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JYP Loud Members Profile & Facts

JYP Loud Members

JYP Loud is a South Korean four-member upcoming Kpop boy group under JYP Entertainment. The group members consist of Lee Gyehun, Amaru, Keiju, and Donghyeon. They are set to debut sometime in 2023.

JYP Loud Profile

Debut 2023
Active Years 2021–present
JYP Loud Members Lee Gyehun, Amaru, Keiju, Donghyeon
Genre Pop/Dance
Status Pre-debut 
Label JYP Entertainment
Oldest Member Lee Gye Hun
Youngest Member Lee Donghyun
Former Member N/A
Fandom Name N/A

JYP Loud Facts:

– JYP Loud was formed on August 15, 2021, in the audition round of the show “LOUD” by SBS.
– The following members were eliminated during the show: Kang Hyunwoo, Zo Doohyun, Park Yonggeon, and Yoon Dongyeon.
– Yoon Min left JYP Loud before the debut, in April 2023.
– Amaru, Keiju, and Lee Gyehun were selected by JYP and PSY to join their respective labels during the show but they joined JYP Entertainment for their debut.


JYP Loud Members Profile

1. Lee Gyehun

Lee Gyehun JYP Loud
Lee Gyehun
Stage Name Lee Gyehun (이계훈)
Birth Name N/A
Position N/A
Birthday September 16, 2004
Active Years 2021–present
Age 19 (in Sep 2023)
Zodiac Sign Virgo
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type O

Lee Gyehun Facts:

– Lee Gyehun was born in Jeju Island, South Korea.
– He was called Frozen Man when he was a trainee because he trained for a long period and it felt like he was frozen in time.
– He is great at cup stacking, Taekwondo, and swimming.
– His other nicknames are Baby Fox and Gwe-in by Donghyeon.
– JYP calls him the backbone of JYP Loud.
– He can dance, rap, and write rap lyrics.
– He does not prefer spicy food.
– He likes running. He can run for 50m.
– He loves going to saunas.
– He likes going to the Sun Cruise Resort in Jeongdongjin and watching the sea. He says that it is very healing.
– He relieves his stress by going on long drives and listening to music with the windows down.
– His dream car is a Mercedes-Benz. He loves it so much that he wants to be known as “Lee Gyehun Benz G-Class 4×4”.
– His favorite food is dipping soboro-ppang, a Korean peanut streusel bun in a Jetty chocolate drink.
– He thinks that he has started laughing more since he has been in the band.
– He and Amaru were JYP Entertainment trainees before the start of the show LOUD.
– He used to take dance, vocal, MIDI, and rap classes at Def Dance Academy.
– In his opinion, the group resembles a video game dungeon.
– He was a trainee with Stray Kids, Boy Story, and ITZY. He and Han from Stray Kids passed 1st round of JYP Entertainment’s auditions together in 2015.
– He was the 8th member selected for the JYP Loud Team.
– He trained for 5 years before becoming a member of JYP Loud.
– He is the temporary leader because he has had the longest training period.
– He often writes and composes music in JYP Loud. He also participates in choreographies.
– He has released songs like “Flowering”, “10 Out of 10” with Dongyeon, and “Money”.
– His signature phrase is “Gyehun, do you feel refreshed?”.
– He gets really nervous when he is called to the office by JYP.
– He was in the High Five team in the shoe LOUD.
– He was 1st place in the voting rank and performed last during the casting round.

2. Amaru

Amaru JYP Loud
Stage Name Amaru (아마루)
Birth Name Mitsuyuki Amaru (ミツユキアマル)
Position N/A
Birthday October 21, 2005
Active Years 2021–present
Age 17 (in Oct 2023)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type O

Amaru Facts:

– Amaru was born in Saitama, Japan.
– He loves sushi.
– He describes himself as a “straight line”.
– His nickname is “Maru”.
– He was also a trainee along with Treasure’s Japanese members under YG Japan.
– His first stage name was “Positive Maru”.
– He prefers to eat chicken over ramen for the rest of his life.
– He loves going to K-pop concerts.
– He is very competitive and does like to lose games.
– He and Lee Gyehun were JYP Entertainment trainees before the start of the show LOUD.
– He was also signed with YG Entertainment Japan.
– He is a former JYP trainee.
– His mother is a fan of the band 2PM and he was inspired by his mother to become a K-Pop idol. He has pictures of attending 2PM concerts in Japan as a kid.
– He is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
– He doesn’t like to sleep with people who snore.
– He likes carbonated drinks over cheese pizza.
– If given a choice, he would choose to wear new shoes rather than wear wet socks on a rainy day.
– During the skill performance at the show, he performed the song “Hollywood’s Bleeding” by Post Malone.
– He prefers summers over winters.
– His hidden talent is that he can spin plates. He showed it once on the show LOUD.
– He sleeps with a doll named “Fumo Fumo”. His grandmother gave him that doll when he was around 4 years old.
– In his opinion, he is cool, not cute.

