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So Junghwan (TREASURE) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

So Junghwan
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So Junghwan (정환) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group TREASURE under YG Entertainment. He is also a member of its sub-unit “T5”.

So Junghwan (TREASURE) Profile

Stage NameSo Junghwan (정환)
Birth NameSo Jung Hwan (소정환)
BirthdayFebruary 18, 2005
Active Years2018–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height180.3 cm (5’11″)
Weight67 kg (147 lbs)
Blood TypeB

So Junghwan (TREASURE) Facts:

Early Life

– Junghwan hails from Iksan, Jeollabuk-do, South Korea.
– He went to Iksan Geumma Elementary School and Shinsu Middle School.

Personal Life

– He has an older brother.
– According to Doyoung, Junghwan is his pick for the best dancer in the group. (Teen Vogue)
– He showcased his acrobatic skills as a member of K Tigers.
– His speciality is acrobatics and his experience in Taekwondo helps. (IDDP TREASURE)
– His nicknames include Sloth (given by Junkyu), Super King Cow Baby (coined by Jeongwoo), Maknaengie, Baby Hwan, Sojunghan, and Baby Oppa, among others.
– According to Hyunsuk, Junghwan has shown the most growth since debut musically and in his skills. (Indian Interview)
– Junghwan and Jeongwoo are schoolmates and have known each other since before YG TREASURE BOX. They both hail from Iksan City, Jeollabuk-do, and attended the same dance academy, IB Music Academy.
– He has the biggest appetite in the group. (Seventeen Superlatives)
– He is known for smelling like a baby, according to his members.
– His English name is John.
Jeongwoo gave him the nickname “Super King Cow Baby” and it is his favourite nickname. (IDDP TREASURE)
– His hobby is playing games.
– He and Jeongwoo share a pre-existing friendship before YG TREASURE BOX.
– His long leap record is 265 cm. (Idol Einstein)
– If Junghwan were a girl, he’d have a crush on Yedam due to his melodic voice.
– His three self-descriptive traits are “sparkling eyes,” “persistent,” and “attractive side.”
– He has a third degree in Taekwondo. (Weekly Idol Ep479)
– His motto is “Don’t make efforts go in vain.”
– He has a bright and cheerful personality.
– His parents sometimes come to his dormitory and clean up the place but he can’t keep it clean for more than 4 days. (MUPLY RandomQ)
– He and Yoshi are noted for having hearty appetites.
– His attraction points are a Sharp jawline and hooked nose.
– So Junghwan has a hard time conveying himself because he uses uncommon Korean words. (Studio S1)
– He dreams of becoming a hard-earned singer.
– He performed “Supermarket Flowers” in his introduction video.
– He eats more than 3 meals a day. (Arena Homme+)
– He was the 3rd member announced for Treasure.
– He values family as the most important thing in life.
– He learned dojo for 5 years. (W Korea)
– He is currently majoring in the Department of Practical Dance at the School of Performing Arts Seoul (SOPA).
– Junghwan chose Hyunsuk as the person to take with him in a haunted house. (Japan Magazine)
– He is symbolized by a cow emoticon.
– He is shy, especially around girls.
– He was outstanding in sports back in school. (DAZED Korea)
– He finds himself the funniest in the group.
– If there is this one thing he wants people to remember TREASURE, it would be Familiarity. (allkpop)
– He chose Junkyu, Asahi, and Jaehyuk as the funniest members of TREASURE.
– His line character name is Podong.
– He thinks that each of them has a distinct cham. (Vibe)
– He is allergic to perfume.
– His number one treasure is his family. (10 Asia)


– At the age of nine, he was featured in a Yeongdong peach ad.
– Junghwan worked as a child model and appeared in various commercials.
– He trained for almost 3 years (as of July 2020).
– He debuted as a Lead Dancer, Vocalist, and Maknae in TREASURE.
– In 2023, on June 13, So Jung Hwan was confirmed as the inaugural member of TREASURE’s sub-unit, T5.

Likes & Dislikes

– He enjoys watching movies, playing games, and indulging in sweets.
– So Junghwan favourite colours are Light blue and pink.
– His favourite film is Harry Potter.
– Winter is his favourite season.
– His favourite word is “보물” (Treasure).
– His favourite colour is Baby pink.

Food Preference

– He prefers glazed doughnuts.
– He doesn’t like green peppers.
– He eats ramen with potato chips.


– His specialities are Taekwondo (4th dan) and dancing.
– He showcased table tennis skills on tvN’s ‘All That Pingpong’ (2022).
– He is known for his acting skills.

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