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Rain Profile, Bio, and Facts 


Rain () is a South Korean K-pop singer under R.A.I.N Company. Rain made his debut on May 13, 2002, with the album “Bad Guy”. 

Rain Profile

Stage NameRain (비)
Birth NameJung Ji Hoon (정지훈)
OccupationSinger, Dancer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Actor
BirthdayJune 25th, 1982
Active Years1998–present
Age41 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height184 cm (6’0”)
Weight74 kg (162 lbs)
Blood TypeO

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Rain Facts:

Early Life

– Rain was born in a place called Seosan in South Korea.
– He went to Anyang Arts High School.
– He graduated with a Bachelor in Postmodern Musicology from Kyung Hee University College of Arts and Design.
– He has done his Masters in Performing Arts from Dankook University Graduate School.

Personal Life

– Rain’s fandom is called “The Cloud”.
– His fandom color is Silver.
– In December 2000, his mom passed away because she had a hard time with diabetes.
– On January 2, 2013, it became known to the public that Rain and actress Kim Tae Hee were in a relationship.
– He used to be a wrestler in his younger years, all the way until middle school. As a wrestler, he was considered very talented and didn’t have any competitors, even though he had a slim physique.
– Her and Kim Tae Hee got married in January 2017.
– His first daughter was born on October 24, 2017, and his second daughter was born on September 19, 2019.
– During the mid-to-late 2000s, Megan Fox, a famous Hollywood actress known for her beauty, mentioned him.
– In 2014, he officially became a Catholic through a ceremony called baptism.
– He served in the military as required by the government from October 2011 to July 2013.
– Rain’s perfect type of woman is someone with long hair, who looks beautiful even without makeup, and is really good at cooking.
– His mobile phone model is the Galaxy Note20 Ultra Mystic White.
– During his appearance on Netflix’s original show “The Hungry and Hairy,” Rain revealed that he had been turned down by his now-wife, Kim Tae-hee, five times before they eventually started dating. (


– In the year 2000, he joined JYP as a trainee after many other companies turned him down because they didn’t think he looked right.
– At the age of 16, Rain started his career as a member of a boy band called Fanclub. Even though the group released two albums, they didn’t achieve much commercial success.
– On May 13, 2002, He made his debut as a solo singer with his first solo album titled “Bad Guy,” and he was introduced to the media under the name Rain.
– After the success of his debut, he released his second album, “How to Avoid the Sun,” on October 16, 2003, featuring the hit single “Ways to Avoid the Sun,” which was also commercially successful.
– After Rain left JYP Entertainment in 2007, Rain worked with J.Tune Entertainment from 2007 to 2011 and then with Cube Entertainment from 2013 to 2015.
– From the time he started his music career, he has released seven albums (six in Korean and one in Japanese) and 28 singles.
– Rain was the first person from Korea to win an MTV award because of his acting in the movie Ninja Assassin in 2009.
– In 2007, He was considered the most influential person in the world according to Time Magazine, and this made Stephen Colbert challenge Rain to a dance competition.
– He was the host and teacher on KBS’s show “THE UNIT (Idol Rebooting Project).”
– He was a teacher on a TV show called I-LAND, which was a collaboration between BigHit Entertainment and CJ E&M Entertainment.
– He is part of a group called SSAK3.

Appearances & Participations

– He started his career in Hollywood by acting in the movie Speed Racer in 2008.
– In 2020, he was a guest on the show “Walkman” where he talked about getting ready to launch a new YouTube channel.
– He also acted in a Chinese romantic movie called “For Love or Money” with Liu Yifei.


– Over time, Rain supported and promoted various brands like Hyundai, Lotte, KB Card, Pizza Hut, Dutch Mill (a dairy company from Thailand), Fu Mu Cakes (Chinese pastry), Pantech, LG Electronics, SK Telecom, and Pepsi.
– Because he became extremely popular worldwide, he was called a “cultural ambassador” because he represented South Korea in music events in Asia and even appeared in a Thai textbook.


– He performed in many Korean TV shows like “Sangdoo, Let’s Go to School!” in 2003, “Full House” in 2004, “A Love to Kill” in 2005, “The Fugitive: Plan B” in 2010, “My Lovely Girl” in 2014, and “Come Back Mister” in 2016.

Likes & Dislikes

– He likes to listen to music, watch movies, and collect clothes and shoes as things he enjoys doing.
– He likes the colors black and white the most.
– He seems to have a preference for a military-style appearance and is often seen wearing things like a bulletproof vest, military-style pants, and military boots when he makes public appearances.
– He really likes artists such as Michael Jackson, Usher, and Janet Jackson.
– He likes to do exercise.

Personality & Habits

– He frequently displays his distinctive lip-biting and smiling eyes as part of his signature expressions.
– It’s said that he has a significant interest in eating because he had a tough childhood where he often couldn’t eat properly.

Legal Disputes

– In 2009, he rented a building in Cheongdam-dong that he owned, and he took legal action against the tenant for not paying rent on time. However, the tenant also filed a counterclaim, stating that they had suffered damages because of water leaks in the building. During this time, there were signs posted in front of the rental building and the prosecutor’s office that spread false information about Rain. He faced ongoing harassment, including a lawsuit accusing him of fraud. Eventually, the tenant who spread false facts was fined twice for defamation, and in 2017, they were sentenced to prison for making false accusations.
– In April 2010, Rain and some other shareholders of J. Tune Creative were accused of taking money from the company without permission by a fabric manufacturing company. This company said they lost money because of it. However, he and the other shareholders were found not guilty of these charges in December of the same year. Then, in September 2011, there was another investigation because some differences were found, but he was once again cleared of these accusations in June 2013.


– On May 5, 2022, he gave a donation of 100 million won to the G-Foundation Foundation, which is part of the International Organization for Development (International Development Cooperation NGO G-Foundation). He made this donation on Children’s Day.

Major works

– His most popular songs includes; “Rainism”, “MAGNETIC (Feat. Jackson Wang)”, and “Switch to Me (Feat. JYP)”.


– Rain has won several awards throughout his career including; Baeksang Arts Award, Golden Disk Awards, Korean Drama Awards, Mnet Asian Music Awards, MTV Asia Awards, and Seoul Music Awards.


Instagram: rain_oppa
Youtube: rainyent
Twitter: 29rain
TikTok: rain.xix
Facebook: raincompanyrain

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Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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