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Hyunjae (The Boyz) Profile, Bio, & Facts 

Hyunjae The Boyz

Hyunjae (현재) is a South Korean singer and a member of the K-pop boy group “The Boyz” under IST Entertainment. 

Hyunjae (The Boyz) Profile

Stage Name Hyunjae (현재)
Birth Name Lee Jae Hyun (이재현)
Occupation Singer
Birthday September 13, 1997
Active Years 2017–present
Age 26 (in Sep 2023)
Zodiac Sign Leo
Height 179.7 cm (5’11″)
Weight 62 kg (137 lbs)
Nationality Korean
Blood Type B

Hyunjae (The Boyz) Facts:

Early Life:

– He hails from Incheon, South Korea.
– He went to Incheon Munwoogeum Elementary School and Shinsong Middle School.
– He graduated from Hanlim Art High School from the Department of Music.
– In kindergarten, he achieved a high ranking in a speech contest.

Personal Life:

– His English name is Jerry Lee.
– He would choose to change the past if given the choice between that and seeing into the future. (hello82)
– He has an older sister.
– He uses the heart emoji ❤ the most. (Elle Random Questions)
– His hobbies include eating, watching superhero movies, and playing sports.
– He would want to meet Iron Man if he was real.
– He has a preference for ‘My mom is an alien,’ which is a Baskin-Robbins ice cream flavor made with dark and white chocolate.
– He once chewed a dog treat to teach his dog that he should chew and swallow his food.
– His drinking limit is one bottle of soju.
– Hyunjae is known for being the best at delivering gags.
– His go-to karaoke song is Na Yoon Kwon’s “If It Were Me.” (Soompi)
– He’s a fan of EXO, with Baekhyun being his bias, and he hopes to collaborate with him.
– His go-to midnight snack is Chicken.
– He would choose the neck of Q as a body part to exchange. (THE STAR MAGAZINE Interview)
– Special talents of him include spinning a book and making a recorder sound by using his hands.
– He would advise his younger self to not confine himself. (Elle Random Questions)
– He is most proud when recording. (hello82)
– He would trade Younghoon’s bright skin. (THE STAR MAGAZINE Interview)
– He has a family dog named Darong.
– He wants to collaborate with Rain. (Soompi)
– He has the shooter position in basketball. (FO Squad Kpop)
– Hyunjae’s ideal type is someone with whom he can click well and get along easily.
– He is the luckiest in winning games but also good at sports. (Seventeen Superlatives)


– Hyunjae has the position of Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, and Visual in The Boyz.
– On December 6th, 2017, he debuted with “The Boyz”.
– Him, along with Hwall, Younghoon, and Eric, appeared in Melody Day’s ‘Colour’ music video.
– He and JuHaknyeon were also featured in Melody Day’s “You Seem Busy” music video.
– In 2021, Hyunjae made his acting debut in the web drama “I Can See Your MBTI.”
– He hosted a Naver show called “현재의 현재 (Hyunjae’s Present)” from 2022 to 2023.

Likes & Dislikes:

– He particularly enjoys sports like tennis and ping pong.
– He has a strong dislike for bugs.
– His favorite fashion item is the Hat.
– His favorite cartoon character is Bart Simpson from The Simpsons.
– He really liked his perm during “Giddy Up.” (allure)
– Roses and sunflowers are his favorite flowers.
– His preferred subjects in school were Math and Science.
– His favorite food is fried chicken.

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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