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Honda Hitomi (IZ*ONE) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Honda Hitomi (IZ*ONE)

Honda Hitomi (히토미) is a Japanese singer and a former member of the K-pop girl group ‘IZ*ONE’ under Off The Record Entertainment and Swing Entertainment. 

Honda Hitomi (IZ*ONE) Profile

Stage NameHitomi (仁美) (ひとみ) (히토미)
Birth NameHonda Hitomi (本田仁美) (ほんだ ひとみ) (혼다 히토미)
OccupationSinger, lyricist, actress, radio host
BirthdayOctober 6, 2001
Active Years2014–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height158 cm (5’2”)
Weight44.4 kg (98 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Honda Hitomi (IZ*ONE) Facts:

Early Life

– She hails from Tochigi prefecture, Japan.
– She went to Takanezawa Municipal Nishi Elementary School and Takanezawa Municipal Akutsu Middle School.
– She graduated from Sakushin Gakuin High School.
– She showcased her athleticism early in life as a cheerleader for 4 years during elementary school, capable of executing backflips and intricate routines.

Personal Life

– She enjoys strawberries and gyoza as her favorite foods.
– She was a cheerleader for a regional basketball team.
– She rode her mother’s bicycle when she was only 7. (DOYOURAM)
– She has an older sister named Erii and an older brother named Mitsu.
– She always buys yogurt drinks when she goes to the convenience store. (ViVi)
– She is recognized for her round cheeks, which she embraced more after being complimented by her members.
– She wants to work with Twice. (Medium)
– She looks forward to driving to Nasu when she gets the chance.
– She admires Sashihara Rino’s positive mindset.
– If she could live somewhere for a month, then she would live in Jeju.
– She prefers stirred fried chicken as her favorite Korean food.
– She got the most votes in the one who wakes up early. (JJ Magazine)
– She was previously engaged in cheerleading for four years.
– She enjoys watching cooking videos during her free time.
– Her special skill is dance. (FLASH)
– She possesses a special skill in basketball.
– She playfully mentioned she would date Yena if she were a boy, appreciating her sense of humor.
– She would like to form a unit with Nako. (Wave)
– The most important thing in skincare is a pack according to her. (ViVi)
– She has an older sister named Erii and an older brother.
– Her hobby is sports spectating. (Non-No)
– She is also known as Strawberry Princess, Hyi-Chan, and Pang Hitomi (meaning Bread Hitomi).
– She finds relaxation in watching cooking videos during her leisure time.
– She lives by the motto: “I will work hard to surpass my limits.”
– She is known for her competitive spirit.
– Her favorite Korean foods are cheese hotdogs, Kimchi jjigae, and cheese dakgalbi.
– She exhibits talent in composing songs.


– She debuted as a Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, and Sub Rapper in IZ*ONE.
– She is a former member of AKB48’s teams B and 8.
– She completed a training period of 4 years and 2 months.
– In 2020, she appeared in the movie “Eyes on Me: The Movie”.
– She is currently under AKB48.

Instagram: @10_hitomi_06
Twitter: @hnd_htm__1006
7Gogo: @honda-hitomi
TikTok: @hondahitomi_1006

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Genie | Bugs | Melon

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