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TO1 Members Profile & Facts

TO1 Members
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TO1 (티오원), formerly known as TOO (티오오), is an eight-member Kpop boy group under WAKEONE. The group consists of Jaeyun, Donggeon, Chan, Jisu, J.You, Kyungho, Daigo, and Yeojeong. They initially debuted as a ten-member group on April 1, 2020, with the mini album ‘Reason for Being: Benevolence’.

TO1 Profile

DebutApril 1, 2020
Active Years2019–present
TO1 MembersJaeyun, Donggeon, Chan, Jisu, J.You, Kyungho, Daigo, Yeojeong
Oldest MemberDonggeon
Youngest MemberYeojeong
Former MembersChihoon, Minsu, Jerome, Woonggi, Renta
Fandom NameTOGETHER, formerly TOOGETHER

TO1 Facts:

– TO1 was formed through the survival show WORLD KLASS.
– The group initially debuted with the name “TOO” under n.CH Entertainment and Stone Music Entertainment.
– The group’s name changed to TO1 on March 28, 2021.
– TO1’s fandom colors are Egyptian Blue, American Yellow, White, Red, Persian, and Black.
– Stone Music Entertainment and n.CH Entertainment announced the launch of TOO on June 25, 2019, through the survival program on Mnet.
– Their former name “TOO”, stood for “Ten Oriented Orchestra”.
– The final lineup of the group was revealed on December 6, 2019. But Han Jun was excluded due to unauthorized leave and a scandal during his trainee period and Jaeyun replaced him in the final lineup.
– TO1 members had the following dorm arrangements: Chan and Donggeon, Kyunho, Misu, and Chihoon, Jisu, Jaeyun, Jerome, and J.You, Woongi, and Manager.

Dispute between Management Companies and Rebranding

– On January 13, 2021, CJ ENM terminated its contract with n.CH Entertainment, ordering the withdrawal of all management work for TOO.
– n.CH Entertainment responded, citing issues such as the absence of a signed final management contract, unexpected changes to terms, and lack of payment for expenses since August 2020.
– After a few days, CJ ENM confirmed the termination of the contract with n.CH Entertainment, citing an inability to reach an agreement and assumed full management responsibilities for the group.
– In March 2021, during KCON:TACT 3, TOO announced their name change to TO1 and adjusted their fandom name to TOgether by dropping an “O”.
– All social media accounts were also rebranded accordingly.
– In May of the same year, it was disclosed that TO1 would now be under CJ ENM’s new music label, WAKEONE.

Members Departure & Disbandment

– On April 30, 2022, WAKEONE announced Chi Hoon’s departure from the group and termination of his contract.
– On June 17, 2022, Min Su, Jerome, and Woong Gi left the group. Three new members, Daigo, Renta, and Yeo Jeong, were introduced.
– On September 22, 2023, Renta announced his departure from TO1 through an Instagram post containing a letter in Korean and Japanese.
– On December 17, 2023, WAKEONE announced that all members decided not to renew their contracts. The contracts are set to conclude on December 31, leading to the official disbandment of TO1.

Major Works

– Their popular songs include ‘Son of Beast”, “No More X”, “Drummin’”, “POPPIA – Japan Version”.


– They won the “Rookie Award” at the Soribada Best K-Music Awards in 2020 and the “Hot Icon” award at the Mnet Japan Fan’s Choice Awards in 2022.

Instagram: @to1_offcl
Youtube: TO1 official
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TikTok: @to1_offcl
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TO1 Members Profile

1. Jaeyun

Jaeyun  TO1
Stage NameJaeyun (재윤)
Birth NameLee Jae Yun (이재윤)
PositionLeader, Main Vocalist
BirthdayAugust 16th, 2000
Active Years2020–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height175 cm (5’9″)
Weight63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiHamster (🐹)
Representative ElementMetal

Jaeyun Facts:

