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Yunkyoung (ROCKET PUNCH) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Yunkyoung (윤경) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the girl group ROCKET PUNCH that debuted on August 7, 2019, with the Title Track “BIM BAM BUM” under WOOLLIM Entertainment.

Yunkyoung (ROCKET PUNCH) Profile

Stage Name: Yunkyoung (윤경)
Birth Name: Seo Yun Kyoung (서윤경)
Occupation: Singer
Birthday: November 1, 2001
Active Years: 2019–present
Age 22 (in Jul 2024)
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
Height: 159cm (5’2ft)
Weight: 46kg (101 lbs)
Nationality: Korean
Blood Type: O

Yunkyoung (ROCKET PUNCH) Facts:

Early Life:

– Yunkyoung was born in Chipyeong-dong, Seo-gu, Gwangju, South Korea.
– She went to Uncheon Elementary School.
– She graduated from Jeonnam Middle School.
– She went to Songwon Women’s Commercial High School (Department of Taxation and Finance Administration) but was transferred to Hongik University College Of Education Women’s High School.
– She was transferred again to Goyang Arts High School (Department of Acting).
– Yunkyoung transferred for the last time to Seoul Performing Arts High School (Department of Practical Dance) where she finally graduated from.

Personal Life:

– Her MBTI type is ISFJ
– Her Chinese zodiac sign is Snake
– She can’t have caffeine because her body doesn’t like it, so she has moved to decaf coffee.
– Her hobbies include: watching beauty-related videos, eating lots of delicious things, and watching beauty contestants.
– Her shoe size is 240mm.
– Yunkyoung is the smallest member of the group.
– Her favourite event after debuting is her mini fan meeting.
– Her flower language is White which translates to “worthiness and forgiveness”.
– Yunkyoung went to a dance academy as a result of following her friend.
– Her hashtag is #YUNKYOUNG’S_DIARY.
– She was the fifth member to be revealed.
– The fictional character she would like to meet is Doraemon.
– She’s Alessia Cara’s fan.
– Her brother is majoring in engineering.
– Her role models are Girl’s Generation.
– Yunkyoung says that she is always working to improve herself like telling “Let’s improve this part a little more!” or “Let’s make this part feel different!”.
– She expresses her feelings honestly and laughs heartily.
– Compliments like, “You’re so pretty today” and “Thank you for your hard work” makes her feel good.
– Yunkyoung is close friends with ITZY’s Chaeryeong.
– She is allergic to cats.
– She started dancing when she was 6 years old.
– Words like, “You are so bloated” makes her feel sad.
– She has moles on her face.
– “Do You want to eat with Yunkyoung?”, “Let’s go to the cafeteria, not to the lecture Hall” are her name Syllable-poem.
– She wants to go on a trip with Juri to Busan.
– Yunkyoung still carried out all of her promotions and activities except for music broadcasting when she suffered a knee injury in February 2020.
– She has been praised for her fashion sense and style that she often shows off.
– She has an older brother.


– Yunkyoung is the lead vocalist, main dancer, visual and rapper in “Rocket Punch”.
– She passed WOOLLIM’s audition in October 2017.
– In 201, she participated in Produce 48 and but was eliminated and did not debut with I*ZONE.
– She sang “Just Like A Dream” by BEN for her audition.
– She trained for two years.
– She has appeared on variety shows like Weekly Idol and Idol Room.
– She appeared as a special guest on the radio in, “GOT7’s Youngjae’s best friend.

Likes And Dislikes:

– Her favourite colours are Black and White.
– She also really loves desserts.
– Yunkyoung’s favourite song is, “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara.
– She likes to sing, “Tiki Taka” by Weki Meki.
– Her favourite nickname is “Kaeng”.
– She loves Boiled Dumplings.
– The food she hates is Caffeine.
– Her favourite food is Spicy Food.
– Her favourite delivery food is Bossam.


– Her nicknames are Yunkaeng, Kaeng, freeze, dumplings, ringing ghost, and chocolate poodles.
– Her most popular nickname is “Yeon Gang”.
– Because of her small ears, she gets called “Water Dumpling”.


– Her specialities include eating lemon quickly and playing staring games.
– Yunkyoung is known for her exceptional dance skills.
– Her special skill is eating food so well.
– She’s always the last one to wake up.
– She can speak Korean and Japanese.

Personality And Habits:

– She has positive energy and enthusiasm.
– Yunkyoung is known for her strong work ethic and dedication.
– She talks in her sleep.
– Even though she looks chic she’s clumsy.
– Her brushing kit is a must-carry in her bag according to her.
– She is known for her adorable aegyo.
– The one word that describes Yunkyoung is, “Tall but Short”.

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