his fans to think of him as a person with a pretty smile and also someone who is always a positive and bright person.
– He loves to take photos and videos of members.
– He has always been interested in tech and now wants to study cameras and often asks photographers how they work. (Marie Claire Korea Interview)
– His specialties include piano and dancing.
– He doesn’t enjoy hula hooping.
– He formerly consumed about 6 cups of coffee with 4 shots of espresso per day, but now limits himself to 2 cups due to fan concerns about his health.
– The most memorable thing that has happened in his career is concerts. (The Glass Magazine Interview)
– He always wanted to do music even before he became a trainee.
– He is nicknamed “Nana.”
– He is an only child and wants to have a sister (
– Justin Bieber’s “Boyfriend” is the song that fueled his desire to become an artist.
– He said Mark taught him and impacted him most during the 2022 comeback. (INQUIRER Interview)


– Jaemin is the rapper, dancer, vocalist, and visual in NCT.
– SM Entertainment scouted him while he was actively engaged in volunteer work.
– He appeared in a webtoon drama titled “The Way I Hate You”.
– In February 2017, it was announced that Jaemin took a break from promotions due to health issues but later resumed with “Go” promotions.
– He joined the variety show “My English Puberty 100 Hours”, dedicating 7 hours a day to studying English.
– He is a part of the NCT subunits, NCT Dream and NCT U.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favored subject in school is Physical Education, and Sociology is his least favorite.
– White is his favorite color.
– 3 is his favorite number.
– He loves the autumn season.
– He likes to keep dogs as pets and his favorite dog breed is the Samoyed.
– His favorite movie genre is horror.
– He likes the sunny weather.

Food Preferences

– His go-to drink is coffee, which he likes for its bitter taste that keeps him awake (
– According to NCT Dream’s manager, Jaemin most often eats kimbap including sausage kimbap or tuna kimbap.
– He cannot consume dairy products.
– His favorite foods include ramen, potato pizza, fast food, jelly, chocolate, and peaches.

Personality & Habits

– Jaemin’s MBTI is ISFJ-T.
– He said the unexpected thing about him is that he is quite talkative and cannot keep his mouth shut if he likes something and will talk about it forever. (Arena Homme+ Interview)
– He has a gentle and considerate personality.

Instagram: na.jaemin0813

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Genie | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music

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