– Jaehyun was born in Buk-gu, Daegu, South Korea.
– He ranked 11th and joined the group because he had more votes than others after the original TOP10.
– He is the group’s chef and is good at cooking.
– He is nicknamed ‘teddy bear’.
– He is an ENFJ with a 50:50 ratio in all categories.  (TO1 입덕카)
– His charming point is the way he says ‘Good Night ~’. 
– His biceps are measured at 13 inches which is about 33 centimeters. (1stLook)
– He is a fan of SEVENTEEN.
– He said the weakness of his personality as being nosy and his strength is that he likes to be helpful to people. 
– His favorite food is chicken.
– He and TXT‘s Beomgyu were in a band together.
– He practiced jujitsu for 3 years. (The Roadview Trip TOO)
– His favorite word is ‘together’.
– Jaeyun described himself in one word as ‘complicated’ because he tends to think alot even when doing one thing.
– His motto is ‘Unless you betray your efforts first, your efforts will never betray you first’. (100문 100답 재윤 편)
– His all-time favorite song is Bruno Mars’s ‘Versace on the floor’.
– He is most confident about his vocal cords.
– He feels he resembles bears the most among all animals.
– His family consists of his parents, older brother and an older sister.
– His fans are called Leejaengdan (이쟁단).
– He prefers taking care of people than people taking care of him.
– He can’t eat raw bell peppers and carrots but carrots in Kimbap are okay. 
– His way of getting close to someone is finding something in common.
– He feels he has the best persuasion skills among all the members. (100문 100답 재윤 편)
– Jaeyun would like to be Chihoon among all members as he often makes him wonder what is going on with him because of his focused personality.
– He feels he is not the type of person who can focus on one thing for a long time.
– He likes mint chocolate.
– He looks up to Baekhyun from EXO and Jungkook from BTS.
– He likes to dip sweet and sour pork in the sauce.
– His favorite subject in school was English.

Instagram: now__yun

2. Donggeon

Donggeon TO1
Stage NameDonggeon (동건)
Birth NameSong Dong Geon (송동건)
PositionMain Vocalist
BirthdayJuly 15th, 1999
Active Years2020–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCancer
Height180 cm (5’11”)
Weight69 kg (152 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiLion (🦁)
Representative ElementEarth

Donggeon Facts:

– Donggeon was born in Cheongju, Chungcheongbuk-do, South Korea.
– He considers his arms as his charming point. (TO1 입덕카)
– His first impression of Daigo was that he seemed like a quiet and cool dancer but he is really random and unpredictable. (1stLook)
– His name means ‘Build your empire in the east.’
– His feet size is big at around 285-290.
– His mother had a conception dream that a tiny baby was wearing a hanbok and doing a cute dance in front of her. (100문 100답 동건 편)
– One downside of his personality is that he is shy so he takes a while to open up to someone.
– His favorite foods include malatang, pasta, sashimi, and beef. He said there are no snacks he dislikes.
– His fans are called Bappuldan (밥풀단).
– He has a younger sister.
– His favorite season is winter and his favorite colors are black, white, and blue.
– He knows Seokhwa from WEi.
– Donggeon was a former trainee at C9 Entertainment.
– The good thing about his personality is that he does not get into fights. (100문 100답 동건 편)
– His favorite animal is a cat.
– He enjoys listening to Taeyeon‘s “If”. (TOO Episode #8, TOO News)
– He ranked 5th place in WORLD KLASS.
– His favorite song is ‘Love of My Life’ by Queen.
– He loves the scent of fabric softener.
– He likes to take care of people around him.
– If someone were to describe him, Donggeon said he is someone who always talks about going on a diet but never does.
– Donggeon describes a true friend as someone who will give him chicken legs.
– He thinks he is the most flexible compared to other TO1 members.
– His favorite word is ‘sleep’.
– The longest he can wait for a friend who is late is 20 mins.
– The thing that changed after his debut is that his brother is nicer to him as they used to fight a lot but that stopped after his debut. (100문 100답 동건 편)
– He likes listening to music in his free time.
– His biceps are 31 centimeters. (1stLook)
– His favorite movies are Marvel movies and The Penthouse.
– He would like to be Jisu because of his humorous personality.
– He loves to eat mint chocolate chips.
– He thinks that trust is the most necessary for a relationship.

