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Ravn (ex. ONEUS) Profile, Bio, & Facts

Ravn (ex. ONEUS)

Ravn (레이븐) is a South Korean singer, rapper, producer under RBW. He is a former member of the Kpop boy group ONEUS.

Ravn (ex. ONEUS) Profile

Stage NameRavn (레이븐)
Birth NameKim Youngjo (김영조)
OccupationSinger, Rapper
BirthdaySeptember 2, 1995
Active Years2018–present
Age28 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignVirgo
Height178 cm (5’10″)
Weight65 kg (143 lbs)
Blood TypeA

Ravn (ex. ONEUS) Facts:

Early Life

– Ravn was born in Mok-dong, Yangcheon -gu, Seoul, South Korea.
– He graduated from Hyunnam High School and was a member of the dance club ‘MVP’ (Movement Valance Passion) and worked hard for its formation.

Personal Life

– His family consists of his parents and older sister.
– He has a pet dog named Sunny.
– His stage name ‘Ravn’ originated from the X-Men character Mystique, whose full name is Raven Darkhölme.
– He is inspired by DJ Mustard and DJ Khaled and would like to collaborate with them. (Billboard)
– He wanted to pursue acting after watching “Spiderman!” and “Batman”.
– He mostly watches Youtube while using his smartphone to get new inspirations.
– He used to show the most affection in the group and often kissed the members. (Glamour)
– He became interested in music during his sophomore year and frequently visited the karaoke.
– He likes reading books, shopping, doodling, and watching YouTube in his spare time.
– He is a fan of Toy Story and when he first met Keonhee and Hwanwoong when they were talking in the practice room and thought it was the live reenactment of ‘Toy Story’. (Hanryu Pia 2021)
– His nicknames include Ddaengjo, Ppangjo, Pretty Ravn (레이쁜이), and Ice Prince.
– His religion is Catholic, and his name is Michael.
– He is close with Leedo among the members and also pursued him to audition at RBW.
– When he was a trainee, he told all the trainees to use formal speech with him because he was older but one day he told the members to speak to him informally because they only used formal speech with him. (Hanryu Pia 2021)
– Something he always does is look in the mirror according to Leedo. (Superlatives)
– He can speak Korean and Japanese.
– His mother was against his dream but later supported him.
– Hwanwoong’s first impression of him was that he was charismatic and shrewd, but later understood he is clumsy.
– He admires Jay Park and considers him his role model.
– He has very curly hair and it’s a challenge to straighten them.
– He often has food stuck around his mouth when he eats according to Keonhee. (Hanryu Pia)
– He is close with AB6IX‘s Woong.


– Ravn was the Main Rapper, Sub Vocalist, and Producer in ONEUS.
– He has trained at SM, YG, Play M (formerly Plan A), and JYP Entertainment.
– He failed 50 auditions.
– He ranked at runner-up spot at JYP Entertainment’s 11th open audition.
– He worked as a child extra and model when he was young.
– He appeared in MAMAMOO‘s “Everyday” MV and JINJU’s “Petal” MV.
– He participated in YG Entertainment’s survival show MIXNINE and secured the 27th position before being eliminated in episode 13.
– He auditioned at Pledis Entertainment with MVP, just before SEVENTEEN’s debut around 2015.
– In March 2019, he took a hiatus from the group due to personal and health reasons and came back in May 2019.
– On October 14, 2022, an anonymous individual claiming to be Ravn’s ex-girlfriend posted allegations against him on Twitter. He left the group voluntarily on October 27, 2022 to not cause harm to the group.
– His motto is “Live or die by style”.
– During his time at SM, he trained alongside VERIVERY‘s Dongheon and NEW KIDD‘s Ji Hansol.
– He along with A.C.E‘s Kim Byeongkwan and PENTAGON‘s Kino, was a member of the dance crew “Urban Boyz.”

Likes & Dislikes

– He loves to collect figures and hats.
– His favorite accessories are shoes and sneakers. (teenvogue)
– He likes purple and green colors.
– He loves the anime ‘Death Note’.
– He likes to eat classic styles like blazers and coat jackets.
– His favorite time of the day is when he has free time.
– He is a fan of Giriboy. (K Style)
– He likes taking care of his health and skin.

Food Preferences

– He loves to eat spicy malatang.
– He doesn’t like hamburgers. (NewsAde Telepathy Test)
– He loves cheesecake and crepes in desserts.
– He likes eating a mix of natto and zaru soba from convenience stores in Japan. (Shukan Josei)
– He likes to eat steak and mala hotpot.
– He always eats nachos with cheese sauce when he goes to the movies. (K Style)

Personality & Habits

– He said his bad habit is he often looks in the mirror. (OUR STEP)
– Ravn would describe his personality in the words ‘Ambition’, ‘passion’, ‘drive’, ‘aspiration’ and ‘positivity’.
Seonho said he has an optimistic personality and is always positive.
– He has a flirty personality according to Hwanwoong.
– Keonhee said he admits his own mistakes and sincerely apologizes. (Hanryu Pia)

Instagram:  pls9ravn
Youtube:  @ojgnuoymik 

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