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Sumin (xikers) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Sumin xikers
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Sumin (수민) is a South Korean rapper and a member of the group “xikers” that debuted on March 30, 2023, with the mini album “HOUSE OF TRICKY: Doorbell Ringing” under KQ Entertainment.

Sumin (xikers) Profile

Stage Name: Sumin (수민)
Birth Name: Choi Su-Min (최수민)
Occupation: Rapper, Singer
Birthday: April 7, 2004
Age 20 (in Jul 2024)
Active Years: 2
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: na
Weight: na
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: B

Sumin (xikers) Facts:

Early Life

– Sumin was born in Hawolgok-dong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Sunggok Middle School.
– He studied Musical Acting and graduated from Seoil Culture Arts High School.
– He won the grand prize in the calligraphy contest at Seoil Culture Arts High School.
– He used to play sports in school.

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents and older brother.
– His specialty is drawing abstract art.
– His trust code is “10037131”.
– He has a pet dog named Hamong.
– His role model is Taeyang (BIGBANG).
– His hands are considered his charming point.
– He wanted to become an idol after he performed at a celebration in Seoul.
– His nickname is “Sumong.”
– He describes himself as a chameleon.
– He takes care of cleaning and keeping the accommodation organized.
– He won numerous art contests for his drawing skills, and even his picture was printed on calendars.
– He is known as the icon of passion.
– He wanted to major in arts but decided to become an idol.
– He gets scared easily and has a lot of fears.
– He has good cooking skills.
– His MBTI is ENFJ.
– He can speak Korean and English.
– He is skilled at drawing, especially abstract art.
– He is roommates with Hyunwoo, Yujun, and Hunter.


– He is the main rapper in the group “xikers.”
– He attended The Makers Studio and Ivy Practical Music Academy in 2020.
– He joined KQ Entertainment through an on-site audition in 2021.
– He also passed the auditions for SM Entertainment and The Black Label.
– He participated in writing the songs for the group’s debut album “House of Tricky: Doorbell Ringing.”

Likes & Dislikes

– He likes to eat sundaes.
– He doesn’t like tteokbokki.
– He likes yellow and green colors.
– He enjoys cooking.
– He can’t eat spicy food well.
– His hobbies include cooking, rapping, watching dance practice videos, and lazing around.
– He loves to eat malatang.

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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