Instagram: geonsongdong__

3. Chan

Chan TO1
Stage NameChan (찬)
Birth NameCho Chan Hyuk (조찬혁)
PositionMain Dancer, Rapper, Producer
BirthdayDecember 8th, 1999
Active Years2020–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height180 cm (5’11”)
Weight65 kg (143.3 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative EmojiWolf (🐺)
Representative Element Fire

Chan Facts:

– Chan was born in Cheonan, Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.
– He is close with his sister but he can’t beat her since she is a soldier. (TO1 입덕카)
– His first impression of Yeojeong was that he was really quiet at first but he turned out to be an addicted gamer.
– He was a former trainee at SM Entertainment.
– He has the habit of saying ‘That’s okay’ during group practice all the time. (1stLook)
– His older sister gave him the name ‘Chanhyuk’ and Chan means ‘shiny’ and Hyuk also means ‘shiny’. His sister named him while reading a comic book. (100문 100답 찬 편)
– His shoe size is 270mm which is considered the golden size.
– His favorite food is beef.
– His fans are known as Eoljukchan (얼죽찬).
– His killing point is he is in charge of chants in TO1. (TO1 입덕카)
– He believes that true friendship is when he isn’t awkward about meeting a friend he hasn’t seen in a long time.
– His favorite word is ‘super clever’.
– Chan, along with Chihoon, is part of a producing group called CUROHAKO.
– His dad had his conception dream that his dad accidentally stepped on a poop in a bucket in his dream. (100문 100답 찬 편)
– He has tattoos on his back and hand.
– His favorite vegetable and fruit is tomato and kiwi.
– His favorite animal is the wolf.
– In WORLD KLASS, he secured the 2nd place.
– He dropped out of high school.
– His all-time favorite song is Dynamic Duo’s ‘Guilty’.
– His favorite workout is the pool.
– He has an older sister.
– He would compare himself to otter among all animals.
– His way of getting close to someone is asking a lot of questions.
– His favorite drama is ‘Prison Break’.
– His charming point is that he is a cutie, unlike his looks. (1stLook)
– The body part he is most confident in is the corners of his mouth.
– Chan would like to be Jaehyun out of all the members because of his voice.
– He likes to eat mint chocolate.

Instagram: 1riwababa

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4. Jisu

Jisu TO1
Stage NameJisu (지수)
Birth NameChoi Ji Su (최지수)
PositionLead Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayJanuary 19th, 2000
Active Years2020–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height178.4 cm (5’10.2″)
Weight64 kg (141 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiFox (🦊)

Jisu Facts:

– Jisu was born in Busan, South Korea.
– He is close with his sister but they only call each other when it’s absolutely necessary to when they have no one to hang out with in Seoul. (TO1 입덕카)
– He loves to play games.
– He is both INFJ and INFP.
– He likes planning things but doesn’t like executing them.
– Jisu has an older brother named Choi Jiu (@iron.d_zio).
– His charming point is that he is a comedian.
– His first impression of Yeojeong was that he would be nice but now he is weird. (1stLook)
– One downside of his personality is that is has many thoughts and when he has a slump it doesn’t come out well.
– Jisu said the advantage of his personality is that he can overcome anything with effort.
– His favorite food is ramen.
– His name means ‘knowledgeable’ and ‘outstanding’. (100문 100답 지수 편)
– During TOO’s bungee jumping, he was so scared that he cried.
– His favorite snacks include Yugwa (deep-fried sweet rice cake), yakgwa (honey cookie), and ppeongtwig (puffed rice)
– His favorite season is summer.
– His fans are known as Kkobukdan (꼬북단).
– Members consider him a bad gamer but he thinks that the members are jealous. (TO1 입덕카)
– Jisu was a member of The H.O dance team.
– He lives near the beach.
– He described himself in one word as a ‘little cosmic being’.
– His motto is ‘Let’s live like flowing water in the valley’.
– He shares the same birth name with ITZY’s Lia.
– His favorite song is ‘Traffic Light’ by Lee Mujin. (100문 100답 지수 편)
– In WORLD KLASS, Jisu secured the 9th place.

