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Sohee (RIIZE) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Sohee (소희) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the boy group RIIZE under SM Entertainment.

Sohee (RIIZE) Profile

Stage NameSohee (소희)
Birth NameLee So-hee (이소희)
BirthdayNovember 21st, 2003
Active Years2020–present
Age20 (in Jan 2023)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height179 cm (5’10”)
Weight62 kg (137 lb)
Blood TypeA

Sohee (RIIZE) Facts

– Collaborating with Bruno Mars is one of his goals that he wishes to achieve in the future.
– According to him, caps are an essential item for him.
– He has exceptional singing skills. (Naver)
– He always wears a cap, white t-shirt, and sweatpants for dance practices. (Buzzfeed UK)
– His nickname is “포리 (Pporee)”.
– His favorite drink is milk.
– He loves baby hippos. (Riize Intro)
– His essential item is his cap.
– He used to watch SM concerts as a trainee. (Weverse post)

– His bucket list includes a collab with Bruno Mars.
– He was M Countdown’s MC along with his senior artists Hanbin and Jaehyun. (Twitter post)
– His favorite song from the debut album is “Memories”. (K-POP ON! Spotify)
– His 3 goals for 2023 include winning Best New Artist, Best Song and having the best body. (hello82)


– On August 1, a post surfaced on TheQoo, shedding light on the controversial history of Sohee. According to the community post, even before his debut, he had already lost favor with fans due to his questionable past behaviors.
– The post also mentioned that his face was spotted in several photos at a hunting bar called Glam, located in Jungang-dong. For reference, a hunting bar (hunting pocha) is a place where strangers meet with the intention of forming romantic connections.
– Furthermore, observant Korean netizens noticed that one of his friends was sporting Irezumi-style tattoos, which are infamous in South Korea for being associated with gangsters.

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Genie Bugs | Melon

Sohee (RIIZE) Photos

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