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Choi Hyunsuk (TREASURE) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Choi hyunsuk
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Choi Hyunsuk (현석) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group TREASURE under YG Entertainment.

Choi Hyunsuk (TREASURE) Profile

Stage NameChoi Hyunsuk (현석)
Birth NameChoi Hyun Suk (최현석)
English NameDaniel Choi
BirthdayApril 21, 1999
Active Years2017–present
Age25 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height171 cm (5’7”)
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Choi Hyunsuk (TREASURE) Facts:

Early Life

– He comes from Daegu, South Korea.
– He went to Seoul Eonbuk University and Eonju Middle School.
– He passed high school with a High School Graduation Academic Proficiency Test.

Personal Life

– Choi Hyunsuk has a younger sister and brother.
– His first favourite genre is hip hop and his second favourite is ballads. (Teen Vogue)
– He auditioned for YG with V-Spec Academy.
– Hyunsuk is an extreme maximalist. (Daebak Show S3 Ep11)
– His inspirations are Zico, Suga, Bobby, GD, B.I, Mino.
– He’s a fan of Seo Yeji.
– His long leap record is 235 cm. (Idol Einstein)
– He collects football jerseys.
– He doesn’t care about fancy brands.
– He dropped out of high school when he became a YG Entertainment trainee. (IDDP TREASURE)
– He was voted most fashionable among Treasure Box trainees.
– His nickname for eating burgers is Choi Burger.
– He fell in love with hip hop after going to Tupac’s and Eminem’s concerts.
– When he was young, he was told he’d grow up to 187 cm.
– His trademark “7Chill” has a special meaning related to his birthday and the number 7.
– Hyunsuk’s parents were always supportive of his dream to become a K-pop idol. (CNBC International TV)
– Hyunsuk composes songs.
Haruto’s first impression of him was that he was difficult to approach and would be hard to get close to even if they debuted together because of his tough image.
– His dream was to debut under YG.
– He’s the only TREASURE member born in the ’90s.
– He enjoys dressing up and shopping. (My Idol Diaries)
– Hyunsuk started dreaming of becoming an idol after watching Big Bang’s survival documentary in first grade.
– He describes himself as having a big appetite, being a fashionista, and being a newbie.
– He performed “Humble” in his introduction video.
– Hyunsuk is most confident in being a fanboy because he grew up watching all types of animation and movies and knows all the characters. (TREASURE Studio S1)
– He’s the last member announced for Treasure.
– He listens to Tupac, Kendrick Lamar, Playboy Carty, and BIGBANG. (Arena Homme+)
– He knows how to write and compose songs.
– Choi Hyunsuk has a routine for sleeping, he needs two comforters, two pillows, three plushies and his TV and tablet must be on for him to sleep comfortably.
– Toy Story was the first movie he watched.
– He is quite cool-headed about himself. (DAZED Korea)
– His nicknames are Saetbyeolee, Ddaengi, Hyeongu, Tinky Winky, King of Emotions, and The Strongest.
– His favourite stage from the Japan tour was “Beautiful”. (Membership Magazine)
– His childhood dream was to be a singer or soccer player.
– He’s like the “mother” figure of TREASURE.
– He is the happiest when he can get time to sleep.
– He walks around when he has spare time.
– He is stylish and would rate his fashion sense a 3 out of 5. (TREASURE Studio S1)
– His TRUZ character is Chilli.
– He did classical singing when he was young because of his family tradition. (DAZED Korea)
– His fandom name is Skies.
– He often visits galleries and exhibitions.
– He spends most of his free time on music or relaxing.
– He has a tight schedule and knows what to do every minute.
– Hyunsuk and Mashiho are among the shortest members of the group.
– If there is this one thing he wants people to remember about TREASURE, it would be songs and performances. (allkpop)
– He spends more time trying out outfits and shopping online.
– He works on music from evening until dawn.
Doyoung, Junghwan, and Jaehyun chose Hyunsuk as the person to take in a haunted house. (Japan Magazine)
– He wakes up between 11 AM and 12 PM.
– According to him, 24 hours aren’t enough for his songs.
– He initially got close to Yoshi because of their mutual love for Kendrick Lamar. (Daebak Show S3 Ep11)
– He used to use a pig emoticon, but now he uses a hedgehog.
– His shoe size is 270 mm.
– He likes collecting a lot of things including rings, necklaces, shoes, clothes, and uniforms.
– He works at the A-1 studio at YG’s new building and uses Steinberg Cubase for composing.
– He participates in writing and composing almost every TREASURE song.
– He’s very interested in fashion and accessories.
– He was in a choir as a soprano in fifth grade and won first place as the school rep.


– He trained for 5 years.
– He featured in Lee Hi’s song “1, 2 (한두번)” in 2019.
– He officially debuted as the Leader, Main Dancer, Main Rapper, and Vocalist of TREASURE on August 7 with their first single album, “The First Step: Chapter One.”

Likes & Dislikes

– He likes collecting lip balms.
– His favourite colour is purple.
– Choi Hyunsuk favourite football team is Real Madrid.
– He likes superheroes like Black Panther, Spider-man, Nova, and Deadpool.
– His favourite Marvel Superhero is Black Panther.
– He likes Marvel, Disney, and Pixar movies.
– Spring, fall, and winter are his favourite seasons.
– He likes being the youngest in the group.
– He loves re-watching soccer game highlights.
– His favourite number is 7.
– He likes collecting character figures from Marvel, Disney, and Pixar.
– His favourite brand is MARINE SERRE.

Food Preference

– Choi Hyunsuk doesn’t like black bean sauce.
– He enjoys coffee.
– He likes hamburgers.
– His favorite food from Osaka was takoyaki and motsunabe from Fukuoka. (Membership Magazine)
– He can’t eat sujebi, kalguksu, tomatoes, and eggs.
– He doesn’t really enjoy instant ramen.
– His favorite beverage is an Iced Americano.

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