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TaeHun (TNX) Profile, Bio, and Facts

TaeHun TNX

TaeHun is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group THE NEW SIX (TNX) under P NATION.

TaeHun (TNX) Profile

Stage Name TaeHun (태훈)
Birth Name Choi TaeHun (최태훈)
Occupation Singer, Dancer
Birthday November 19, 2002
Active Years 2022–present
Age 21 (in Nov 2023)
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Height n/a
Nationality Korean
Blood Type A

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TaeHun (TNX) Facts

Early Life

– Taehun was born in Gyesan, Gyeyang, Incheon, South Korea.
– He went to Incheon Buhyeon Elementary School and Gyesan Middle School.
– He graduated from Incheon Yale High School.

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents and a younger brother born in 2008.
– He would like to have a Shiba Inu as a pet in the future.
– He is roommates with Junhyeok.
– If he couldn’t say “I love you,” he’d express, “I’ll be with you forever, I promise you.”
– He is curious to try out blue hair and white hair.
– One word that describes him well is “all-rounder.”
– He is a fan of EXO‘s Baekhyun.
– Fans think he has a resemblance to Ateez‘s SeongHwa.
– He has never had a pet.
– Tae Hun was reportedly quite popular in middle and high school, even gaining favor from teachers due to his involvement in school activities while being a trainee.
– He is skilled in various sports such as swimming, archery, football, and shooting.
– He’s the first male idol from Gyeyang-gu.
– THE NEW SIX (TNX) member SungJun chose him as the person he’d like to introduce to his older sister.
– He says he’d prefer spending time with five Sungjuns over being with a five-year-old Sungjun.
– His cherished childhood memory is traveling with his family.
– In terms of his ideal partner, he prefers someone considerate of others.
– TaeHun thinks he dresses well but other THE NEW SIX members have a different opinion.
– Fans often refer to him as a soft peach.
– He is known for having a pretty smiling face and smiling often.
– His nicknames include Peach, Incheon’s Son, Cat, and Sunshine.
– TaeHun and Kyung Jun joined P Nation around the same time.
– Before performances, he stretches his shoulders.
– His wallet and AirPods are essential items that he always keeps in his bag.
– TaeHun chose his eyes as his attractive points.
– Fans often compare him to the Sanrio character Cinnamon Roll.
– He frequently wears a metal watch of the same model.
– He likes keeping a diary.
– He originally dreamed of becoming a soccer player but started aspiring to be an idol after an elementary school talent show.
– Whenever he goes out, he makes sure to bring his AirPods, which he named “Hunie Kongnamul” (Hunie Bean Sprouts).
– TaeHun has an open-minded approach to fashion and enjoys any kind of style.
– The moment that brought him the most happiness during LOUD was when he had the opportunity to interact with fans on Twitter for the first time.
– His hobbies include traveling, watching Netflix, and playing badminton.


– TaeHun is the leader and dancer in THE NEW SIX (TNX).
– He underwent training at The Black Label.
– He attended IB Music Academy.
– He participated in the reality show “LOUD” in 2021.
– TaeHun was recruited by PSY in the final episode of LOUD and debuted with THE NEW SIX (TNX).
– Before joining P Nation as a trainee, he attended Ivy Academy of Practical Music in Incheon.
– He passed the audition at P Nation on December 29, 2018.
– In August 2017, he passed the final round audition at The Black Label before joining P Nation.

Likes & Dislikes

– He likes watching horror movies.
– He likes fashion.
– He enjoys traveling and is very active.
– He enjoys the seasons of spring, fall, and autumn.
– TaeHun has a preference for nighttime over daytime.
– Cobalt blue is his favorite color.
– He dislikes being lied to the most.

Food Preferences

– He is a big fan of bread, especially bagels.
– TaeHun prefers chicken over tteokbokki.
– His favorite foods include mint chocolate, pizza, and chicken.
– When it comes to peaches, he prefers the softer ones over hard peaches.
– He likes Baskin Robbins flavors “Mint Chocolate” and “Cherry Jubilee.”
– According to him, he pours cereal before milk.
– His favorite animal is the Shiba dog.
– His favorite fruits include Apples and strawberries.
– On the Subway menu, he opts for steak & cheese, flatbread, toasting, and shredded cheese.
– From GongCha, his go-to drink is Strawberry Jewelry Milk Tea with White Pearls.

Personality & Habits

– TaeHun is the type to initiate conversations with new people.
– His personality is considered friendly and delicate.
– According to other THE NEW SIX (TNX) members, TaeHun tends to get sulky the most.
– When he is extremely tired, he tends to talk in his sleep.
– He’s someone who frequently keeps a journal.

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