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ONE TOP Members Profile & Facts

ONE TOP Members
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ONE TOP is a K-Pop six-member project boy group that was formed on the variety show ‘Hangout with Yoo (놀면 뭐하니?) (How Do You Play?)’. The members consist of Yoo Jaesuk, HaHa, Kim Jongmin, Joo Woojae, Lee Yikyung, and Young K. They made their debut on December 2, 2023, with the song “SAY YES”.

ONE TOP Profile

DebutDecember 9, 2023
Active Years2023–present
ONE TOP MembersYoo Jaesuk, HaHa, Kim Jongmin, Joo Woojae, Lee Yikyung, Young K
GenrePop, Dance
Oldest MemberYoo Jaesuk
Youngest MemberYoung K
Former MemberN/A
Fandom NameN/A

ONE TOP Facts:

– ONE TOP is one of the many groups formed on the variety show ‘‘Hangout with Yoo”. Other groups formed on the survival include ‘MSG Wannabe’ & its subgroup ‘M.O.M’, JUJU SECRET, and ‘Toyote’.
– The show produces groups based on the public’s choices of “GO” or “STOP”.
– The song ‘Say Yes’ is a part of their debut single album ‘JS Enter’.
– It is the third project group formed on the show.
– Day6’s Young K joined the group at the last before the recording of their debut song.
– They made their onstage debut on MBC Show! MusicCore.
– The members keep rotating in the group as it’s more of a dance cover group than an actual Kpop group.
– The group started in 2021 as a dance cover group that used to cover TEEN TOP’s songs as Yoo Jaesuk is a fan of them. Yoo Jaesuk named the group ONE TOP after the boy group. (Allkpop)
– Nam Chang Hee, Yang Se Hyung, Kwanghee, and Yoo Byung Jae were also part of the cover group.

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ONE TOP Members Profile

1. Yoo Jaesuk

Yoo Jaesuk ONE TOP
Yoo Jaesuk
Stage NameYoo Jaesuk 
Birth NameYoo Jaesuk (유재석)
PositionLeader, Sub Rapper
BirthdayAugust 14th, 1972
Active Years1991–present
Age51 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height178 cm (5’10”)
Blood TypeB

Yoo Jaesuk Facts:

– Yoo Jaesuk is a popular comedian, MC, and broadcaster and he has won the grand prize 19 times, the most ever won by any MC in South Korea.
– He has many nicknames including “Grasshopper”, “National MC”, “Yoohyuk” and “Yu James Bond”.
– His most popular nickname is “Yoo Hyuk” which originated from his participation in Running Man.
– He loves to work out and stay fit.
– His favorite food is jjamppong.
EXO fans like to call him “Ttuk-i” after he collaborated with EXO for the “Infinite Challenge Dancing King”.
– His religion is Buddhism while his wife is a Protestant Christian. (You Quiz on the Block)
– He likes reading the newspaper in the morning.
– He is married to Na Kyung-Eun and they have a son and a daughter.
– He likes listening to trending and popular music.
– He talks a lot and has a habit of nagging.
– He is a fan of Doosan Bears.
– He has a habit of calling people by their first names.
– He loves to watch and play baseball.

Instagram: @ddeunddeun
Youtube: @ddeunddeun
Cafe Daum: fanjs

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2. HaHa

Stage NameHaHa (하하)
Birth NameHa Donghoon (하동훈)
PositionMain Rapper
BirthdayAugust 20th, 1979
Active Years2001–present
Age44 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height168.3 cm (5’6″)
Blood TypeB

HaHa Facts:

– HaHa is a rapper, singer, and variety show host.
– He proposed to his wife Byul before they officially started dating because he wanted to find happiness through marriage.
– He has an older sister named Ha Juri.
– He enjoys Reggae, with one of his favorite artists being Koffee.
– He loves to play games like “KartRider: Drift”, “Overcooked!”, “Tekken 7”, “FIFA 23” and “FIFA Online 4”.
– He co-owns a BBQ restaurant called Loco Quan 401 in Hongdae with Kim Jong Kook.
– His most popular and oldest nickname is “Little”.
– He loves to play basketball.
– He started playing ‘League Of Legends’ on his YouTube channel in July 2021.
– HaHa used to smoke a lot but quit it cold turkey after his daughter’s illness. (Problem Son of the Rooftop 2023)
– He finds his wife most beautiful when she is asleep.
– He experienced a herniated disc from filming “Running Man.”
– His favorite season is summer. (Infinite Challenge)
– He likes riding bicycles with his wife.

Agency Profile: HAHA 하동훈

Instagram: quanhaha79 | universehaha_
Youtube: 하하 PD HAHA PD
Twitter: @Quanninomarley
TikTok: @haha_official
Weibo: quanhaha79

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3. Kim Jongmin

Kim Jongmin ONE TOP
Kim Jongmin
Stage NameKim Jongmin 
Birth NameKim Jongmin (김종민)
PositionMain Dancer, Sub Vocalist
BirthdaySeptember 24th, 1979
Active Years1996–present
Age44 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLibra
Height175 cm (5’9″)
Blood TypeO

Kim Jongmin Facts:

– Kim Jongmin was born in Banghak-dong, Dobong-gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– He went to Changdo Elementary School, Dobong Middle School, Seoul Culture High School, Gimcheon University, and Mokwon University.
– He debuted as a member of KOYOTE on October 29th, 2000, and later made his debut as a soloist on April 26th, 2011.
– He had a severe lumber disc due to which he served as a social worker during his military service.
– He is good at arm wrestling. (MY LITTLE OLD BOY)
– He learned gymnastics during school days.
– He had a girlfriend when he was in school but his friends stole her from him.
– During his audition at SM Entertainment, they said he should be a dancer rather than a singer.
– He previously owned a PC room business.
– He used to be a heavy smoker and his carbon monoxide index was 43.
– His family includes his parents, an older sister, and a younger sister.
– He doesn’t drink alcohol.

