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Lee Jiwoo (tripleS) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Lee Jiwoo

Lee Jiwoo (이지우) is a South Korean singer and a member of the girl group tripleS under MODHAUS. She is also a member of tripleS subunits +(KR)ystal Eyes, EVOLution, Aria and ACID EYES.

Lee Jiwoo (tripleS) Profile

Stage NameLee Jiwoo (이지우)
Birth NameLee Jiwoo (이지우)
BirthdayOctober 24, 2005
Active Years2021–present
Age18 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignScorpio
Height172 cm (5’7”)
Weight48 kg (105 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Lee Jiwoo (tripleS) Facts:

Early Life

– Lee Jiwoo was born in Gyeongsang-do, South Korea, she has a brother.
– She went to Seoul Shindong Elementary School and Shindong Middle School.

Personal Life

– She always wakes up first among all EVOlution members.
– She is left-handed.
– She currently attends Apgujeong High School.
– Her nicknames include Jyuu, baby Jiwoo, and Eraser.
– She considers STAYC and XIA as her role models.
– Her specialty is ice hockey and baking.
– She is in charge of saving power in the dorm by turning off all the lights when members leave for their schedules. (THE STAR MAGAZINE)
– She has been part of the Dreams Hockey Junior Team in her younger years.
– Her favorite animals are bears and dogs.
– She has a Pomeranian dog named Berry. (SIGNAL LIVE 221116)
– She is friends with Zoa from Weeekly. (퀸덤퍼즐 Exclusive Preview)
– She has a habit of biting her tongue when concentrating.
– She dislikes the sound of an alarm.
– Her representative emoji is bear and representative color is lemon yellow.


– Lee Jiwoo is the vocalist in tripleS.
– She is a former participant in the survival shows Queendom Puzzle and My Teenage Girl.
– She officially became a member of tripleS on June 1st, 2022.
– On September 25, 2022, she was included in the group’s subunit,  +(KR)ystal Eyes, along with Seoyeon, Chaeyeon, and Soomin.
– She joined the show My Teenage Girl when she worked as a model for the show’s trailer and later applied as a contestant. She was the fourth youngest contestant in the 3rd grade on the show ‘My Teenage Girl’. She unfortunately got eliminated in episode 11.
– She was a trainee at YG Entertainment, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and FNC Entertainment before joining the show.
– She appeared in the web drama I:LOVE:DM (2021).
– On November 24, 2023, she along with Dahyun, Nien, Kim Chaeyeon, and Kaede were included in the group’s seventh subunit ‘Aria’.

Instagram: @_j.i.w.o.o_ (inactive)

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Bugs | Melon

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