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Xen (OMEGA X) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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Xen (젠), formerly known as Jin Woo, is a South Korean singer-songwriter and a member of the Kpop boy group OMEGA X under IPQ Entertainment. He is a former member of the boy group 1TEAM.

Xen (OMEGA X) Profile

Stage NameXen (젠)
Birth NameLee Jin Woo (이진우)
OccupationSinger, Lyricist
BirthdayFebruary 20, 1998
Active Years2018–present
Age26 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height172 cm (5’8″)
Blood TypeA

Xen (OMEGA X) Facts:

Early Life

– He was born in Gyeongsan, Gyeongsangbuk-do, South Korea.
– He graduated from Siji High School.

Personal Life

– His religion is Protestanism.
– His family consists of his parents and older sister born in 1995.
– He is enrolled in Global Cyber ​​University (Broadcasting Entertainment Department).
– His parents were a part of the church choir.
– He admires Bernard Werber.
– He has a cat named Yoongu (윤구).
– He considers Justin Bieber as his role model.
– He is really good at badminton and soccer according to Junghoon.
– He has a total of 8 piercings, four on each ear. (Celeb Confirmed EP. 2)
– He only watches almost everything related to the dystopian genres.
– Xen used to be called ‘‘Noh Jingu (Nobita Nobi)’ when he was young because his name is similar to Doraemon’s character. 
– His advice to his younger self is to “Live according to the plans.”
– If stranded on an island, he would choose Hwichan as a companion because he views him as a survivor.
Sebin would be his bias if he were an OMEGA X fan.
– He gets songwriting inspiration from leisure activities and doing different things every day then sticking to a routine.  (ITTABOOK)
– His favorite Omega X song is “Control” because it was his first attempt at composing.
– He is pretty hard to find according to Jaehan.
– He would describe his sound as ‘purple’, ‘red’, and ‘black’.
– Xen never reads the group chat according to the members and he clarified that since there are so many members, the phone keeps buzzing so he muted the chat.
– He first started singing out of a hobby and never thought about becoming an idol. (Kstyle)
– His favorite time of the day is sunrise and sunset and also his personal time when he can rest alone.
– He relieves his stress by emptying his mind while reading a book or watching a movie.
– He was inspired to become a singer because of Jung DongHa. (Kpopmap)


– Xen was the main vocalist in 1TEAM under the stage name Jinwoo.
– He debuted in OMEGA X three months later after in 1TEAM’s disbandment.
– He was a member of the group 1TEAM – In 2015, he made an appearance on Superstar K7.

Likes & Dislikes

– He loves to drink cold brew coffee.
– His favorite snacks are clementines, oranges, and Cheonhaehyangs.
– He likes to play football. (Celeb Confirmed EP.1)
– His favorite Hogwarts house is Slytherin.
– He loves to eat ramen.
– His favorite Korean song is “You Do” by BIGBANG’s G-Dragon. (Naluda Magazine)
– He hates pineapple on pizza.
– His favorite movies include ‘Inception’ and ‘Harry Potter’.

Personality & Habits

– Xen considers himself as an optimistic person and likes to do things in a laid back way.  
– He hates rushing things.
– He showers for a long time, sometimes exceeding an hour. (Seventeen)

Instagram: _xenuis | 2gane_u

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon | SoundCloud

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