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Woonhak (BOYNEXTDOOR) Profile, Bio, & Facts


Woonhak (운학) is a South Korean Kpop singer and member of the boy group BOYNEXTDOOR under KOZ Entertainment.

Woonhak (BOYNEXTDOOR) Profile

Stage NameWoonhak (운학)
Birth NameKim Woon-hak (김운학)
BirthdayNovember 29th, 2006
Active Years2023–present
Age17 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Blood TypeA

Woonhak (BOYNEXTDOOR) Facts:

– Woonhak was born in Iui-dong, Yeongtong, Suwon, Gyeonggi, South Korea.
– He participated in writing and composing the group’s songs “But I Like You” and “Serenade” for the album “Who!” in 2023.
– He likes to play basketball.
– He loves former basketball player Michael Jordan.
– He is the maknae of the group “BOYNEXTDOOR”.
– His strength is bringing joy and uplifting others.
– He saved Riwoo‘s contact as ‘Riwooriwooriwoo’ in his phone. (hello82)
– His representative emoji is a Teddy Bear (🧸).
– He gets along the best with Jaehyun. 
Taesan’s contact is saved as ‘Taesan-Han’ in his phone.
– The cheers he got on the stage at a school festival made him follow his love for music.
– He was scared of Riwoo when he first met him. (K-Pop ON! Spotify)

– He wanted to join a label with a clear mission when he first entered the music industry.
– He likes green, yellow, and blue colors because they are found in nature. (NME)
– He tries not to cry alone in his room because he thinks he is losing to the hard times he is facing but once in a while, he tends to let go and cry. (GQ Korea Interview)
– If he had to choose a meal for his entire life, he’d pick bread. (NME)
– He saved Leehan’s contact as ‘Leehan’s fiist’ in his phone.
– He saved Sungho‘s name as ‘Ultimate shoulders Park Sungho’ in his contact list. (hello82)
– Netizens think that he was the first male idol born in 2006.
– His hobby is playing with vintage camcorders. (오늘의 주우재)
– The time 11:29 is important to him as it reminds him of his birthday.
– He has an interest in music, fitness, and fashion.

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