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Ren (PSYCHIC FEVER) Profile, Bio, & Facts

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Ren (レン) is a Japanese singer and a member of the boy group PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE.


Stage NameRen (レン)
Birth NameWatanabe Ren (渡邉廉)
BirthdayFebruary 8, 2000
Active Years2019–present
Age24 (in 2024)
Zodiac SignAquarius
Blood TypeN/A


– He was born in Kanagawa, Japan.
– He studies English by watching movies with subtitles, then without, and looking up interesting words.
– His initial interest in stage performance was sparked by watching a live video of Michael Jackson and he enrolled in a local dance school in the fourth grade.
– He is the vocalist and performer in the group PSYCHIC FEVER from EXILE TRIBE.
– He likes to do muscle training.
– He successfully participated in the GLOBAL JAPAN CHALLENGE in December 2013, advancing to the final round. He later attended EXPG Yokohama in 2014.
– In his childhood he desired to stand out despite shyness and struggled with public speaking as a class council member.
– He at first felt uncomfortable holding a microphone.
– He is a vocalist with expertise in vocal percussion and human beatboxing at EXPG Lab.
– He was featured in Sudannayuzuyully’s ‘TEN MADE TOBASO’ MV and J SOUL BROTHERS from EXILE TRIBE’s ‘Yes we are’ MV.

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Spread the K-pop love by sharing this profile! 💖🎶 #KpopSingers
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