3. Keiju

Keiju JYP Loud
Stage Name Keiju (케이주)
Birth Name Okamoto Keiju (岡本圭樹)
Position N/A
Birthday October 4, 2006
Active Years 2019–present
Age 17 (in Oct 2023)
Zodiac Sign Libra
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Japanese
Blood Type A

Keiju Facts:

– Keiju was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– He loves going on long walks.
– He wants to be known as someone who is hard working.
– In his opinion, he is unexpectedly charming.
– He is scared of horror movies and haunted houses.
– He was casted by the PSY for P Nation team during the auditions of the show. But he chose JYP Entertainment for his debut.
– He loves going to concerts and showcases. He has been to Seventeen, BTS, and NCT 127 concerts in Japan.
– He likes to sleep when he is stressed.
– He has a habit of washing his hands right after waking up.
– He symbolizes himself with three Ks: ToKyo, NeKo, and K-pop.
– He practices signing in his free time.
– He plays pranks on his members very often.
– His favorite food of all time is menchi-katsu.
– During the casting round performed at the song “Mmmh” by Kai because he wanted to show a more mature side of him.
– His nickname is “케이짱”. It means Keiju is the best and Kei-chan.
– He became more confident during the show. In his opinion, loud is a platform where one can express their own unique personality and art.
– He was in the Japan team on the show “Stage K” iKON episode. Song from iKON said that he has the potential to become a successful star in future.
– He actively participated in the choreographing process on the show.

Instagram: keiju.okamon

4. Lee Donghyeon

Lee Donghyeon JYP Loud
Lee Donghyeon
Stage Name Lee Donghyeon (이동현)
Birth Name Lee Donghyeon (이동현)
Position N/A
Birthday March 13, 2007
Active Years 2021–present
Age (in 2023)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type A

Lee Donghyeon Facts:

– Lee Donghyeon was born in Daegu, South Korea.
– He was the first contestant whose audition was telecasted.
– He played ice hockey for the Daegu Sky Eagles Ice Hockey Club before joining the show Loud. His jersey number was 99.
– He has become more confident in his dream of becoming a successful artist during the show.
– He performed “90’s Love” by NCT U during the casting round.
– He aspires to be an artist with songs on the Billboard Top 10 charts for weeks.
– He was known by the name “Ice” during the show.
– He is very scared of his mother.
– His nickname is “Sloth”.
– In middle school, he was voted as the class president for two continuous years.
– He likes to play with his friends the most.
– He is not a morning person and often goes back to sleep right after waking up.
– He believes that he will become an international artist someday.
– He starts singing when he gets stressed.
– He got eliminated during the 2nd live show round after fan voting but JYP used the wildcard to save him from elimination.
– His favorite food is kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew) made by his mother.
– He believes that he will become an international artist someday.
– He is multi-talented, he is great at singing, dancing, writing poetry, and playing ice hockey.

Instagram: d_hyeon0313

Former Members

5. Yoon Min

Yoon Min JYP Loud
Yoon Min
Stage Name Yoon Min (윤민)
Birth Name Yoon Min (윤민)
Position N/A
Birthday December 22, 2000
Active Years 2021–present
Age 23 (in Dec 2023)
Zodiac Sign Capricorn
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality Korean
Blood Type B

Yoon Min Facts:

– Yoon Min was born in South Korea.
– The reason for his departure from JYP Loud is unknown.
– He likes to eat pork donkaseu (pork cutlet) for breakfast sometimes.
– He studied in a private high school, Dongsung High School. But later, he dropped out and started studying at Hanlim Multi Art School to pursue music.
– According to JYP, the company’s staff fell in love with his manners and personality.
– PSY wanted to cast him for his team.
– Growing up he was a model student.
– He is multi-talented, he is great at singing, rapping, dancing, composing music, and writing songs.
– He actively participated in writing, composing, and choreographing on LOUD.
– He has learned a lot about his body movements and dance during the show LOUD.
– He likes to spend his time alone and reflect when he is stressed. He also prefers to talk to someone he trusts.
– His hobbies are going to the beach and hanging out with people he is close with.
– He was a trainee under Cube Entertainment. He was supposed to debut in 2019.
– He performed his own originally composed songs in almost every performance during the show.
– He has a considerate, diligent, and sacrificial personality. During the show, he was acknowledged for his selflessness and care for his teammates.
– He has a habit of checking the hygrometer in his room right after waking up.
– His nicknames are Snorlax, Puppy, and Hedgehog.
– His all-time favorite food is doenjang jjigae (Korean bean paste stew).
– He is very kind and tries to spread kindness as much as he can.
– He trained with Yoo Seonho and Jang Yunseo from YG Treasure Box under Cube Entertainment. They are still close friends.
– He considers himself very immature.
– In sixth grade, he was selected as a Vice President of his school
– He performed his original song called “One Way” during the casting round of the show.
– He opened a personal SoundCloud account under the name M!N, in May 2023.

Instagram: m1nt1me

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