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Seo Eunkwang (BTOB) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Eunkwang (BTOB)
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Seo Eunkwang (은광) is a South Korean singer-songwriter and musical actor under BTOB COMPANY. He is a member of the boy group BTOB and its sub-units BTOB-BLUE and BTOB 4U. He debuted solo on June 3, 2014 with a digital album “Back in the Day”.

Eunkwang (BTOB) Profile

Stage NameEunkwang (은광)
Birth NameSeo Eun Kwang (서은광)
OccupationSinger-songwriter, Musical Actor
BirthdayNovember 22, 1990
Active Years2012–present
Age33 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height173 cm (5’8″) / Real Height: 170.5 cm (5’7″)
Weight62 kg (136 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Eunkwang (BTOB) Facts:

Early Life

– Eunkwang was born in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.
– He went to Seoryong Elementary School and Taesung Middle School.
– He graduated from Taesung High School.

Personal Life

– His family includes his younger brother, Seo Eunchong (born 1993), mother Hwang Soon-ok, and his father.
– He graduated from Dongshin University, majoring in Practical Music.
– He loves soccer and plays it once or twice every week. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He doesn’t look in the mirror unless he is getting his makeover. (1ST LOOK)
– Im Changjung is his role model because he sings and acts too. (atStar1 Magazine)
– He is skilled in playing the piano.
– His hardest moment since his debut was when he suddenly had to enlist.
– He wrote the song ‘At the End’ thinking about his trainee life where he felt lonely and fearful. (atStar1 Magazine)
– He attended an all-male middle and high school.
– He said his bff would describe him as responsible.
– If he could be another BTOB member for a day, he would like to be Minhyuk because of his strength and atheleticism. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– Eunkwang has a bad memory according to Sungjae even though he puts in a lot of effort to memorize things. (Kloka Get To Know)
Peniel and Changsub picked him as someone who is the cleanest among the members. (Seventeen)
– He plays games to relieve stress. (HADABANG #33)
– If he could go on a vacation with one member, he would choose Hyunsik. (Cosmopolitan Korea)
– He is close to Changsub’s sister, who considers him her favorite member in BTOB.
– He, along with a friend, opened a Korean café in Singapore called +82, which is South Korea’s country code.
– He always visits tourist attractions, famous places and good resturants while travelling. (Cosmopolitan Korea)
Ilhoon revealed that Eunkwang wasn’t into fashion before and members would tease him for it. (Marie Claire 2017)
– He showers in a detailed way according to Changsub and he doesn’t find mess around his stuff. (Seventeen)
– His life motto is “The boughs that bear the most hang the lowest”. (HADABANG #33)
– His strength is his positivity and his weakness is that he is a gullible person. (HADABANG #33)
– In a gaming crew named “The Strongest Idol,” he is part of the lineup with B.A.P‘s Youngjae, BTS‘s Jin, and VIXX‘s Ken. (Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street)
– Eunkwang’s ideal type is someone with a big mouth and eyes that look attractive when she smiles and when she smiles and the corners of her mouth go up. He also likes girls with a soft eye area. (1ST LOOK)


– Eunkwang is the leader and main vocalist in BTOB.
– On June 3rd, 2018, he participated as the “gladiator” on the “King of Masked Singer”.
– In 2018, he served as the DJ for the “Idol Radio” show. He stepped down from his role after the airing of the 6th episode.
– He enlisted in the military in August 2018, and was discharged on April 7, 2020.
– He and Hyunsik were in the “Law of the Jungle” in Mexico.
– He has starred in various musicals, including “Monte Cristo,” “Bachelor’s Vegetable Store,” “Hamlet,” “Goddess is Watching,” and “The Three Musketeers.”
– On November 6, 2023, he along with other BTOB members did not renew their contracts with CUBE Entertianment and left.
– In Feburary 2024, it was announced that he along with Peniel, Minhyuk and Hyunsik established their own label ‘BTOB COMPANY’.

Likes & Dislikes

– His favorite color is blue.
– He likes to wear comfortable clothes. (세사패TV)
– He enjoys watching fantasy, action and thriller movies. (HADABANG #33)
– He also likes watching cartoons.
– He prefers snowy days over rainy days.
– He never spent money on games but once bought a game he really liked.
– His favorite season is spring.
– He likes to play board games. (Kloka Get To Know)
– His favorite clothes include tracksuits, shirts and slacks.

Food Preferences

– His favorite foods include fermented soybean paste, boiled chicken with scorched rice and LA short ribs. (HADABANG #33)
– He is a picky eater.
– He loves to eat pizza.
– He likes to drink beer and his favorite beer is from overseas. (Cosmopolitan Korea)
– He loves to drink Galbae Sprite and always stocks up ice cream in his fridge. (Cosmopolitan)
– He eats red ginseng in the morning to take care of his health.


– Members named him ‘Kwanglenciaga’ because he loves shopping. (Marie Claire 2017)
– Fans nicknamed him ‘Seo-Eunkwang-Chang- Luck’ because he sings with his cheekbones. (1ST LOOK)
– He is nicknamed ‘Fa-Ma’ by members because they consider him a fake master. (Cosmopolitan Korea)
– His favorite nicknames are ‘Eungka’ and ‘Silver Light’.

Personality & Habits

– Eunkwang has a habit of covering his eyes and nose instead of his mouth while yawning. (Kapuso Exclusives)
– He admits that he is not quick-witted and unsure about handling women.
– He gets really nervous when he needs to accomplish something important so he whines about things to get encouragement. (fromm studio)
– Minhyuk said no matter how tired he is after shootings, he will always shower super clean and then sleep.
– He had a quiet personality but he gained a lot of confidence overtime. (Marie Claire 2017)
– He has a habit of closing one side of his eye while singing.

Major Works

– His popular songs include ‘Will Be Here’, ‘1, 2, 3’ and ‘No One Knows’.


– He has won many awards including ‘Male Variety Idol’ award at the Korea First Brand Awards in 2021 and ‘Rookie of the Year’ award at the 16th Daegu International Musical Festival in 2022.

Instagram: btob_silver_light
Twitter: btob_sekwang

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Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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