Instagram: jisu_.da

5. J.You

J.You TO1
Stage NameJ.You (제이유)
Birth NameKim Je You (김제유)
PositionRapper, Visual
BirthdayNovember 2nd, 2000
Active Years2020–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height174 cm (5’8.5″)
Weight60 kg (132 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiDragon (🐉)

J.You Facts:

– J.You dropped out of high school.
– He considers his handsome face as his charming point. (TO1 입덕카)
– He also admires NCT’s Taeyong.
– He derived his stage name from ‘King Je’ and ‘Scholar You’. (1stLook)
– His conception was that his mother dreamed about her and her friend walking down the orchard and two pears were on one tree, her friend got the first pear and his mother got the second one. Later his mom’s friend got pregnant first and then his mother got pregnant with him. (100문 100답 제이유 편)
– He said the downside of his personality is that he is too gullible.
– He loves to eat Korean cuisine.
TVXQ‘s Yunho and ATEEZ are his role models.
– His personality strengths are positivity and various experiences.
– His favorite food is kimchi stew and he can eat it for the whole month.
– He doesn’t like to eat chips and drink cola.
– The “J/Je” in his name originates from ‘Hwang Jae,’ meaning emperor, and the “You” comes from ‘Sunbi,’ signifying classical scholar. His father named him so that J.You could rise to the top like a king.
– His favorite vegetable is onion and garlic and he loves to eat peaches and cherries for fruits.
– His favorite word is ‘legend’.
– He is a lyricist and is capable of writing his own verses.
– His favorite animal is dragon.
– In WORLD KLASS, he came in the 1st place.
– His favorite body part is the eyebrows.
– He loves to play football.
– His fans are known as Jeyoureka (제우레카).
– J.You describes a true friend as someone who knows the true him better than he knows himself and remembers every small detail that even he doesn’t remember about.
– He plays one one-on-one games with Renta and the person who loses gets to work out more. The person who wins does 20 reps while the loser does 30. (TO1 입덕카)
– He believes he is the best in acrobatics compared to his members.
– He described himself as ‘full of potential’.
– He is a big fan of Sejeong from Gugudan.
– His favorite songs include ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz.
– He wants to have a younger sister and said he’ll be really nice to her. (TO1 입덕카)
– He is experienced in aikido and parkour since his school days. (100문 100답 제이유 편)
– According to his fellow members, J.You bounces when he walks like a Welsh Corgi.
– He feels respect is the most important thing in relationships.
– He used to prefer pouring sauce but now prefers dipping.

Instagram: j.youreka

6. Kyungho

Kyungho TO1
Stage NameKyungho (경호)
Birth NameJang Kyung Ho (장경호)
PositionMain Dancer, Vocalist
BirthdayMay 7th, 2001
Active Years2020–present
Age23 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height183 cm (6’0″)
Weight70 kg (154 lbs)
Blood Type A
Representative EmojiDinosaur (🦖) / Black cat (🐈‍⬛)

Kyungho Facts:

– Kyungho is currently a student at Hanlim Multi Arts High School.
– He says words with no facial expressions. (TO1 입덕카)
– He has the habit of saying ‘Oww’ even when he gets splashed by water.
– His sister lives in Spain.
– He said he doesn’t look like it but is really into MBTI stuff.
– He likes the song “Kick It” by NCT 127.
– In WORLD KLASS, he secured the 4th place.
– His biceps are measured at 12.3 inches which is about 31 centimeters. (1stLook)
– His hands are the smallest in the group after J.You which is about 18cm. (100문 100답 경호 편)
– He said the biggest downside of his personality is that he is passionate about the things he likes like hot lava while he is cold and indifferent like a tundra to the things that don’t interest him. (100문 100답 경호 편)
– He said the biggest advantage of his personality is that he can be very patient to the things he is interested in.
– His favorite food is the set of tteokbokki, fries, and sundae which he ate when he was a kid.
– He doesn’t like to eat stir-fried seaweed stem.
– His fans are called Gaengdan (갱단).
– His favorite snack is iced Americano.
– Kyungho was the THE BOYZ backup dancer for their debut song at an event.
– His favorite word is ‘cool’.
– He has an older sister.
– He studied English in the Philippines.
– His favorite number is 3.
– He picked J.You, Donggeon, and Chan as the best dancers.
– He described himself with a question mark because he doesn’t wanna define or box himself.
– His motto is ‘An aimless voyage is only a drift.”.
– He can guess all members’ MBTI types accurately. (1stLook)
– His all-time favorite song is ‘All of Me’ by John Legend and it is also a song he first created a choreography of.
– He received training at Def Dance Company.
– Kyungho considers his unexpected charm as his charming point. (TO1 입덕카)
– He would compare himself to a tiger because he heard that tigers gets scared easily.
– He tends to cry easily.

