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Jay Park Profile, Bio, & Facts

Jay Park

Jay Park (제이 박) is a South Korean-American singer, rapper, & actor under AOMG and MORE VISION. He made his solo debut on July 13, 2010, with the EP “Count On Me”. He is also a former member of the group 2PM.

Jay Park Profile

Stage NameJay Park (제이 박)
Birth NamePark Jae-beom (박재범)
OccupationSinger, rapper, actor, CEO
BirthdayApril 25, 1987
Active Years2006–present
Age36 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignTaurus
Height171 cm (5’7″)
Weight67 kg (147 lbs)
NationalitySouth Korean-American
Blood TypeA
Fandom NameJayEffect/ JWalkerz

Jay Park Facts:

Early Life

– Jay Park was born in Edmonds, Washington, in the Seattle metropolitan area, United States.
– He went to Apgujeong High School.
– He attended Dankook University College of Business and Economics in the Department of Business Administration but later dropped out.

Personal Life

– Jay Park’s Chinese zodiac sign is Rabbit.
– He rather do everything on his laptop than on his phone.
– He used to avoid wearing a mask, even in situations with fine dust, saying it was too stuffy, but since COVID-19, he wears one always.
– He’s affiliated with One Spirit and Gen.G Esports.
– He now considers Korean Zombie more of a friend than a UFC competitor.
– He has his driver’s license.
– His wingspan is a whopping 185cm.
– He’s Christian.
– He is the founder of MORE VISION.
– Some of the values he never wants to lose are, knowing where he came from, what are his roots, and who he is. (FO Squad Kpop)
– He wouldn’t have social media if he wasn’t a celebrity.
– He found UFC through his elder cousin, who showed him a UFC film when he was in elementary school.
– Some of his nicknames are $hway Bum, Mr. Choojin Ryuk, Jay Ba, Jae Bom Park, Geon Geon Park, and Director Park.
– He has his laptop everywhere he goes.
– His ideal type is an experienced woman, SISTAR’s Bora is close to his ideal type.
– He has worked tirelessly on broadcasting, label management, writing lyrics, practicing vocals/rap/dance, and exercising, and even the quality of the songs he released impressed many people.
– He rarely plays games on his phone.
– Even when his pants don’t quite fit him, he always accessorizes with a belt because he believes it elevates the entire look.
– The GOAT show to binge according to him are Breaking Bad, Squidgames, and FRIENDS.
– He lost his wallet three times and it was stolen once.
– He has a propensity of chewing his lips since he was little, which causes his lips to dry up, so he applies chapstick.
– Beomjae Park, who appears in Lookism, is a character based on him.
– He can’t use devices normally.
– He likes L. A due to its nice weather. (REAL 92.3 LA)
– Ben Baller made his soju necklace.
– He used to like wearing thick belts, but these days he prefers thinner ones.
– For him, Jay-Z and Tupac are GOAT rappers.
– In 2015, he began his martial arts activities.
– He is now interested in wine, which he believes he learned about from his parents.
– He wants to be a healthy and happy old man; be a hip old man.
– He doesn’t snap pictures or use his phone’s functions, but he claims it has become his primary social connection with other people because he participates in a lot of group chats.
– The favorite part that he likes about himself is, “Me 4 years ago”. (Allkpop).
– He is not the kind of guy who purchases a lot of clothing.
– He had to shave every morning before; he used to do so once a week.
– He likes pairing Gomtang with soju because it’s a perfect match to eat with soju.
– He’s scared of getting LASIK surgery but still wants to get it because of his weak vision.
– According to him, the GOAT K-pop idols, solo-wise, are BoA and Rain. (Complex)
– He first drank alcohol when he was 23-24 years old and started drinking soju even later.
– He owned Cafe Dudart on Rodeo Street in Apgujeong.


– Jay Park is a former trainee of JYP Entertainment.
– He created his own alcohol brand called Won Soju. (Power 106 Los Angeles)
– He was the leader of 2PM.
– He left 2PM in 2010.
– His former agencies are SidusHQ (2010-2016), JYP Entertainment (2006-2010), and Roc Nation (2017-2022).
– He used to be under Roc Nation for his American activities and was the first Asian to sign with the agency.
– He’s currently under MORE VISION and AOMG.
– He is the former CEO of AOMG and H1GHER MUSIC.
– He collaborated with artists like  Gray, Hoody, Crush, Loco, Dean, and Jessi.

Appearances & Participations

– He appeared as a permanent member of MBC’s “Come to Play“ in 2012.
– He made his appearance as a judge in SHOW ME THE MONEY 4.
– He became a fixed member of tvN’s “Saturday Night Live Korea in 2013.
– He appeared on “Dancing 9” season 2, as a dance master.
– He appeared as a judge on Asia’s Got Talent S2 and S3.
– He also appeared on Unpretty Rapstar 2, King Of The Masked Singer, SHOW ME THE MONEY 56,7,9,10 and 11, My Little Television, Radio Star, Yoo Hee-yeol’s Sketchbook, and many more.

Magazines & Modeling

– Jay Park has modeled for Levi Strauss & Co., Googims, Adidas, and Umbro Korea.
– He appeared in magazines like DAZED, GQ, Allure, Harper’s BAZAAR, Instyle, NYLON, Esquire, and many more.
– He has endorsed for DIOR.

Likes & Dislikes

– He loves tacos.
– He would eat gomtang every day, if he had to, he loves it.
– He likes basketball.
– He is a big fan of American pop singer Michael Jackson.
– He is a fan of the MLB Seattle Mariners and the NFL Seattle Seahawks.
– He likes watching murder documentaries on his day off.
– He dislikes driving.

Food Preferences

– He loves lucky charms.
– He enjoys cheerios.
– He usually drinks Red Bull.
– He drinks coffee but doesn’t like the taste of it.
– He eats chicken bake from Costco.
– He actively avoids macadamia nuts because he is allergic. (Allkpop).
– He likes eating beef.
– He doesn’t eat salt or greasy foods.

Celebrity Friends

– Jay Park is close friends with footballer Son Heungmin, BTS Jungkook, Loco, Zico, and GOT7 JayB.

Major Works

– Some of Jay Park’s major works are MOMMAE, All I Wanna Do, Unlock It, Yesterday, and GANADARA.


– He has won many awards including the Best Web Video Award, Main Award in the Album Category, Popular Singer Award, Musician of the Year chosen by netizens, male category, Artist of the Year, R&B Album of the Year, Game Changer Award, Best Hip Hop & Urban Music, and Main Award in Digital Music Category.


Instagram: moresojuplease
Youtube: JayPark0425
TikTok: jayparkisoverparty
Facebook: jaypaom
Tumblr: jayparkofficial
Weibo: 朴宰范

Streaming Platform Links
Genie | Spotify | SoundCloud | Bugs | Melon | Apple Music | Deezer

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