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KyungJun (TNX) Profile, Bio, and Facts

KyungJun TNX

KyungJun is a South Korean singer, rapper, and a member of the K-pop boy group THE NEW SIX (TNX) under PNATION.

KyungJun (TNX) Profile

Stage NameKyungJun (경준)
Birth NameWoo KyungJun (우경준)
OccupationSinger, Rapper
BirthdayAugust 30, 2002
Active Years2022–present
Age21 (in Aug 2023)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Blood TypeB


KyungJun (TNX) Facts:

Early Life

– He was born in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Brisbane Boys’ College, Cheongdam Middle School, and Apgujeong High School.
– He studied in Brisbane, Australia, for 10 years from ages 5 to 15.

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents and older brother born in 1998.
– Currently, he does not have any pets.
– He has mentioned that he reads fans’ comments posted on the internet.
– In his opinion, Koki is the most challenging member to take care of.
– For his “Charm Performance” in LOUD, he portrayed a weatherman, adopting an Australian accent and delivering the “weather of his feelings.”
– Although he aspired to become a general surgeon when he was young, after getting scouted he dreamed of becoming a K-Pop idol instead.
– KyungJun has a preference for his Korean name over his English name.
– He’s scared of the dark.
– He’s good friends with Doyoung from TREASURE; they both finished high school together.
– He was initially introduced as “Mr. Cold and Hot.”
– Other contestants in LOUD were captivated by his appearance upon their first meeting.
– He’s shy, and introverted, but curious.
– He enjoys dancing and singing.
– In his opinion, Koki is the cutest member.
– His attractive point, according to him, is his nose.
– His English name is Justin Woo.
– KyungJun does not have a specific fashion style that he prefers.
– His favorite stage on the show was the performance of “Run Devil Run.”
– KyungJun is the oldest member in THE NEW SIX (TNX).
– He was in the school dance club in middle school and was popular with girls.
– In school, he was known as a quiet and ordinary student.
– He has four piercings.
– Before performing, he spends time thinking about what he should do on stage.
– His life motto is “Live a life with no regrets.”
– He is scared of spiders.
– Before his debut, he was approached on the street about twelve times.
– KyungJun is left-handed.
– He has several nicknames including shy boy, Sweet Boy, Attanam, and Kuromi by many.
– After coming back to Korea, he’s been approached on the street 12 times.
– On tired days, he grinds his teeth slightly while sleeping.
– He has moles on his nose, left cheek, and left eyebrow.
– He thinks his left-side profile looks better.
– His eyes are uneven, with a double eyelid on the left.
– Skateboarding and playing the cello are his hobbies.


– Prior to LOUD, he trained under P Nation.
– In his Skill Performance in LOUD, he showcased his dance abilities by performing “Monster” by Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber.
– KyungJun is the visual member of THE NEW SIX (TNX).
– He used to train under Big Hit Entertainment.
– He participated in the reality show “LOUD”.
– KyungJun is the rapper in THE NEW SIX (TNX).
– He contributed to writing lyrics for the song ‘WE ON’ in the group’s debut EP ‘WAY UP’.

Likes & Dislikes

– Black and white are his favorite colors.
– He likes hip-hop music and dancing.
– He’s usually more active during the nighttime; he calls himself a night owl.
– He doesn’t like the autumn and winter seasons.
– He’s a fan of the boy group “SEVENTEEN.”
– He likes sleeping more than eating.

Food Preferences

– He dislikes vegetables.
– When it comes to cereal, he prefers to eat it without milk. (LOUD)
– Meat is his favorite food.
– KyungJun likes vanilla more than chocolate, and his preferred ice cream flavor is cotton candy.
– He likes hamburgers.
– KyungJun adds the cereal first if he is eating it with milk.


– He can’t tolerate spicy food.
– KyungJun is skilled at playing the cello and skateboarding.
– He is fluent in English.

Personality & Habits

– When he feels stressed, he usually prefers to be alone.
– His MBTI is ISFP.
– KyungJun identifies himself as an introvert and admits to lacking confidence.
– He often sleeps in the living room.
– An MBTI test showed he’s highly introverted with a score of 100%.

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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