Instagram: security_0507

7. Daigo

Daigo TO1
Stage NameDaigo (다이고)
Birth NameKobayashi Daigo (小林大悟)
PositionVocalist, Dancer
BirthdayJanuary 21st, 2002
Active Years2020–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height173 cm (5’8″)
Weight57 kg (126 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiN/A

Daigo Facts:

– Daigo was born in Tokyo, Japan.
– He is the eldest of four children and is close with his siblings.
– Doggeon said his personality is 5th dimensional. (1stLook)
– His hobbies include watching movies, photography, and dancing.
– He participated in Season 2 of Produce 101 Japan and ranked 13th.
– His charming point is the way he changes into a different person onstage like a chameleon. (TO1 입덕카)
– He was revealed as a member on June 17, 2022.
– Jaeyun described Daigo as ‘Macho’, ‘cool’, and ‘silent’.

Instagram: dfive02

8. Yeojeong

Yeojeong TO1
Stage NameYeojeong (여정)
Birth NameJeon Yeoyeo Jeong (전여여정)
PositionVocalist, Maknae
BirthdayJanuary 29th, 2005
Active Years2020–present
Age19 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height182 cm (6’0″)
Weight63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood TypeAB
Representative EmojiN/A

Yeojeong Facts:

– Yeojeong was born in Daejeon, South Korea.
– He is nicknamed ‘Jjeong’.
– His given name is Yeo Yeo Jeong which means ‘living an honest life’.
– His previous MBTIs are ENTP and ISTP.
– He prefers “tomorrow” over “yesterday”.
– He thinks he is a better gamer than Jisu.
– He prefers to drink tea over coffee.
– Lee Jaeyoon described Yeojung as ‘youngest’, ‘mature’, and ‘very tall’. (1stLook)
– Many people call him Jeon Yeo-Jeong instead of Jeon Yeo-yeojeong.
– He joined TO1 on June 17, 2022.
– He is skilled in swimming.
– He likes ice cold over hot and prefers staying outdoors over indoors.
– Unlike other members, Yeojeong is the only member who did not participate in any survival show.
– He likes nighttime over daytime.
– His pets include a dog named Juni and a cat named Ateu.
– His charming point is his bright smile.
– He enjoys singing and gaming in his spare time.
– He has a younger brother born in 2008.
– He likes black color over white.

Instagram: im.travel5

Former Members:

9. Chihoon

Chihoon TO1
Stage NameChihoon (치훈)
Birth NameChoi Chi Hoon (최치훈)
PositionRapper, Vocalist, Producer
BirthdayApril 27th, 1999
Active Years2020–present
Age25 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height174 cm (5’8.5″)
Weight53 kg (117 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative EmojiBaby Chick (🐥)

Chihoon Facts:

– Chihoon was born ranked 7th in the show ‘World Klass’.
– He and Chan were members of the producing group ‘CUROHAKO’.
– His fans are called Chyunmuldan (츈물단).
– His first stage name was IAN but he later changed it to Vann.
– He is an only child.
– He is left-handed.
– He holds a driver’s license.
– He has the habit of covering his mouth while laughing.
– He can play the piano.
– His specialties are rapping, singing and producing.
– His motto is “Focusing on the past will disrupt the future, but focusing on the present will complete the future”.
– He likes to watch movie review videos in his spare time.
– Chihoon was the oldest member of TO1.
– He failed the first round of “Show Me The Money 9”.
– He believes he is sexy when he is producing music in his studio.
– He would want to be stranded with J.You out of all members on an island given the option.
– He was roommates with Donggeon, Jerome, and Minsu.
– WAKEONE Entertainment announced the cancellation of his contract and departure on April 30th, 2022.

