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Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE)

Jo Yuri (유리) is a South Korean singer and a former member of the K-pop girl group ‘IZ*ONE’ under Off The Record Entertainment and Swing Entertainment. She also debuted as a soloist on October 7, 2021, with the single “GLASSY” under WAKEONE Entertainment.

Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE) Profile

Stage NameYuri (유리)
Birth NameJo Yu Ri (조유리)
OccupationSinger, songwriter
BirthdayOctober 22, 2001
Active Years2018–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height163 cm (5’4″)
Weight45 kg (99 lbs)
Blood TypeAB

Jo Yuri (IZ*ONE) Facts:

Early Life

– She was born in Munhyeon-dong, Nam, Busan, South Korea.
– She went to Busan Munhyeon Elementary School and Haeyeon Middle School.
– She graduated from Munhyeon Girls’ High School.
– She briefly learned to play the violin as a child but had to stop due to her teacher resigning.

Personal Life

– She grew up with a younger sister named Yoonhee, who is 4 years younger.
– She took 2nd place on King of Masked Singer. (DOYOURAM)
– She would like to make a unit with Yena and Chaewon. (Wave)
– She is a multi-instrumentalist, skilled in playing the guitar, piano, and drums.
– Her hobbies are singing, playing drums, and piano.
– She is a proud owner of a cat named Yona and a dog named Gamja.
– She learned piano for 7 years.
– She is known for her husky voice, which is her specialty.
– She will take Chaeyeon on a deserted island with her because she’s good at cooking. (Non-No)
– She often praised for her lips, and considered her charm point.
– She initially learned to play the piano but had to give it up due to financial constraints.
– She spaces out frequently.
– She can live without her friends but not her phone. (ELLE)
– She is a former contestant of Idol School, she remains close to all the Fromis_9 members.
– She always buys yoghurt drinks when she goes to the convenience store. (ViVi)
– She likes Shugi Chara anime. (Ribon Magazine)
– She is a fan of Harry Potter and Twilight movies.
– She got the most votes in the one who gets nervous easily. (JJ Magazine)
– She admires Baek Yerin, Kwon Jinah, and MAMAMOO’s Wheein.
– She chose a dog instead of a cat.
– She is fond of Haikyuu, with Kageyama and Oikawa as her favorite characters.
– She pursued her dream of becoming an idol by selling her own clothes to save money to leave her hometown.
– Her charm point is her husky voice. (FLASH)
– She contributed to the composition and arrangement of the lyrics for the b-side track “Someday” in the album BLOOM*IZ.
– If she could live somewhere for a month, then she would live in Hawaii. (Medium)
– She roomed with Yabuki Nako in IZ*ONE, with Nako recalling Yuri singing all day and night.
– She says Nako has a lot of charm.
– When asked which member of IZ*ONE she would date if she were a guy, she jokingly replied, “Everyone is charming, it’s hard”.


– She debuted as a Main Vocalist in IZ*ONE.
– She trained for nine months before debuting.
– She participated in Idol School, ranking 15th, before being scouted by Stone Music Entertainment.
– She was featured in the OST for the K-drama Do You Like Brahms? with the song titled “My Love”.
– She achieved recognition as the youngest contestant to reach the 3rd round in King of Masked Singer.
– After IZ*ONE’s disbandment, she signed with WAKEONE in May 2021.
– She appeared in web dramas Mimicus and Work Later, Drink Now 2.
– She appeared in variety shows King of Mask Singer and Music Universe K-909.

Likes & Dislikes

– She strongly dislikes bugs.
– She likes Konyaku jelly.
– She prefers cotton candy as her favorite ice cream flavor.
– She enjoys pineapple on pizza.
– She dislikes seafood.
– Her favorite Japanese food is takoyaki and curry.


– She endorsed Pepsi in 2021.
– In August 2022, she was chosen as a model for the Logitech G Aurora Collection.

Major Work

– Her most popular songs include; DOWN (Juicy Juicy), Round and Around, and GLASSY.


– She has won Actress-Idol to Lead Award and Hot Icon Award.

Twitter: @JOYURI_offcl
Instagram: @zo__glasss / @joyuri_offcl
Facebook: JOYURI.offcl
Youtube: 조유리 JO YURI

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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