KARD Members Profile & Facts

KARD Members

KARD members are J.SEPH, BM, SOMIN, and JIWOO. The 4-member K-pop Co-Ed group debuted on July 19, 2017, with the EP “Hola Hola” under DSP Media.

KARD Profile

DebutJuly 19, 2017
Active Years2016–present
GenrePop, tropical house, EDM, hip-hop
LabelDSP Media
Oldest MemberJ.Seph
Youngest MemberJiwoo
Former MemberN/A
Fandom NameHidden KARD

KARD Facts:

– KARD’s introduction line is, “Hello. It’s a KARD card!”.
– The D in the group is “hiDden Kard” which changes every comeback.
– The hidden member for their “Oh Na Na” song was KARA’s former member Youngji.
– They have won awards from Asia Artist Awards like, the Rookie of the Year Award, New Wave Award, and Best Choice Award.
– They have also won CJ E&M America Awards’ Hottest Rookie.
– They won awards from the K Global Heart Dream Awards, Korea-China Management Awards, and Korea First Brand Awards.
– The group had a debut party on December 12th, 2016.
– Their pre-debut song “Oh Na Na” reached number one in 46 countries.
– On January 22, 2017, they performed at Lotte World.
– They has advertised and are ambassador for LG G6 and Seoul I·SEOUL·U Global.
– BM and J.Seph share the same age and last name, so they are called Brother Kims.
– Somin and Jiwoo have the same last name, so they are called electronic sisters.
– The group’s average training period is 5.5 years.


Instagram: official_kard
Youtube: KARD
Twitter: KARD_Official | officialKARDJPN | Real_Hiddenee
TikTok: official.kard
Cafe Daum: KARD
Facebook: officialkard

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KARD Members Profile

1. J.seph

J.seph KARD
Stage NameJ.SEPH (제이셉)
Birth NameKim Tae Hyung (김태형)
PositionMain Rapper, Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist
BirthdayJune 21, 1992
Active Years2016–present
Age31 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignGemini-Cancer cusp
Height178.5 cm (5’10”)
Weight71 kg (156 lbs)
Blood TypeO

J.seph Facts:

– J.seph’s MBTI personality type is ISFP-A.
– He has an elder sister.
– He has improved his understanding of the English language.
– His stage name “J.seph” was given to him by his sister and means “Joseph” without the O.
– “The Ace can either be the lowest card that supports the team or the highest card that is sharp,” is the meaning of his card.
– Ace is the name of his playing card.
– J.seph’s suit is Spades.
– He is really emotional.
– According to Jiwoo and Somin, he was chosen as a member of KARD who eats and jokes the most.
– He wishes to act in the future.
– According to the members of the group, he is the funniest man in the group.
– He’s not very good at girl dancing moves.
– J.seph and BM were supposed to make their debut as a K-hip-hop duo.
– He has the same name as BTS‘s V.
– He is an expert at preparing ramyun noodles.
– He stands in for the letter A in the group.
– In the group, he is quite close to BM.
– Taebangi is his nickname.
– He and Somin decided on Jiwoo as the greatest spy.
– J.seph wasn’t very stylish before joining the military, but now that he’s out, he wants to enhance his fashion sense.
– He served in the ROK Army’s Transport Squad, HQ Company, 7th Brigade.
– He is always bringing lip balm with him.
– His specialty is creating rap songs.
– His military enlistment date was October 5, 2020.
– On April 4, 2022, he was released with the rank of sergeant.
– J.seph can only drink two bottles of Soju at a time.
– He is the only member of group whose birthday falls in the first part of the year.
– Sushi is his favorite food.
– He has a unique and amusing personality.
– Actress Jeon Ji-Hyun is his ideal type.
– Because BM is American, J.seph is the only group member who is required to serve in the military.
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Instagram: J.seph_

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2. BM

Stage NameBM (비엠)
Birth NameMatthew Kim
PositionMain Dancer, Lead Rapper, Sub Vocalist
BirthdayOctober 20, 1992
Active Years2016–present
Age31 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height186 cm (6’2″)
Weight82.5 kg (181 lbs)
Blood TypeA

BM Facts:

– “This is KARD’s KING KARD, BM,” BM says in his introduction.
– Big Matthew is the full form of his stage name.
– The King is BM’s card.
– Kim Jinseok is BM’s Korean name.
– His MBTI personality type is ESFJ-T.
– BM has two younger brothers.
– Singing and dancing were only hobbies of his in college until his mom put him in for auditions.
– Clubs is his Suit.
– He is skilled in speaking English, Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese.
– “Get Real” is a podcast series hosted by BM, Ashley from Ladies Code, and Peniel from BTOB.
– From the time he was a child until he graduated from college, his father was constantly in Brazil.
– “The King is the most dependable and strong card, so he is a solid foundation of the team,” he explains of his card’s meaning
– BM’s formal Korean name “Jinseok” was disliked by his grandmother, so she called him Woojin; even BM likes Woojin.
– His preferred type is “someone with a healthy mind and soul, a girl who complements him well.”
– He is the creator of BTC, a running joke between him and his admirers, the full version of which is “Big Tiddies Gang,” which has now evolved into his breast cancer awareness apparel.
– He is the “K” in the group.
– His mother and BoA were essential in his becoming a K-pop idol.
– BM and J.seph were meant to make their debut as a pair.
– He currently has three tattoos that we are aware of.
– “Staydium” is BM’s clothing brand.
– He always has lip balm on hand.
– Jay Park influenced him.
– He goes by the nicknames Grasshopper and Big Matt.
– He wants to work with Korean rappers such as Monsta X’s Joo Honey and Jay Park.
– BM would love alpacas as a pet.
– Rap, urban, and hip-hop dancing are his specialties.
– J.seph helped him a lot to learn Korean because he didn’t know it when he initially came to Korea.
– Kpop idols, including Pentagon’s HongSeok, Shownu from Monsta X, Wonho, Jay Park, BaekHo, Bangchan from Stray Kids, Mingyu from Seventeen, and many more have appeared on his merch BTC.
– He wrote his rap for “Bomb Bomb” 15 minutes after hearing the song.
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Instagram: bigmatthewww/
Twitter: _bigmatthewww
TikTok: bigmatthew

