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BM (KARD) Profile, Bio, and Facts


BM (비엠) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop Co-Ed group KARD under DSP Media Entertainment. He debuted solo on June 9, 2021, with the single ‘Broke Me‘.

BM (KARD) Profile

Stage NameBM (비엠)
Birth NameMatthew Kim
OccupationRapper, songwriter, producer
BirthdayOctober 20, 1992
Active Years2016–present
Age31 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
BM (KARD) Facts:186 cm (6’2″)
Weight82.5 kg (181 lbs)
Blood TypeA

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BM (KARD) Facts:

Early Life

– BM was born in Los Angeles, California, United States.
– He attended Upland High School and graduated.
– His major in college was Psychology.

Personal Life

– BM’s Korean name is Kim Jinseok.
– His stage name stands for Big Matthew.
– He has two siblings.
– His father was always in Brazil, ever since he was a kid to his college days.
– He speaks English, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese fluently.
– His card is King.
– His Suit is Clubs.
– His MBTI type is ESFJ-T.
– His card meaning as he explains is, “The King is the most dependable and strong card, so he is a solid foundation of the team”.
– BM, Ashley from Ladies Code and BTOB’s Peniel have a podcast series together called “Get Real”.
– In his college days, singing and dancing were just a hobby of his.
– His mom is a clothes designer.
– He is the founder of BTC, a running joke between him and the fans, the full form comes to “Big Tiddies Gang”, it has now turned into his merch which supports breast cancer awareness.
– His ideal type is “someone with a healthy mind and soul, a girl who matches well with him”.
– His legal Korean name “Jinseok” wasn’t liked by his grandma so she used to call him Woojin, even BM himself prefers Woojin.
– He has three tattoos that we know of for now.
– He represents “K” in KARD.
– He and J.seph were supposed to debut as a duo.
– His mom and BoA were a big help in getting him into being a K-pop idol.
– Since he didn’t know Korean when he first moved in, J.seph helped him a lot to learn it.
– He wants alpacas as a pet.
– He always has his lip balm on him.
– He would like to collaborate with Korean rappers like Monsta X‘s Joo Honey and Jay Park.
– He was inspired by Jay Park.
– He wrote his rap part for “Bomb Bomb” 15 minutes after he listened to the track.
– BM has his own clothing line called “Staydium”.
– His merch BTC has also included many Kpop Idols like Pentagon’s HongSeok, Shownu from Monsta X, Wonho, Jay Park, BaekHo, Bangchan from Stray Kids, Mingyu from Seventeen and many more.
– He has nicknames of Grasshopper and Big Matt.
– His speciality is rap, urban, hip hop dance.
– His introduction line is, “This is KARD’s KING KARD, BM”.


– BM is the Main Dancer, Lead Rapper and Sub-Vocalist of KARD.
– He and J.seph were judges on “Stake K” in the 7th episode.
– He was an MC for “After School”.
– He was ranked 47th, 82nd and 71st on TC Candler’s The 100 Most Handsome Faces.
– He participated in “Law Of Jungle” in 2019.
– He was on the cover of Korea Men’s Health in 2019.
– He has advertised for the 2015 Missha ‘More Powerful Missha Viewer 270 Mascara’ and the 2022 Hugo Boss Global Ambassador Selection.
– He donated $20,000 to the research association of breast cancer using the profit he received from his merch.


– He made his appearance on JTBC’s “Shall We Walk Together”, and MBC’s “Video Star”.
– He has also appeared in Rainbow’s “Sunshine”, Goo Hara’s “Choco Chip Cookies”, KARA’s “Mamma Mi” and Z.SUN who’s also KARD’s choreographer, “I’m On My Way” MV’s.
– He was in “Xtra” of AleXa Mv.
– He was also featured on Jessi’s “Put It on Ya”.

Likes & Dislikes

– He loves listening to MONSTA X.
– He likes Jason Momoa.
– He enjoys exercising.
– He likes taking pictures.
– He loves wearing beanies.

Food Preferences

– His favourite food is French Fries.
– Some of his favourite artists are Jessi, Day6, Super Junior, Monsta X, and CL.
– He dislikes pineapple on pizza.
– He eats chicken breasts on tour.
– His one thing to always drink is a protein shake.
– He likes makchang and sweet desserts.
– He can drink 8 eight bottles of Soju.
Celebrity Friends
– He is close with Jae, a former member of Day6, Ashley from Ladies’ Code, Peniel from BTOB, and The Rose’s Woosung.
– He’s close friends with all of the Stray Kids.

Major Works

– His major works include, Broken Me, Body Movin, and 13IVI.

Instagram: bigmatthewww
Twitter: _bigmatthewww
TikTok: bigmatthew

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Sound Cloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music

BM (KARD) Photos

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