Instagram: vaan_ivi

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10. Minsu

Minsu TO1
Stage NameMinsu (민수)
Birth NameKim Min Su (김민수)
PositionDancer, Vocalist
BirthdayMarch 20th, 2000
Active Years2020–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignPisces
Height172 cm (5’8″)
Weight58 kg (128 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiCat (🐱)

Minsu Facts:

– Minsu was born in Cheongju, South Korea.
– His name means ‘excel at things’.
– He is normally an ISFJ but becomes an ISTJ when working.
– His favorite food is tteokbokki.
– He likes to eat sour gummies as snacks and peaches and onions for fruits and veggies.
– He prefers winters over summer but his ideal weather is sunny but not hot with a nice cool breeze like spring. (100문 100답 민수 편)
– He likes sky blue and blue colors.
– His family consists of his parents and older brother.
– He is fluent in Korean and Japanese.
– He likes to watch a lot of videos on MBTI.
– He described himself as a ‘lazy perfectionist’.
– His favorite animal is a cat.
– Minsu ranked 6th on the survival show ‘World Klass’.
– His motto in life is ‘Focus on given tasks’.
– He likes to do interior designing of small houses as a hobby.
– The downside of his personality is that he is indecisive and his advantage is that patient.
– He loves to watch the movie ‘Little Forest’ and his favorite show is ‘My Mister.’
– He has the same birthday as Hyunjin of Stray Kids.
– His favorite songs are ‘Son of Beast’ by TO1 and ‘This Right Now’ by IU. (100문 100답 민수 편)
– He likes sweet and fruity scents.
– His fans are called ‘Mingvely (밍블리)’.
– His favorite body part is his puffy eyes.
– He defines a real friend as someone who he can contact and talk to anytime.
– He would like to be a teddy bear out of all animals.
– He is left-handed.
– He is not a fan of sports but likes biking.
– He doesn’t cry often.
– He prefers to take care of his members but sometimes doesn’t mind being taken cared of.
– He believes he is the best in cleanliness compared to the other members.
– He left TO1 on June 17, 2022.

Instagram: minminmul | gimgotgam3

11. Jerome

Jerome TO1
Stage NameJerome (제롬)
Birth NameOh Sung Min (오성민)
PositionVocalist, Visual
BirthdayAugust 25th, 2001
Active Years2020–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height181 cm (5’11”)
Weight62 kg (137 lbs)
Blood TypeO
Representative EmojiPuppy (🐶)

Jerome Facts:

– Jerome was born in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea.
– His name means ‘Nation’ and ‘ Achieve’.
– His birth dream was that his mother or grandmother dreamed that a huge golden snake went into her shirt. (100문 100답 제롬 편)
– He loves to eat ssam vegetables.
– He has been a fan of V (BTS) since middle school.
– He likes skinship and also has very strong reactions to things.
– His favorite food is malatang.
– The advantage of his personality is that he is considerate.
– He hates chocolate, fishy, or raw things.
– Jerome participated on the survival show ‘Boys Planet’ in 2023 and his rank was 35th.
– His favorite ice cream is bingsu and his favorite fruit is green grape, and orange.
– He used to train at Cube Entertainment.
– His favorite word is ‘buttock’.
– He loves the winter season and pastel-toned colors.
– He described himself as a ‘puppy who loves humans’ and his favorite animal is a puppy.
– His life philosophy is ‘Let’s not be the frog in the well’. (100문 100답 제롬 편)
– His favorite movie is ‘World of the Couple’.
– He loves listening to ‘Love You’ TIM.
– His favorite body part is his hands and shoulders.
– His favorite scent is the body lotion.
– He is a black belt in taekwondo. (100문 100답 제롬 편)
– He ranked 8th in the show ‘World Klass’.
– His method for befriending someone is to just approach.
– He believes he is better at house chores and taking selfies than other members. (100문 100답 제롬 편)
– He can wait for 5 hours if his friends is late.
– His fans are called ‘Romttodan (롬또단)’.
– He wants to learn vocals from Jaeyun.
– He prefers dipping over pouring sauce.
– His favorite subject in school was English.
– He left TO1 on June 17, 2022.
– Jerome debuted as a member of the boy group ONE PACT under ARMADA Entertainment.