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3. Somin

Somin KARD
Stage NameSOMIN (소민)
Birth NameJeon So Min (전소민)
PositionMain Vocalist, Visual
BirthdayAugust 22, 1996
Active Years2012–present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height163 cm (5’4″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Somin Facts:

– Somin’s MBTI personality type is ISFP-T.
– She can play the piano, violin, and ocarina.
– In elementary school, she learned ballet.
– She has two older sisters.
– In the group, she is represented by Black Joker.
– Her card is the Black Joker.
– Somin can guess the tteokbokki only based on its flavor.
– J.Seph picked her to be the most likely survivor of a zombie apocalypse.
– The color of her Suit is Hearts.
– She is related to Jeongyeon of TWICE.
– Her ideal type is a gentleman with a pleasant demeanor.
– Somin defined the Black Joker, saying, “Depending on the situation, the black Joker can be the best card, so I will show the various appeals that I have.”
– Lee Hyori is her role model.
– She has a tendency to buy a lot of accessories and then forget or be too lazy to wear them.
– She is terrified of cats.
– Sweet Pumpkin and Somaeng are two of her nicknames.
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Instagram: somin_jeon0822
Youtube: Somin 소민

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4. Jiwoo

Jiwoo KARD
Stage NameJIWOO (지우)
Birth NameJeon Ji Woo (전지우)
PositionMain Dancer, Lead Vocalist, Sub Rapper, Maknae
BirthdayOctober 4, 1996
Active Years2016 – present
Age27 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height164 cm (5 ft 5 in)
Weight47 kg (104 lb)
Blood TypeA

Jiwoo Facts:

– Jiwoo’s MBTI personality type is INFJ-T.
– She has a brother, but she’s not close with him.
– Joker is the color of her suit.
– She is the most flexible member of the K.A.R.D.
– She is always carrying lip balm.
– Jiwoo attended the same high school as TWICE’s Jihyo.
– She once had both her ears pierced eight times in one day.
– The meaning of her card is “to make our group’s singing, rapping, dancing, and music colorful.”
– Diamonds is the name of her card.
– She studied Clarinet for six years.
– She has a pet dog, Tani.
– If Jiwoo is ever allowed to have a pet in the dorm, she would like to have a wolf.
– She is capable of imitating Doraemon.
– Her specialties include singing, rapping, dancing, and toe-pinching.
– Her eyes get extremely dry.
– She tends to match or agree with the first person she first meets.
– She is a dog lover.
– Jiwoo is the R in the group.
– BoA is one of her favorite Korean idols.
– She claims that J.Seph is the best at general knowledge in her opinion.
– She has a driver’s license.
– Her hobby is music discovery.
– She likes Beyonce and Rihanna.
– Jiwoo has a lot of accessories and often has gorgeous nails.
– She openly expresses herself.
– She is the only member of KARD whose hair color changes frequently.
– Jiwoo, according to J.Seph, would be an excellent spy since she is very skilled at lying.
– She has a unique husky tone and funky style.
– She is the final female idol to join DSP Media.
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Instagram: _zziwooo0
Twitter: jeonjiwoo1004

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1. How old are the KARD members? (oldest to youngest)

KARD members’ ages and birthdays are as follows:

– J.seph was born on June 21, 1992, and is 31 years old.
– BM was born on October 20, 1992, and is 31 years old.
– Somin was born on August 22, 1996, and is 27 years old.
– Jiwoo was born on October 4, 1996, and is 27 years old.

KARD members were of the following ages when they debuted in 2016: J.seph was 24, BM was 24, Somin was 20, and Jiwoo was 20 years old.

2. How tall are the KARD members? (tallest to shortest)

KARD member’s heights are the following from tallest to shortest:

– BM’s height is 186 cm (6’1″).
– J.seph’s height is 178 cm (5’10”).
– Jiwoo’s height is 165 cm (5’5″).
– Somin’s height is 163 cm (5’4″).

3. Where are the KARD members from? (ethnicity & nationality)

KARD member’s nationality & ethnicity are as follows:

– J.seph is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– BM is South Korean by ethnicity and American nationality.
– Somin is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.
– Jiwoo is South Korean by ethnicity and nationality.

All KARD members are from South Korea except for BM.

14. What are the official positions of KARD members?

Following are the official KARD member’s positions:

– J.seph is the main rapper, lead dancer, and vocalist.
– BM is the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist.
– Somin is the main vocalist, dancer, and visual.
– Jiwoo is the main dancer, lead vocalist, rapper, and maknae.

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