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Mingi (ATEEZ) Profile, Bio, and Facts


Mingi (민기) is a South Korean K-pop singer and a member of the boy group ATEEZ under KQ Entertainment.

Mingi (ATEEZ) Profile

Stage NameMingi (민기)
Birth NameSong Min Gi (송민기)
BirthdayAugust 9th, 1999
Active Years2018–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignLeo
Height184 cm (6’0ft)
Weight60 kg (134 lbs)
Blood TypeO

Mingi (ATEEZ) Facts

Early Life:

– He was born in Incheon, Sangbong-dong, Jungnang-gu, South Korea.
– He attended Baeksok High School but later transferred to Susu High School where he graduated later.
– He went to Global Cyber University in the Broadcasting and Entertainment Department.

Personal Life:

– His innate physicality is good, so his presence on stage is considerable.
– Although both of them were accepted to the same academy, Mingi’s location was different from Yunho’s location.
– At the 2019 MAMA, he was the first member to reveal his abs.
– He has back problems.
– He gets cold easily.
– His dominant hand is his right hand.
– His motto is, “Let’s do what we want to do”.
– He used to listen to “God’s Plan” by Drake a lot.
– He gets motion sickness pretty quickly.
– He is scared of bugs
– He is a fan of the English Premier League Chelsea FC
– Mingi is the scaredy-cat of ATEEZ.
– He is friends with Stray KidsChangbin, PH-1, and Jay Park.
– His goal is to be popular enough that when fans search “A” on Naver and Google, ATEEZ will pop up.
Yeosang and Wooyoung’s first impression of Mingi was that he looked scary and strong
– He was complimented by Kwon Jaesung, “Mingi looks rough and firm but he has a groove” and Yoonjung Bae appraised him by saying, “It feels like he’s playing with the song”.
– Mingi and TEMPEST‘s Hyungseop were born on the exact same day.
– He can eat mozzarella cheese but does not like other types of cheese, especially cream cheese.
– His favourite movie star is Nam Joohyuk.
– The group chat is named “ATZ” on his phone. (Besties on Besties)
– He loves anime.
– He thinks the best dish he made is “gochujang caramelised pork belly”.
– If he were in an action movie, he would like to be “Jeon Woochi”. (PopBuzz Meets)
– He thinks he is the most likely among the members to survive in a zombie apocalypse.
– He personally tries to prepare a bit before the concert so that he can spread positive energy with a positive mindset. (OFFICIAL CHARTS)
– He enjoys wearing cardigans more than turtlenecks.
– He wears hats with flaps a lot.
– He enjoys black-tie outfits.
– His favourite memory from when he was a trainee is when they went to Namhae, South Korea. (BuzzFeed Celeb)
– He did a freestyle rap for puppies on an interview with BuzzFeed Celeb’s “ATEEZ: The Puppy Interview”.


– He serves as the Main Rapper and Main dancer position in ATEEZ.
– He was a contestant on MIXNINE but was later eliminated in the 7th episode ranking 113th overall.
– He took a break because of his anxiety problems on November 15, 2020.
– He still continued recording for ATEEZ’s mini-album ‘Zero: Fever Part 2’ and Kingdom: Legendary War’s ‘The Real song.
– He was formerly a Maroo Entertainment trainee.
– Mingi regained his health after being on hiatus for 8 months and returned on July 18, 2021 ATEEZ’s activities.
– He ranked 23rd then 62nd in the Just Dance showcase of MIXNINE.
– He appeared with Yunho in Miss A’s You, Not Other Guys music video.

Likes And Dislikes:

– He likes enjoying going to the sauna
– He also likes going to hot springs.
– He doesn’t like giraffes but is often called one.
– His favourite singers are Post Malone, Lillermarz, ASH ISLAND, DAY6, Kim Jong-guk, and Adoi.
– His favourite dramas are “Melo is the Constitution” and “Moon Lovers – Scarlet Heart Ryeo”
– His favourite colour is Cement and Dark Blue.
– He likes bold colours in fashion. (Cosmopolitan)
– He likes tank tops more than T-shirts.
– He likes loafers over sneakers.

Food Preferences:

– He likes eating nacho chips
– His favourite food is chicken
– He can’t eat cheese since he doesn’t like the smell of it.
– He only eats Mozzarella cheese.
– His favourite fruit is watermelon.
– His favourite ice cream flavour is Mint Chocolate.
– He likes drinking Coke a lot.
– His least favourite food is cheese. (Vanity Fair)


– He has a lot of nicknames including, Mingki, Man Gi, Princess Minki, Minggi, Minbyo Song, Chick, Byoari, Duck, and Emperor Penguin.
“Hambyo Song” is his nickname because his thick lips look quite similar to a hamster.
– He was nicknamed “Min Kirin” and “Shark” because he resembles a shark toy.
– He was called “Doberman” because San showed a picture of a Doberman and said that he resembled Mingi.
– “Min Bok-chi” because he often imitates sunfish.
– A grey wolf cub was given to him due to his concept photos showing a wolf-like appearance, and the grey hair colour also played a role.

Personality And Habits:

– Mingi is known for his Intense facial expressions when he performs.
– He often uses hand gestures during his rap verses
– He is skilled in freestyle rapping.
– He possesses a charismatic and powerful stage presence,

Streaming Platform Links

Genie | Bugs | Melon

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    1. привет! С ботанической точки зрения арбузы являются ягодами, но их по-прежнему часто считают фруктами.

    1. привет! С ботанической точки зрения арбузы являются ягодами, но их по-прежнему часто считают фруктами.

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