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Lee Youngji Profile, Bio, & Facts

Lee Youngji

Lee Youngji (이영지) is a South Korean rapper under Mainstream. She made her debut in 2019 with the single ”Dark Room (암실)”.

Lee Youngji Profile

Stage NameLee Youngji (이영지)
Birth NameLee Young-ji (이영지)
OccupationRapper, singer
BirthdaySeptember 10, 2002
Active Years2019–present
Age21 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height176 cm (5’9.5’’)
Weight63kg (138 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Lee Youngji Facts:

Early Life

– Young Ji was born in Sinjeong-dong, Yangcheongu, Seoul, South Korea.
– She was in Seoul Yangdong Elementary School.
– She went to Yanggang Middle School.
– She attended Shinseo High School.

Personal Life

– Young Ji’s MBTI alternates between ENFP and ENTP.
– Her grandmother’s name is Heo Soon-ae born in 1943.
– Her shoe size is 260mm.
– She stated that if Post Malone ever holds a concert in South Korea, she’ll make sure to go.
– Her religion is Catholic and her catholic name is Maria.
– Her one of the beliefs is that words related to giving up are the worst ones.
– A collaboration with Doja Cat is her dream collaboration.
– She thinks that she’ll be really good at being a Cashier at McDonald’s drive-thru.
– She crushes on the rapper, Layone.
– Infinite Challenge is her comfort show.
– “Keep going bro, but eat less please” is what she would tell her younger self.
– She uses avacado and pouty face emojis a lot.
– “Be nasty all the time” is her motto.
– Her voice is her most priced possession and her biggest flex.
– She always calls her boss first whenever she receives good news.
– Her own idol is herself.
– “You always have to seize the moment” is the best advice she got from Disney’s COCO.
– A few of her nicknames are, Yangpyeong-dong fire fist, Bracket, President of Culture, Youngji Girl, MZ President, K-CULTURE PRESIDENT etc.
– She was crowned the first female winner of the wildly popular South Korean rap competition, Show Me The Money. (L’Officiel Singapore)
– She has invited big idols like IVE, BTS, and Blackpink for candid interviews, amassing millions of views and a huge global following on My Alcohol Diary.
– Her one of the quotes is, “Staying true to who I am has been a common theme throughout my childhood.”
– Her fashion philosophy is all about being comfortable.


– Young Ji joined Mainstream after her part in HSR3.
– She won in the High School Rapper 3 show.
– She has been in collaboration with Puma, Nafla, and Loopy rappers for the “I’m The One” single.
Jay Park was featured in her song “Day & Night”.
– She has collaborated with Layone for “Flower Language”, Bryn and Sandy for “World Is One” and “Hip Hop Girlz”.
– She’s the host of her own YouTube series My Alcohol Diary.
– Young Ji has capped being Coach’s Global Ambassador.


– Young Ji was one of the contestants on the “Good Girl”.
– She made a special appearance in the Zombie Detective as 119 rescue worker.
– She has been on shows like Radio Star, Territory Excavation Team, Running Man, Space Hipster, High School Rapper 4, Mystery Music Show King of Mask Singer, Street Woman Fighter, Knowing Brother, and many more.


– Young Ji apologized for her perceived disregard of SEVETEEN’s DK kindness. She seemed to mock DK’s message which said “Young Ji, let’s receive lots of luck in the New Year! You worked so hard this year. It must have been a valuable year for you. I’m always supporting you, so I hope you soar higher in 2024.”, in return, she posted a screenshot of the said message and replied with, “DK, you’re really the funniest person in the world.”, This made fans believe that she was making fun of DK’s long message and criticized her for her behavior, later she apologized, stating that “I understand how everyone might feel about this and will be more careful with my actions. I am sorry to everyone.” (Allkpop)

Likes & Dislikes

– Lee Youngji dislikes rainy and wet weather.
– Emotional Oranges’ “West Coast Love” is her go-to song.
– She loves brands like Louis Vuitton and Gucci since they make her look good.
– Jay Park is her favorite artist.
– Lip Pump and Post Malone are two of her preferred singers.
– She prefers wearing co-ords whenever possible.
– Her favorite way is to sleep like a corpse to unwind stress.

Food Preferences

– Water is her favorite drink.
– Lee Youngji enjoys drinking Coke Zero after eating some sweet potatoes.
– She hates cucumbers.
– Chipotle is her favorite restaurant to go to.

Celebrity Friends

– She’s close friends with Sandy, who was also a contestant on the High School Rapper 3.
– Lee Youngji is friends with Bryn as well.

Major Works

– Some of her major works include Smoke, NOT SORRY, Day & Night, and WITCH ft. Jay Park.


– Lee Youngji has won many awards including the Brand of the Year Award, the Brand Customer Loyalty Award, the 2023 Melon Music Awards’ “Best Solo Female” and the 2023 Asia Artist Awards’ “Best Choice Award”.

Instagram: youngji_02 | buljumeok_jjangssae | stoplosingyourweight
Youtube: 이영지
Twitter: dokgodieinsaeng | lisa4027
Threads: @youngji_02

Streaming Platform Links
SpotifyMelon | Apple Music | Deezer

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