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SM British Boy Group Members Profile & Facts

SM British Boy Group Members
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SM British Boy Group is an upcoming British Kpop boy group under SM and M&B Entertainment. It will be a six-episode TV series to form the new K-pop group consisting of British members.

SM British Boy Group Profile

Active Years2024–present
SM British Boygroup MembersN/A
LabelSM and M&B Entertainment
Oldest MemberN/A
Youngest MemberN/A
Former MemberN/A
Fandom NameN/A

SM British Boy Group Facts:

– Last year, SM Entertainment announced its collaboration with the British entertainment company M&B to launch a boy group in the UK. Led by Nigel Hall, known for producing British competition shows like “The X Factor” and “Britain’s Got Talent,” M&B will partner with SM to create a six-episode TV series documenting the formation of the new K-pop group composed of British members.
– In addition, SM expanded its global reach by recruiting 84 local music composers this year through its music publishing affiliate, Kreation Music Rights.
– SM plans to establish the American branch of Kreation Music Rights this year to enlist American composers. The label aims to organize at least two large-scale song camps to enhance production capabilities and further strengthen its presence overseas.

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