12. Woonggi

Woonggi TO1
Stage NameWoonggi (웅기)
Birth NameCha Woong Gi (차웅기)
PositionVocalist, Maknae
BirthdayApril 23rd, 2002
Active Years2020–present
Age22 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height175 cm (5’9″)
Weight56 kg (123 lbs)
Blood TypeB
Representative EmojiPenguin (🐧)

Woonggi Facts:

– Woonggi was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– His fans are called ‘Rocketdan’.
– His favorite animal is the dog but would compare himself to a pony among all animals.
– He prefers calling over texting.
– He researches the person’s MBTI when he wants to know them better.
– He doesn’t cry a lot and is also often late to appointments.
– He hates mint chocolate.
– Woonggi participated on the survival show ‘Boys Planet’. His final rank was 20th.
– He graduated from Hanlim Multi Arts School.
– He likes listening to ‘APPLE IS A*’ by T-ARA.
– His hobby is reading books.
– His most painful time was when he was shooting a cereal commercial and he had to use temporary front teeth since he didn’t have them. After the shoot, he got to know that he had accidentally eaten the teeth with the cereal and it made him very scared. Later the director had to use CGI for the teeth. (100문 100답 웅기 편)
– He prefers dipping in sauce over pouring.
– He loves to eat tangerines when it snows.
– His nicknames in school were ‘Woongi Boongi’, ‘Shingi Banggi’, ‘Ongi Jonngi’.
– He attended Konkuk University’s Acting and Arts Department.
– His favorite movies include Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Harry Potter, Toy Story, and Cruella. (100문 100답 웅기 편)
– Woonggi was a child actor who appeared in many dramas, movies and CFs.
– His favorite South Korean drama is ‘Replay 1997’ and he also loved watching the show ‘Street Woman Fighter’.
– The happiest time of his life was when he debuted.
– The first dish he made was canapes.
– His older brother is a famous ulzzang named Cha Jae Hoon. His account is (@chajaehooon).
– He came in 3rd in the show ‘World Klass’.
– His shoe size is 260.
– The disadvantage of his personality is that he can be quite noisy and the advantage is that he is very considerate, polite and giving. (100문 100답 웅기 편)
– His favorite weather is cool, warm, and moderate sunlight.
– Woonggi was known as Cha Jae Dol as a child.
– He left the group on June 17, 2022.

Instagram: chawoongki

13. Renta

Renta TO1
Stage NameRenta (렌타)
Birth NameNishijima Renta (西島 蓮汰/니시지마 렌타)
PositionRapper, Dancer
BirthdayFebruary 16th, 2003
Active Years2020–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height180 cm (5’11”)
Weight63 kg (139 lbs)
Blood TypeA
Representative EmojiN/A

Renta Facts:

– Renta was born in Nagasaki, Japan.
– He is fluent in Japanese, Korean and English.
– J.You said Renta has a very sharp nose.
– He considers his good skin as his charming point.
– Members nicknamed him “Charismarshmellow” by combining ‘Charisma’ and ‘Marshmellow. (TO1 입덕카)
– He is a fan of pH-1.
– His final rank was rank 16 on Produce Japan Season 2.
– His special skills include dancing and rapping in Korean.
– He finds Shin ramen in Korea very spicy although he can eat most ramen in Japan.
– People often say that his skin is soft like a marshmallow. (1stLook)
– J. You’s first impression of Renta was that he would be a bit stuck-up when he saw his cool dance moves but he turned out to be a naive country boy kind of person who is really nice. (1stLook)
– J.You described him as ‘Marshmello’, ‘Greek Yogurt’, and ‘Cute’. (1stLook)
– Members consider him cute like a marshmallow.
– He tried “Karamen” in Japan with level 20 in spiciness but did not find it too spicy. (TO1 입덕카)
– He loves to drink Iced Americano.
– Renta left TO1 on September 22nd, 2023 after he made an announcement on his Instagram.
– He debuted as a member of OCTPATH on November 19th, 2023.

Instagram: reqeenta

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