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4. Joo Woojae

Joo Woojae ONE TOP
Joo Woojae
Stage NameJoo Woojae
Birth NameJoo Woojae (주우재)
PositionSub Vocalist
BirthdayNovember 28th, 1986
Active Years2013–present
Age37 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height188 cm (6’2″)
Blood TypeAB

Joo Woojae Facts:

– Joo Woojae is an actor and model under YG Entertainment.
– He is not a fan of saunas or massages in a massage chair.
– He prefers calm environments and dislikes things that get on his nerves.
– He cannot tolerate individuals with the MBTI type ENFP.
– He is a fan of many K-pop groups and artists including STAYC, IVE, MONSTA X, Red Velvet, NewJeans, Calm Down Man, and Parc Jae Jung.
– He dislikes both feeling too cold and too hot.
– Woojae isn’t great with soju or beer as his face turns red quickly.
– Despite his culinary skills, he’s known for making delicious food look unappetizing in his YouTube livestreams.
– He dedicated five years to learning photography.
– He occasionally asks people for their numbers.
– He can unknowingly feel comfortable around people.
– Although he doesn’t prioritize MBTI, he believes he fits best with someone who is also a T type.
– He enjoys Korean romance movies from the late ’90s to the early 2000s.
– He typically spends two hours in bed after waking up.
– He is generally livelier during nighttime.
– He is labelmates with BLACKPINK.

Website: YGFAMILY | Joo Woojae

Instagram: ophen28
Youtube: 오늘의 주우재
Twitch: 주좌재
Cafe Daum: 주우재
Naver Cafe: 주우재
Naver: 주우재 JOO WOO JAE

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5. Lee Yikyung

Lee Yikyung ONE TOP
Lee Yikyung
Stage NameLee Yikyung (이이경)
Birth NameLee Yikyung (이이경)
PositionSub Vocalist
BirthdayJanuary 8th, 1989
Active Years2011–present
Age35 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignCapricorn
Height181 cm (5’11”)
Blood TypeA

Lee Yikyung Facts:

– Lee Yikyung is an actor under HB Entertainment.
– The military success of the movie “Iris” inspired him to pursue acting.
– Jaesuk contacted him after he was going back home from shooting for the film ‘The Zone’. Yoo Jaesuk suggested he do a variety show or otherwise, he is just wasting his talent. He joined his show after the WSG Wannabe segment was over.
– He is close with BTS’s Jin as they studied acting at the same school.
– He once did three dramas in a row because he couldn’t say no out of gratitude. (솔라시도 solarsido)
– In March 2020, he saved a drunk person who was trying to commit suicide by holding on to him as the drunk person was trying to get himself in an accident. (Koreaboo)
– He thought his CEO was joking when he suggested that he debut with a trot song but he was serious about it.
– During his days off, he prefers staying at home and playing games.
– He was introverted as a child.
– He knows how to pole dance and showed off his skills in a variety show.
– He loves talking about work to work people and the calls easily go over an hour. (솔라시도 solarsido)
– He is an actor and model under Screening ENT.
– He doesn’t have any siblings.

Website: 이이경

Instagram: luvlk89
Youtube: 이이경

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6. Young K

Young K
Stage NameYoung K (영케이)
Birth NameKang Younghyun (강영현)
PositionCenter, Main Vocalist, Maknae
BirthdayDecember 19th, 1993
Active Years2015–present
Age30 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height180.2 cm (5’11″)
Weight63 kg (139 lb)
Blood TypeB

Young K Facts:

– Young K was the last member to join ONE TOP.
– He and Stray KidsBang Chan were roommates during their trainee days.
– He is skilled in dancing.
– He loves traveling. (Young K x Beellee Interview)
– He is a member of the boy group Day6 under JYP Entertainment.
– His favorite color is black because if we mix all colors it becomes black so he thinks he it’s the king of all colors. (ESQUIRE KOREA)
– His hobbies include basketball, watching webtoons, going to restaurants, and movies, and solo travel.
– Despite preferring to be called Young K, he is often still referred to as Brian.
– ONE TOP is his first debut as a member of a project group.
– He won 1st place in a Math Dance Competition in Canada with his friends.
– His favorite time of the day is when his schedule is done for the day, especially on weekdays when he is coming home at 12:30 am.
– He loves to eat boneless Jjimdak as he hates picking out the bones.
– Initially, his dream was to become a basketball player and not a singer.
– He likes to go around telling people he has work to do and makes it official to curb his procrastination. He puts himself in a position where he can’t back down. (ESQUIRE KOREA)

Instagram: from_youngk

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ONE TOP Photos

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‘SAY YES’ – Debut Song:

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